Idag firar jag 4 år som Göteborgsbo!

Sorry for being away for 2 months. Well my midsummer didnot go with the plan because Smögen was such a catch and we couldn't find a place to stay. But we went to Askim at the end and it turned out to be a good night as well! Just the weather was not so pleased but I am happy to dance salsa in a traditional Swedish dancing floor setting and celebrating with some new friends.

Four weeks of vacation went really fast! I stayed in Florence for a week to visit aunt and three weeks in Göteborg to learn how to drive. It was fun to drive and of course it takes time to make it official! SOOO my plan is to have a nice road trip in Italy next summer!

Okay to the topic, four years in Gothenburg, Sweden, have to celebrate it in a classic way. So i will go to Toso tonight and bring my new birthday/anniversary gift with me!

Pictures will come later!

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Yesterday I was invited to Malin's brunch. The time of year, the city is full of people as there are so many activities happening around: Summerbrust, andralångdagen (helalångdagen) and lots of after parties for the music festival. 

It was a very nice and cosy brunch at the terrace in the sun (sometimes it shows) with a bit of background music from the music festival at Ullevi. I have met 2-3 girls before in her house-warming party and the rest were all new to me. It was fun to meet new people and get to know each other. After 5-6 hours of food and champagnes (non-stop), finally we went to Stora Teatern for some fresh air and some more drinks 😜.

It was kinda spontaneous how i met Malin back in 2014. When I was in a shop in Kungstorget and we started to talk with each other because she also happened to study in Taipei before. So we connected immediately and still in touch!

Around 21, I left earlier to meet Claudia and Yalda in Andra Lång but seems like I have missed andralångdagen again as people all sort of left. I can only say to myself, next year, next year I will go.

Same as last year, that I was stuck in Summerburst and missed the andralångdagen.

It was a good day but I hope I can speak more Swedish so I can easily understand people more!



Yesterday I was talking to Claudia and Amanda about the midsummer plan. This year I really hope it can be Smögen! I have never been to Smögen before and that makes it extra exciting! 🌟

Amanda suggested that we would take the sailing boat ⛵️from Goteborg to up there, which will take about 10-12 hours in the sea. A bit crazy, isn't it? But if it really happens, I can imagine how much fun we will have, just imagine the sun and the ocean, probably a lot of work onboard also! 💦

I have submitted my summer vacation proposal today, if nothing goes wrong, I will have 4 weeks off, from July 17 to August 13! It will be my first vacation that be completely free and take this long break from my daily routine. I am thinking to go to Lisbon to visit one old classmate or just somewhere near the beach will make me happy as a clap.

Next Monday I will take my first business trip to Shanghai and will travel with Lufthansa (transfer in Frankfurt). It is cool in different ways, especially we will join CES Asia and be part of the exciting show. Also last time when I was in Frankfurt, I was traveling from China to Sweden with my two huge suitcases and a one-way ticket. How time flies! It will be a bit emotional I can just guess.

I have been working a lot this week, especially the preparation for next week. I haven't really given a thought about what I am doing here at Nouw. But I was thinking that I have read so many interesting posts and I have run my own blog back in China for 9 years so it will be nice to just make a change in English and via a new platform.

We will see how this will lead me! has 30% off before June 2 10.00 AM with the code TREND. I have just had some orders for my little summer plan 👗👙I can show you some other time if you are interested!




I am so excited to show up here! But I don't really have the time to play around with different design tools and even introduce myself a bit to you. 💋

So I will leave it to my next post, will come back soon! Stay tuned! 👸