Monument Valley


Antelope Canyon


Horseshoe Bend

Bryce Canyon

Monument Valley Sunset

Hi, there

Here a few more pictures from this big trip...! I wrote the names of the places under the pictures, so y'know now where it is.

Good evening

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As you can see, I was also in LA.
At the beginning I didn't like this city. But then, as we went to the manhattanbeach i was really in love with this city.
The universalstudios was also great! And the hollywood-symbol made my day.
At the starbucks we were almost every morning and every afternoon. I thought it was a dream, in every corner was a starbucks-shop! :)

Good afternoon💛




Hiii guys,
sooo this is my first blog. I will write mostly about my holidays or where i was and first of all I will write about my big trip to the USA. Enjoy it and thank u!

summer 2017'

We arrived in San Francisco. I was so tired but it was only 4pm over there. We picked up our car and drove to our hotel in that we stayed for 4 days. We saw so many things. My favorit one was/is the golden gate bridge. But we saw her only i the fog...buuuut she was so beautiful in the fog!!
On the first day we went to a busstation from "hop on hop off". We was for 2h in the bus. The bus had no roof, so y'know San Francisco is veeery windy. I used my sunglass to protect my eyes from the wind. hyhyhyhyh, and then we drove on the bridge at the other end from the golden gate bridge, I thought it hasn't any end this bridge...!
At the second day we visited the Alcatraz. This was crazy!
And the third day we were shopping! God, when you need new clothes go over there and then you will find all of those things that you need!!!
The 4th day wasn't so exciting...
We looked at the bridge again, but she was still in the fog...
This city is so beautiful i would prefer to live there...but yeah, it isn't just beautiful. Many homeless people were on drugs and screamed loudly on a wall or talked for themself...

Have a good one'🙋🏼