Last week it seems like our bloggers got the memo "think pink", and we love the result. Come along to see our bloggers welcome spring dressed in pastel pink, enjoy the warm weather and go up North to catch the last bit of winter.

Left: | Norway | @GAMBITSKY is rocking her pink accessories for spring.

Right: | Sweden | @chessiemabelle had a pink tea break that looks like it's taken from a fairy tale.

Left: | Poland | @MoniqueRehmus showed us what's in her everyday make-up bag for spring.

Right: | England | @luxedays managed to get an outfit shot without tourists in the background, in busy Westminster.

Left: | Sweden | @LIZADAGSBERG saw this breath taking sunset in the southern parts of Sweden.

Right: | Denmark | @eminamasovic got approached by a new friend while taking outfit photos.

Left: | Sweden | @mathildalindstrom showed us snapshots from the stunning city of Prague.

Right: | Italy | @camillacavalli spent an entire day, with great company, at Lake Como. just outside of Milano.

Left: | Denmark | Spring is here in many parts of the world, but @Tinamarias went to Norway to catch the last bit of winter.

Right: | Norway | @KnutSchevik also went hunting for snow and took himself to Finland and the ski center Levi.