Best of Nouw #42

Last week our international bloggers had coffee in Seoul, took a stroll in the South of England, dreamt about New York, ate lunch among palm trees - and more!

Left: | Norway | @viamiralles put on her comfy clothes and went for a wander around the woods

Right: | Norway | @annmonique planned her outfits for her upcoming trip to New York in a very unique & inspiring way!

Left: | South Korea | @AccidentalItGirl wore a 90's inspired look when going out for coffee. She's a new blogger here at Nouw - go and say hi!

Right: | England | @Taraa1615 went on a little adventure in Southampton with her friend Charlie.

Left: | Bermuda | @Viaggiolife had this amazing view while eating tacos in San Juan. Lunch break, anyone?

Right: | Croatia | @2girls10countries spent what they describe as the perfect Saturday, at a vineyard. We are prepared to agree, it does sound perfect!

Left: | Sweden | @isabelalden went bananas over her yummy pancakes, and kindly shared the recipe on her blog!

Right: | USA | The girls from @camzandstaz are ready for the new week ahead. And they plan to vlog!

Left: | England | @ellecoctel gave us a restaurant tip in London, if you're craving Japanese food.

Right: | Spain | @sofiainmadrid went an hour outside Madrid and found this gem of a town.