Last week our international bloggers showed us some moments from London & New York, showed us breathtaking photos from Oman and from a Nouw event in Poland. They also spent time in the kitchen - and kindly shared recipes!

Left: | Sweden | @joannajohansson's partner treated her to a some weekend roses.

Right: | England | @JosefinMolanders and her boyfriend have a new year's resolution where they want to go on more dates this year. This time they went brunching in a great spot in London!

Left: | Denmark | @fredrikkewiheden is in NYC and feels more at home there than any place in the world.

Right: | Sweden | @miamariapetersson went surfing in Stockholm this weekend. Nope, we're not kidding!

Left: | Belgium | @emmapuype shared some pictures from January - and who doesn't love a good flat lay?

Right: | Denmark | @sofiemartine showed us snapshots from London!

Left: | Poland | @MONIQUEREHMUS wrote about her experience at the Nouw Poland launch event.

Right: | USA | @STARSANDSTRIPES has a new go to sallad and we're glad she shared the recipe!

Left: | Spain | @sofiainmadrid went on an excursion like nothing we've seen before. Were? Go and read her post here!

Right: | Sweden | Guess what @KATRINBERNDT did last week? Hint: pastry with a hole in the middle. See the video on her blog!