Best of Nouw #20

Last week our International bloggers wore matching mother & daughter outfits, celebrated Norway's national day, showed us some dreamy Vietnam moments, and closed some impressive academic chapters.

Left: | Sweden | Like mother, like daughter. @amandamoritz and her daughter had matching outfits - too cute!

Right: | Thailand | @Bellelita really does know how to make our mouths water, doesn't she?

Left: | Finland | A warm and sunny welcome to @SofiasMode - who just joined the Nouw family!

Right: | Russia | @TravelLovers went exploring yet again. This time, to an ancient city, somewhere in the southern parts of Europe...

Left: | Poland | @jbanaszewska spent a few weeks in Vietnam. See some more dreamy vacay moments on her blog!

Right: | Norway | @SARAFLAAEN celebrated Norway's national day on May 17th! How fab are their dresses?

Left: | Norway | @DALYNDARLING closed an academic chapter by handing in her Bacherlo's Thesis. Yay!

Right: | France | @byCC showed us the green magic that was Le Seine this weekend.

Left: | Sweden | How happy @Josefineeriksson got after having seen Bruno Mars live? This happy!

Right: | Romania | @FLORINSUCIU is now officially an alumni. And next week he's done with his master's degree!