Last week our international bloggers celebrated the arrival of spring all the way from LA to Milano & Prague. Someone hit 100K on Instagram and someone had an amazing home transformation to show us. Let's have a look!

Left: | USA | @linneaperssonla spent a day by herself. She drank chai lattes, took a long walk and gathered some vitamin D in the sunshine.

Right: | Sweden | Why @Matildadjerf is so happy? She just hit 100K on Instagram last week, congratulations!

Left: | Denmark | @MariaKragmann looked trés chic with her partner in crime @FrejaWewer - walking the streets of LA.

Right: | Sweden | @lizadagsberg showed off her and her partner's brand new bedroom, and we're loving how it turned out.

Left: | Scotland | @TheWeeCloudberry celebrated Swedish "waffle day" and made a classic waffle with a twist on her blog.

Right: | Denmark | @Tinamarias showed some pretty amazing before and after pictures of her family's home.

Left: | Germany | @XOXOMINNA went away on what she says was a perfect weekend in Prague. It looks perfect, doesn't it?

Right: | Italy | @CAMILLACAVALLI and her roomie took a stroll and enjoyed the stunning views of Milano.

Left: | Poland | Our Country Manager for Poland @JBANASZEWSKA showed us a sneak peak into the Polish Nouw offices.

Right: | Sweden | @Josefineeriksson had this amazing brunch on Saturday morning.