Best of Nouw #17

Last week our international bloggers took us down memory lane, guided us to heatless curls, had a magical start to the day and captured the ultimate picture perfect moment. They also spent time away to re-charge.

Left: | Sweden | @Josefineeriksson started her day like this. Can we have this every day, please?

Right: | Norway | @Gambitsky gave us a tutorial on how to create curls without any heat. Full how-to on her blog!

Left: | USA | @applebites came back from holiday and was greeted by a New York City in full bloom. No holiday blues there, huh?

Right: | Belgium | Eat your greens! @emmapuype visited this hyped up café in Madrid before she went back home. She loved it!

Left: | Norway | @annabjordal had her first soft serve of the season. More to come, we hope!

Right: | Poland | @olgabutkiewicz took a stroll in the beautiful city of Istanbul.

Left: | Norway | @saraflaaen took us down April memory lane and showed us her favorite moments from the passed month.

Right: | Spain | @saralinneea took us with her on a relaxing weekend getaway, away from the city buzz.

Left: | Denmark | @MariaKragmann experienced this moment in the Maldives. If this isn't picture perfect, we don't know what is!

Right: | England | @loveanna popped by this stunning café, found in Selfridges.