Best of Nouw #35

Last week our international bloggers got ready for fall, had a perfect slow Sunday morning, enjoyed some time being lost ar sea and gave us some fashion inspiration.

Left: | Denmark | @MariaKragmann is looking cozy and ready for fall.

Right: | Sweden | @Mawl knows how to have the perfect Sunday morning.

Left: | Norway | @fredrikkewiheden brought us some sunflowers, ain't she sweet?

Right: | Denmark | If we were just about to dig into some fries and a halloumi burger, we would also look just as happy as @Blogbysandra does.

Left: | Denmark | Detail inspiration from @Tinamarias.

Right: | Denmark | @karolinedall knows how to mix and match patterns in the most chic of ways.

Left: | Sweden | @matildadjerf was lost at sea for two days. And it looked amazing.

Right: | Norway | @saraflaaen looking gorgeous as always - as a lady in red.