Last week our international bloggers had a lovely reunion with friends, visited brunch heaven, and made us jealous by sharing their plans for summer. And someone got the most amazing new home in Barcelona!

Left: | Sweden | Is this what brunch heaven looks like? @Josefineeriksson had brunch with friends for hours in here.

Right: | Sweden | @isabelalden was a chic lady in red, walking the sunny streets of Gothenburg.

Left: | United Arab Emirates | Who doesn't love a good reunion? @kristinegrinna finally got to hang out with her friends again after a long time apart.

Right: | France | @byCC is planning her summer and what places to visit. She's thinking Portugal, southern France and Spain. Well, we wouldn't mind!

Left: | Spain | @SARALINNEEA got herself a new home in Barcelona. And it's dreamy!

Right: | Sweden | @JASMINELLA showed us moments from when she visited "press week" in Stockholm.

Left: | USA | This is how happy @veronicawindom is to have her tickets booked for going home to Norway in May.

Right: | Sweden | @lizadagsberg went over to Copenhagen for the day. One of the many perks of living down south.