Last week our international bloggers took us on a long weekend to Amsterdam and to a morning in Paris. They baked amazing desserts, went to a Dior-event and talked about being a Londoner and moving abroad.

Left: | England | @OBRIENS_CLOSET talked modeling and gave us a throwback moment.

Right: | Sweden | @Mawl spent a few days in Amsterdam with friends. They ate, had sleepless nights, celebrated a birthday and went on a tour of the canals.

Left: | Scotland | @THEWEECLOUDBERRY made these amazing rhubarb and hazelnut tarts.

Right: | Sweden | @MATILDADJERF wrote about how to mix and match to get different looks when living out of a suitcase (or two).

Left: | Spain | @SARALINNEEA spendt an evening at a Dior event, celebrating International Women's Day.

Right: | USA | @fridapreuss let follow along to stunning and historical Savannah.

Left: | Denmark | @MARIAKRAGMANN woke up like this, in Paris.

Right: | Poland | @MONIQUEREHMUS presented 20 things that you might not know about her.

Left: | Sweden | @JOSEFINEERIKSSON dressed in her grandma's old Levi's jacket.

Right: | England | @JOSEFINMOLANDERS shared her thoughts on being a Londoner, moving abroad and the endless possibilities that the city gives.