5 great movies that will make you cry

Laughing until your tummy hurts is liberating. But, sometimes we just feel like watching a movie and having a good cry. Bring out the tissues - because we have listed our top 5 favourite movies to cry to!

P.S. I love you. We cry because the movie is beautiful, different and moving. When Holly’s husband dies young from an illness her world is turned upside down. From the day she turns 30 she starts getting letters from her dead husbad. Before he passed, he prepared letters to be sent to her, to make her grief easier and to remind her of how great life is - despite him not being there anymore. A story about losing someone you love, finding your way back and finding happiness & love again.

Philadelphia. Andrew (Tom Hanks) works at a law firm when he suddenly gets fired, simply because of the fact that he has AIDS. Desperately trying to seek justice for the firm’s unethical behavior, Andrew decides to sue his old firm. The struggle of finding a lawyer willing to represent him and his case, forces him to eventually hire the only one that is willing to take the job - a homophobic lawyer. The film portrays the harsh and unfair reality of having AIDS in the US during the late 1980’s. The story is both eye opening and sad, but most of all really, really good! And definitely worth a watch.

The Intouchables. Two men from two different worlds suddenly find their life paths crossed, and something very unexpected happens. Driss was just released from prison and gets hired as Philip’s personal assistant - a wealthy man who became paralyzed after an accident. They are both very hesitant to the whole thing at first, but after a while Driss’s positive life views affect Philip and soon a very unexpected bond is created between the two. A bond that from the outside looking in seems unlikely, but comes to be a very great, beautiful and strong friendship.

Life is beautiful. La vita è bella is the film’s name in Italian, which makes the movie sound beautiful, indeed, but the story is far from sunshine and rainbows. It’s a story that takes us back to the time of World War II. We get to see Guido and Dora fall in love, and have a son together - to shorty thereafter have their family destroyed by the Nazis. Guido and the couple’s son get taken away to a concentration camp for Jews - and Dora is left behind. To survive in the camp, Guido tells his son that the camp is just a game, and first price is a battlewagon. Spoiler: there is a happy ending, after all.

Remember me. Tyler’s heart burst into pieces and his family was torn apart after his brother’s unfortunate death. But, everything changed when he met Ally and piece by piece - his heart came back together and he seemed to get closer to finding happiness again. But, things quickly turned for the worse again when Ally found out that the happy coincidence that made her meet Tyler in the first place, wasn’t a coincidence after all. A film about brotherly love, first loves and about how tragedies can tear us apart, but also make us grow stronger - together.

What is your favourite movie to cry to?

Picture: @kajsasven