Last week our international bloggers celebrated spring in different parts of the world. They dressed in bright colors, had ice-cream in the sun, wrote a Copenhagen guide and say the cherry trees bloom in Tokyo.

Left: | Finland | @Pihlapatricia gave us the lo-down on all things Caliante, and we're all ears.

Right: | United Arab Emirates | @kristinegrinna had another day at another beach, and had some unexpected company.

Left: | Russia | @TravelLovers had spring feelings in the Danish capital and gave us their ultimate guide.

Right: | Denmark | @fredrikkewiheden had a photo shoot with her friend and her loved one. The results are something out of the ordinary!

Left: | Sweden | @ISABELALDEN knows just how to dress casually chic on a Sunday.

Right: | Austria | @octobrebaby made the obvious choice for when the sun is shining; ice-cream!

Left: | Denmark | Is it summer already? Well, @bymartina went to a summer inspired event last week and her photos brought on the summer feelings.

Right: | USA | When in Dallas, shoot cool outfit photos! Ain't that right, @starsandstripes?

Left: | Poland | @olgabutkiewicz was lucky enough to see the cherry trees bloom in Tokyo.

Right: | USA | @applebites decided to dress in bright colors and strutted around NYC with lots of energy and a sunny mood.