"Behind Nouw you'll find a lot of love & hard work"

Every year the Nouw team head off for a kickoff. Last year we went to Poland and this year we spent two days at a spa hotel in Falkenberg. Come along and see what we did!

As many of you know already, Nouw is the biggest blogging portal in the Nordics with over 1,4 million unique visitors every week and over 25 000 active bloggers. Behind those big numbers you'll find a lot of hard work and love. Here we are, the team behind Nouw. 

We strive & work hard to always be one step ahead of everyone else. Every year we go away on a kickoff to gather inspiration, energy and also to have fun together as a team. This year we didn't just go to any place, we went to Falkenberg Strandbad - a spa hotel by the beach on the Swedish west coast. We got to enjoy a calm place where we could feel both harmony and a lovely ocean breeze. 

Nouw has offices in several countries and Denmark is one of them. @jennifergeertsen works for us in Denmark.

Here you have the Nouw editorial team. From left to right: @jennifergeertsen, @karolinesmadal, @fridasfriday, @tessb & @elinskoglund

Nouw also has a team of developers who constantly work towards Nouw having the best blogging tool on the market.

On Monday we sat in a conference room with an ocean view. Here we sat down and talked about our current status, the future and things we want to focus more on.

In the Stockholm office you'll find @elinskoglund - Chief of Editors, and Reza - head of Sales.

@karolinesmadal is Manager in Norway and @tessb is the Marketing Manager for Norway and Finland.

Here you can see @fridasfriday who takes care of a lot of the practical stuff at Nouw. Among other things she writes a lot in our magazine!

We were served coffee and yummy cookies and cakes.

Happy faces and inspiring conversations.

After a long day in the conference room we got the keys to our rooms. We all screamed out of excitement when we saw the amazing ocean view.

Pink walls and palm trees make everything better.

We celebrated by having sparkling wine during sunset. After that we headed down to the spa for a few hours and ended our evening with having dinner in the hotel's amazing restaurant.

We all fell asleep in our fluffy hotel beds around midnight.

Tuesday came around and we all set our alarms in time to head down to the spa before we stepped back into the conference room.

Just being able to lay here and do nothing, that's not something you say no to.

The perfect kickoff - to be able to combine work & having fun!

Before we all headed back home we had lunch in the hotel restaurant, overlooking this amazing view.

Now we're counting down the days until next year's kickoff. Thank you to everyone involved!