Last week our international bloggers dressed up for Halloween, sent us some love from Paris and posted behind the scenes photos involving a furry friend. And let's not forget an exciting move to Berlin!

Left: | Norway | @annmonique looked fab while spending time in the City That Never Sleeps. Also, a city guide to NYC will soon be up on her blog!

Right: | USA | @linneaperssonla loved the way her roommate had decorated their place for Halloween.

Left: | USA | @applebites dressed up as a famous girl for Halloween. Hint: plastic is fantastic!

Right: | Sweden | @Fbyelin almost scarred herself to death when catching a glance of herself in the mirror on Halloween. We wonder why...?

Left: | Denmark | @bymartina continues to make us hungry by recommending yet another great spot in Copenhagen. This one has a British vibe, and we're intrigued!

Right: | Sweden | @girauda had a successful shopping trip at a new favorite store and sends her love from Paris.

Left: | Israel | @maayanhaber gave us some inspiration for how to look chic in Tel Aviv, a warm day in November.

Right: | Sweden | Further North, @isabelalden showed us how to keep warm and stylish, in a significantly cooler place.

Left: | Germany | @xoxominna & her boyfriend just moved from Finland to Germany and Berlin. Can you tell they're excited? We wish them the best of luck in their new home!

Right: | Denmark | @TINAMARIAS shared some (adorable!) behind the scenes photos from a campaign she did with her dog Valdemar a few months ago.