Best of Nouw #19

Last week our International bloggers had some well deserved me-time, shared a funny story from London, was overly excited for the weekend and explored the sunning streets of Moscow. What else happened?

Left: | Thailand | @Bellelita let her mind wander back to a beach in Krabi.

Right: | Sweden | @karolinlisa had this as her second breakfast. Who wouldn't want two breakfasts? Especially when they look like this!

Left: | Australia | @elinanna had me-time. Or, as she best explains it; me, myself & wine time.

Right: | Sweden | @Mawl enjoyed summer in London and had a funny story to tell...

Left: | Denmark | Meet Anthony, one half of the duo behind the inspirational blog @ANEWKINDOFLOVE. Treat your eyes and visit their blog!

Right: | Sweden | @joannajohansson shared her thoughts on how life changes when you become a parent of two.

Left: | England | @bystinaforce was so excited for Friday she couldn't stand still.

Right: | Sweden | @Norrskenet is spending time in colorful Moscow.