Are you also one of those people who would rather watch one season a day, than one episode a week? We have the list of reasons why you should totally treat yourself to an entire weekend of binge-watching your favourite show.

1. You become a part of the gang. When you watch a season a day instead of an episode a week, you get to know the characters in a new way - you become "a part of the gang". You get to know them a whole lot better than if you were to take a break in-between episodes. You might actually get to know the characters so well that you can anticipate what some of them might do or say...

2. You will never have to think twice. If you binge-watch a show it's easy to remember what happened in season one, even though you're watching season three. When one of the characters refer back to something that happened a few seasons ago - you don't have to think twice in order to know exactly what they meant. No Google search needed.

3. You always know what to do. You don't have to sit around and think about what to do during the weekend, after all - you have 80 episodes to get through. So, the agenda is pretty much all set!

4. You're never short on things to talk about. If you watch a show together with someone else - we can bet on the fact that you'll never find yourselves in a position where you have nothing to talk about. And when you've finished all seasons there are, you can mourn together.

5. You don't have to leave your house. Sometimes it's nice not having to get out of your pyjamas, to make yourself look somewhat presentable and to leave the house. If you binge-watch a show during your time off you can just chill at home, dressed in whatever you please, with a bag of chips, infront of your screen. Perfect.

6. You don't have to wait, so why should you? If there are more episodes available, just a click away - why wait? Totally unnecessary to wait several days in between episodes, if they're already there, ready to be watched. Right?

7. You only live once. We feel like this reason is kind of self explanatory. If you want to re-watch all seasons of Friends, then you should re-watch all seasons of Friends. Period.

What are your favourite series to binge-watch? Hit us with your best tips!

Featured image: @linajohansson