Hey my Loves,

this is my very first post on NOUW. And I am super excited about it. Love the format <3

There so many things happen – amazing & fullfilling things – living a more and more healthy lifestyle and so much more.

I want to show you first one of my favourite bikini suite that i got from Zaful – i love white in generell and love the combination with the sunnies i got from Zara.

What’s more important about material things is to embrace life and to give your time to experience being – instead of rushing to the next and the next. I had first struggle to relax, because my tempo in Munich was way to fast, and i didn’t realise it, so i felt kind of lost in ibiza, emotionally, but i hold it out, and after a few days it’s start to feel so amazing, calm and peaceful.

So please don’t forget to take time off for yourself and just breathing and embrace being in the present. As more you practise it, as easier it’s easier to get in to the zone back when you had stressful times.

Good Luck & Much Love,

talk to you soon.

xoxo Mai