In the middle of the chaos that we call everyday life, it’s easy to forget to take time out of our day to focus on ourselves, isn’t it? That’s exactly why we’ve listed a few things you should treat yourself to more often!

1. Breakfast at a café. When many of us think about eating out, we usually think about having lunch or dinner, but what about breakfast? Imagine starting your day, sitting in a cozy café, a hot cappuccino warming your hands, before the rest of the city wakes up. Do we need to say more?

2. At home mini spa. We don’t think at home spa sessions should be reserved for weekends only, even though many of us tend to have them on Sunday nights. Why not do a manicure and a face mask on a Wednesday, as a mid-week treat? Many of us might think we don’t have time for ”things like that” during weeknights. But, it doesn’t have to take more than a minute or two to apply a face mask, does it?
3. Dress-up-Tuesday. Well, that’s not actually a thing, but we think it should be! Allow yourself to take that extra bit of time in the morning to get ready - and put on your favorite outfit. If you feel extra good when leaving the house, that can set the bar for the rest of our day!
4. Fresh flowers at home. Long gone are the days when we had fresh cut flowers in our homes only after birthdays, graduations or anniversaries. Pick up a bouquet of fresh cut flowers on your way home from work, just because you want to treat yourself.
5. A trip to the deli. Pick up some really nice ingredients for dinner at your local deli or food market. It doesn’t cost as much as having dinner out, but does add that little bit of extra something something to your dinner.
6. A day without anything on ”the list”. You know what? Sometimes, we just have to ignore and forget our long list of things we have to do, and just take on the day as it comes. Walk around town, casually browse the shops or spend an hour or two at a museum. Or why not buy a glossy magazine and sit down at a café and slowly drink a cappuccino. Or two.
7. Time with your favourite people. Make sure to spend more time with the people who give you good vibes, who make your laugh and who make you feel like you belong. There is a Swedish saying that basically says; laughing makes your life longer. Laugh more!
8. Get a massage. Soften those tight muscles and become relaxed in a way that only a massage can do. When you walk out of that massage place - you will feel calm, relaxed and you will thank yourself for coming up with the great idea of booking an appointment.
9. Nights in. Ask your friends over to your house, hang out in sweats, make tacos, paint your nails and watch romantic comedies until you fall asleep. A more relaxed alternative to a night out, but can be just as fun. Okay, who are we kidding - it’s probably way better than a night out!

What is your favourite thing to treat yourself to?

Picture: @lindgrenlovisa