Our international bloggers said hello to 2017 from different parts of the world - from a beach in Tulum to a ski cabin the Polish mountains. They also took a surf if the freezing ocean and walked the streets of London!

Left: | Sweden | @joannajohansson and her little family enjoyed the snow to the fullest!

Right: | Denmark | @Tinamarias enjoys slow mornings with healthy breakfasts. Just like this one she had last week!

Left: | Denmark | @MariaKragmann is spending her beginning of 2017 on Bali.

Right: | Sweden | @miamariapetersson didn't get stopped by the fact that it's winter out and freezing in the water. She went out for a surf!

Left: | Sweden | @TravelLovers spent their New Years the same way it started - among friends, on a beach with a glass of bubbly.

Right: | Sweden | @Matildadjerf went old school and took some photos with a disposable camera. She likes not knowing how the pictures will turn out when first taking them!

Left: | Denmark | @bymartina's blog is the place to go it you're looking for great places to eat & drink in the Danish capital. Last week she wrote about yet another yummy spot!

Right: | Italy | @cottonandtonic posted a quick guide to Singapore's best hangouts - that will take you a minuter to read!

Left: | Sweden | @isabelalden showed us what she wore on a day strolling around London.

Right: | Poland | @OLAKOPERSKA celebrated the beginning of a new year in the Polish mountains. Sauna, skiing, board games and wine - we must say, it does sound tempting.