Best of Nouw #33

Summer is coming to an end, but on the bright side Best of Nouw is back! Let's see what our international bloggers have been up to lately. We're glad to say that sunsets, beach babes and yellow summer dresses are involved.

Left: | Israel | @maayanhaber looked this happy when going for a family breakfast by the beach.

Right: | Italy | @JOSJOURNAL took us along on a day off work - browsing beautiful Rome.

Left: | Finland | Ice-cream is the solution to most everyday problems, according to @SofiasMode. We couldn't agree more!

Right: | Finland | @BYSLUMMI is enjoying the last few weeks of summer and strolled around in this stunning yellow number.

Left: | Sweden | @Matildadjerf spoke about the importance of doing things that make you feel beautiful. Like wearing a red lip, even though your plans consist of nothing more than to sit infront of your laptop at home all day, working.

Left: | Norway | @Annemwidvey showed us a part of her handbag collection. It's all in the details!

Left: | England | @Greenfashionista found "the light from heaven" in Menorca.

Right: | Denmark | Beach babe @jennifergeertsen shared a witty photo from Italy that made us smile.

Left: | Sweden | @mathildahogbergs saw this breathtaking sunset in Greece. Yes, please!

Right: | USA | @chessiemabelle is back in La La Land and loving life.