Last week our international bloggers attended a stunning wedding during sunset, invited us to get to know them better, and had what might have been the best picknick ever. A fun event was thrown in there, too.

Left: | Norway | @dalyndarling attended the Nouw event in Oslo last week. Here with @karolinesmadal!

Right: | Sweden | @ofemma celebrated love, on a rooftop, during sunset. Perfect!

Left: | Finland | What better way to end the day than with a good cuppa as the sun goes down? Just like @Jasminaleksandra did a few days back.

Right: | Sweden | The good vibes are strong with @lizadagsberg.

Left: | Sweden | @JOANNAJOHANSSON had what looks like the most perfect picknick. Ever.

Right: | Sweden | @ISABELALDEN is rocking that lavender coat so well, that now we need one too!

Left: | United Arab Emirates | @KRISTINEGRINNA spent two days home in Dubai before she once again was sat on a tropical beach somewhere in paradise.

Right: | Norway | Come and get to know @saraflaaen a little bit better - she's done a post all about it.