Last week our international bloggers went on a spa trip, drank a lot of coffee and power walked amongst skyscrapers. We also have a new blogger to say hi to!

Left: | Denmark | @MariaKragmann & @Tinamarias spent a few days relaxing at the spa resort Ystad Saltsjöbad in Sweden.

Right: | Denmark | @JosefineHJ is back in Copenhagen, just in time for her favorite season!

Left: | Sweden | @WHITEARCHIVE visited a restaurant in Copenhagen and rolled out of there afterwards. Yep, the food was that good!

Right: | Denmark | @bymartina also went out for a bite in the Danish capital. Martina and her friends ate at a Mexican place, that she wouldn't mind going back to.

Left: | Sweden | @ISABELALDEN let this bouquet of roses light up the dark.

Right: | Australia | @TheUpsideDownSwede took a morning walk in Melbourne with this amazing view!

Left: | Poland | @jbanaszewska recently started a blog here on Nouw - and she promise to share a lot of pictures!

Right: | Norway | @MARIAKERNAN had a slow start to her Monday, and drank a picture-perfect cup of coffee.

Left: | USA | @applebites was sceptic, as she always is, to yet another coffee trend coming to New York. Worth the hype? Go over to her blog and find the answer!

Right: | USA | @GardenOfIdun went apartment hunting in Boston and found one that she really wanted. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she'll get it!