Usually, designers recommend you paint your home with neutral colors and then use bold colors in the decor. But what are you supposed to do when you really want a dark paint color? Can you still decorate nicely even if the paint is dark? Here are some tips for decorating if you want to use dark paint on your walls.

Even it out with whites

Dark blues and blacks can look really awesome on a wall, but make sure you use whites to help balance it out and give some contrast to the space. For example, white baseboards and baseboard heater covers and lighter colored floors will help balance it out. Use white furniture or white cabinets up against the black. If you are going to use a dark wall, you must use large white pieces to balance out the amount of dark color in the room.

Light, light, light

One way to keep your room from feeling too much like a cave with dark walls is to make sure you get a lot of natural light. If you have big windows, use sheer window coverings, so you always get some natural light in your space. Keep your windows open whenever possible to bring in the light. If you have 9 ft or taller ceilings, try and get windows that are taller as well.

If you don’t have any options for extra natural light or are in a naturally dark space, try adding can lights to the ceiling. It will help even out the light in the room and can really brighten up the space.


By putting mirrors on the wall, you make the space feel bigger and brighter. All the light in the room will reflect off the mirror and brighten the space up, and you will feel like your space is bigger instead of feeling smaller from the effects of the dark paint.

Try just one wall

If you don’t want to change your light situation or you like to have darker furniture, you can also use your paint color on just one wall in the room. For example, you can use a deep shade of blue on one wall and paint the rest white. That way, the dark paint isn’t overwhelming, and you still get all the color that you want in your space.

Bright colored accent pieces

Use accent pieces throughout your room to really contrast with the dark colors you chose. If you picked black paint for your walls, then using bright yellows and pinks or oranges really make a statement and contrast the black a lot. It’s also a fun and creative way to bring color into your space. Get bright throw pillows, wall decor, etc.

Frames and shelving

When choosing frames for your dark wall, it is best to go with lighter colors to contrast and give a clear break before the picture starts. However, shelving might be different. You can choose shelving that blends into the wall color and is barely noticeable or you can choose to get something that contrasts a lot with your paint color, so it stands out. That is personal preference. Usually, large dark walls do need something on them or against them to break up the color slightly.

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Remodeling your home is about more than just looking pretty, it is also about functionality. You want to be able to use your space and have it look nice. It is cheaper to remodel than to start from scratch, and you get to keep your amazing location. And if you choose to remodel, you can afford much nicer additions. Here are some things you may want to include in your remodel.

1. Nest Learning Thermostat & Cams

Nest is an amazing company that has come out with some really great products. If you are going to be remodeling anyway, why not add some smart-features with amazing safety features to your home? The thermostat can be controlled from your smartphone, and it learns your patterns and adapts the temperatures in each room to accommodate your needs.

The cameras stream 24/7, so you never have to worry about missing something, and can also be controlled with your smartphone. The cameras are very great for surveillance, as a baby monitor, or even just to keep an eye on things in the playroom. Nest even offers smoke detectors that can be controlled with your phone, so you can turn them off when you burn something in the oven instead of having to wait it out.

2. Baseboard heater covers

Every good remodel comes with its challenges, especially when you are remodeling an older home. You may be dealing with lead paint, asbestos, and baseboard radiators. Of course, they serve an important purpose, but they are also very ugly. You don’t have to deal with them if you simply buy baseboard heater covers. They are easy to snap into place, and they go with the overall look of your wall by appearing to blend in with your baseboards.

3. Virtual assistant

Another thing you should consider getting for your newly remodeling home is a virtual assistant. You can choose from many different options but the Amazon Echo and Google Home are at the top of the charts right now. Amazon’s virtual assistant has many more products available to it now, but it has been out a couple more years than Google. Once Google Home catches up in number of products it is compatible with, you can expect it to quickly take the lead.

In comparisons between products right now, people have already noticed Google is much more advanced at listening to what you say and interpreting it. With Amazon, you have to use specific language to get what you want.

4. Recessed lighting

If you want a lot of light in your room, recessed lighting is the way to go. It is a very good option for rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light or that need a little something to give a more dramatic look to the room. You can install them into the room and put smart lights in them that respond to your smartphone, so you can control even the lights without having to get out of bed, and your home will be filled with a lot more light.

5. Ceiling fans

The one thing that seems to be missing from most spaces is a ceiling fan. I, personally, think they should come standard in nearly every room in your home. If you have company over and need to air out the space or it is extra hot, you can use your ceiling fan to circulate the air. Even babies rooms should use them to circulate the air to reduce the risk of SIDs. Adding these to your remodel will improve the finished look and functionality of any room in your home.

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There is nothing better than living in a home that feels complete. There’s no more remodeling projects you feel like you need to do, and you are happy with the way it all looks. Unfortunately, that’s not how most people feel about their houses. There is always something to change. Even if you don’t plan on moving anytime soon, it is a good idea to only spend money on changes that will increase your home sale value. Here are some tips to follow when remodeling if you want it to increase your home sale value in the process.

Avoid specialized remodeling

Having a unique design in your home adds character and may be functional for your family. However, some over-the-top designs are a huge turnoff to buyers and may make it much more difficult for you to sell the home. Just remember that anything that changes the general structure of the home in an abnormal way will be difficult for buyers to see themselves fixing back. One home I recently looked at had retro-fitted a bathroom with doors into the shower, so they could easily get their handicapped child into it. And while it worked well for them when they needed it, it was very difficult for them to sell afterwards because nobody wanted to deal with changing it back. They lose a lot of home value on that specialized remodel job.

First impressions can be tough

Decorating the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior, but again, don’t go too crazy. Buyers might not even be willing to come look at your house if they don’t like the way the exterior looks. You might be surprised to find out things like hot tubs and pools actually make a lot of buyers less interested in your home because they take so much maintenance. You are better off adding a couple of trees to boost your home value.

When it comes to paint colors, don’t get too wild. While most people can handle the idea of painting the interior of their home to suite their needs, they are unwilling to paint the exterior of their home unless absolutely necessary. You will look buyers and home value by having an exterior paint that is too crazy.

Fix necessities

If you want to do a remodel job that fixes things that need it, then you are probably on the right track. It is good to remember that buyers often ask you to fix things that are in bad shape anyway, so you might as well do it now and enjoy the repairs yourself first. You might need to repair or replace your roof if it is in bad shape. They may ask for a new water heater if it is over 10 years old. Baseboard heater covers give you a beautiful look you want and take attention away from them when buyers are checking out the house. And new appliances in the kitchen give your home a nice, updated look and are a huge selling factor and are something you can use and enjoy.

Remember when remodeling your home to always consider the future buyers you may be dealing with, especially if you have plans to sell it in the future.

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It is nice to have a separate space for your child to sleep and use the bathroom. It keeps your area clutter-free and gives them some independence. But what do kids want for bathroom decor? Here are some ideas for designing your child’s bathroom remodel.

Double sink

If you have multiple children using the same bathroom, and you have the space for it, you should try and put a double sink in the room. It will make it easier for your children to use the room at the same time and gives them more room for putting out their various bathroom products that they need.

Separated vanity area

A popular thing to do when designing a bathroom for children is to have a door separating the vanity area from the toilet and shower. This allows multiple uses of the room at the same time. Plus, as your children grow to be teenagers, they won’t fight all the time about how long one person is using the bathroom because the other one will be able to use the mirror and sink at the same time.

Laundry basket

You might want to put a laundry basket in the bathroom if you have younger children. This will help them have a place they know to put their laundry. It’s nice to have a centralized place to put laundry, so when you go to wash it, it is all in the same place.

Specified towel racks

Another idea of something you may want to do if you have multiple children sharing the same bathroom is to give them specific towel racks. You can put their name on it or just make it clear which one belongs to who. This will help with the potential fighting between children when they both want to use the same spot for their towel.

Step stool

Much like baseboard heater covers, step stools can be functional and beautiful for the space. One popular thing people are doing is installing step stools underneath their cabinets, so they are hidden away but can easily be pulled out for kids to get up to the sink. You can also get a more stylish step stool that will look cute in the room and add to the decor.

Light up the space

It is better to have a lot of natural light in your bathroom if possible, but most people have bathrooms without windows. Because of this, you need to add as much light to the space as you can. Get light fixtures that are beautiful and work for the space, but make sure they are bright and give a lot of light to the room.

Wall art

Adding some art to the wall will make it feel like home. Many people put bath time pictures of their children on the walls. You can also do pictures of different animals or fish. Pick a theme, and stick with it in the space.

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If you love to read, then you know having a good reading nook in your home is a necessity. It will encourage the rest of your family to read and gives you a space you can really enjoy when you dive into a new book. Here are five necessities any good reading nook will have.

1. A Theme

The first thing you should do when creating a cozy place for reading is to pick a theme. When fostering reading in children, many people like to use bright colors and themes like Dr. Suess in order to give the space a fun feel. If the area is going to be more for yourself and other adults in the home, you may want to stick with more neutrals in order to create an environment that can transform to anywhere. Or you can try to bring back a bit of life from your childhood. Harry Potter themes are a great example of this. Whatever you do, make sure you pick out paint colors you love and get baseboard radiator covers to complete the look of the room.

2. Bookshelves

There are so many different ways you can put bookshelves in your reading nook. You can choose anything from floating bookshelves to a whole wall filled with shelves. Many children’s reading nooks will use rain gutters as shelving, so the books can easily be seen and accessed by the children. Whatever you choose, shelves are practical and complete the look of the space. Plus, nobody will be questioning what you use the space for. It will be pretty clear by the rows of books.

3. Place to lounge

Even in the smallest spaces, creating a place to get comfortable with your book is essential. Maybe all you need are some pillows on a rug or you can buy some comfortable new couches. Bean bags are an especially popular option for comfortable reading spaces. In this case, it is much better to get something you feel comfortable sitting in and enjoy with your family than it is to get something stylish. Some people even put hammocks in the space.

4. Blankets and pillows

Even with the most comfortable couch, it isn’t quite the same without your blankets and pillows to snuggle up with. Remember, this space is more about functionality and being a comfortable place to lounge about than it is about showing off a perfectly decorated room to your friends. Even if you have a little tent for your little ones to read in, make sure they have pillows and blankets to snuggle. Nothing says “cozy reading nook” like some extremely comfortable blankets and pillows.

5. Decor

Your bookshelves alone might be all the decor you need if they go wall to wall, but adding some wall decor will really complete the space. A sign on the wall that says “read” or some black and white photos of places in the world you want to visit will give an amazing finished look. This is especially important with a strong theme where the finishing details make all the difference.

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Having a baby is a big change in your life. A huge part of preparing for it is decorating the nursery. You want to make sure you have all the things you need and that it is a place you feel comfortable spending time. Ultimately, you’ll spend a lot of time in this room, so you want to make sure it is decorated comfortably for you and for baby. Here are some of the top ideas for nursery decor right now.

Adventure themes

One theme to consider for your nursery is outdoor and adventure. If those things are important to you, they will probably also be important to your little one. It is one of the big trends of 2017. If this is what you choose, you can paint mountains on the wall, and use airplanes or hot air balloons to encourage the adventure theme.

Sweet tooth nursery

For a more whimsical feel to the nursery, you can do a sweets and treats theme. Ice cream, lollipops, cotton candy, and more sweet-looking items fill the room to make it bright and enjoyable. This is truly the nursery of sweet dreams, though it might be a bad idea if you are trying to stick to a diet as a new year’s resolution.

All about the rose gold

Rose gold has become an extremely popular metal color taking over the jewelry industry and, now, nurseries. You can use it as an accent on pieces throughout the room or go so far as to get entire pieces with rose gold. Some people are doing rose gold cribs and side tables to really show it off in the room.

Just like any other room in the house

A huge trend is to make a nursery that doesn’t feel like a child’s room so much as just another part of the house. While you may have toys and diapers hiding in the cabinet, nobody would ever be able to tell it was a child’s room if it weren’t for the crib. Baseboard heater covers hide your radiator heaters, and paint designs are sophisticated and upscale. This allows you to use a style that can be found throughout the house already instead of a room entirely dedicated to your child.

Green, green, green

The color green will be making a big comeback. Entirely green walls, greenery in the baby’s room, green accents. Whatever your fancy, more and more people are opting for green as a main color instead of the traditional pinks and blues. It is especially nice if you have multiple genders of children sharing the room or if you plan to have another baby quickly and want to keep the nursery the same.

Floral decor everywhere

Another big trend is to bring back floral. Flowers are being painted on the walls, used on the sheets, put into pictures. We are even seeing DIY floral mobiles floating above cribs. It may have been an old design, but it is definitely coming back.

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When buying a home, you almost never get exactly what you want. Even people who build their homes are typically limited to what the builder has pre-built into the plans. Fortunately, you can put together a remodel to completely change the look and feel of your home, which is just what Paul and Cynthia Parker did with their Bainbridge Island home.

A story of a beautiful remodel

After living in their home that felt cold and uninviting since 2002, the Parkers finally decided it was time to do something about it. The biggest problem with the home was that it didn’t feel welcoming to them or their guests, so it was time for a change. Rather than moving from their beach-front property, they chose a remodel, and they met with a professional who helped them make decisions about what to change.

At first, they thought an entire remodel was in order. They figured they’d need to gut the place and start all over. Their designer, however, pointed out that sometimes small changes can make a huge difference. For example, baseboard heater covers can make an older place feel new and bright again. So they got to work. The one big change they made was they moved the location of the kitchen, and they made the windows larger for a better view of the water. The exterior was updated to give the whole place a more welcoming appeal, and the materials throughout were updated to warmer, natural ones.

Overall, the transformation was beautiful and wasn’t nearly as expensive or time consuming as it could have been because simple changes were used to make the place feel warm instead of doing a complete overhaul.

Simple changes in your place

With this in mind, you may be wondering what you can do to make your home feel more inviting to guests. It is important to keep in mind that small simple changes are the best way to move forward. Pick a room you want to update and consider what small changes might make a difference. For example, adding hardware to your cabinets is a small and simple thing, yet it can completely transform the overall look in your kitchen or bathroom. New paint can freshen up a room and make it feel brand new even if it is a hundred years old. A fireplace remodel is a good way to modernize one of the biggest centerpieces of your home that is most often seen by family and friends.

Even the decor can go a long way in making your guests feel comfortable. Throw pillows on your couches and a blanket make your guests feel like they can settle in, and pictures of beautiful scenery and family make people feel like they are at home. Start one room and a time, and eventually, you will have the house of your dreams too.

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Home remodeling spending hit an all-time low when the housing market crashed in 2008. It didn’t make financial sense to invest money into your home when the value of homes was dropping nationwide and many homeowners found themselves owing more on their mortgage than their homes were worth. Thankfully, those days are behind us and remodeling spending has been on the rise ever since. Fast forward to the end of 2016 and home remodeling spending is the highest it’s been since the recession and that trend is expected to continue.

In Southern California alone, homeowners have spent approximately $13 billion on home remodeling since the recession ended. In some counties, remodeling spending has risen by as much as 62% compared to remodeling spending during the lowest point of the recession.

With so many homeowners investing their money into their homes again, you may be wondering if it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Of course the fear is that the moment you do, we’ll dip into another recession and there’ll be nothing to show for your investment into your home. Without boring you with all the details, a housing market crash like was seen in 2008 isn’t likely to occur again any time soon and a home remodel is a safe investment if you’re smart about choosing which projects to undertake. Here are some tips for doing it right.

Pay attention to Cost vs. Value reports

Every year Remodeling Magazine publishes a cost vs. value report which is the single best resource for homeowners considering a remodel. The report looks at dozens of the most popular remodeling projects and compares the average cost to the average return on investment (ROI) across more than a hundred regions. It’s good to consult the most recent report when considering a remodel to see which projects are the safest investments. One trend that has remained stable throughout the years is that the smaller projects tend to earn the best ROI. An up-scale kitchen remodel that costs tens of thousands of dollars might only recoup 60% of that cost at resale while a few hundred bucks spent repainting, replacing the siding, or installing baseboard radiator covers can recoup close to 100% of the cost, especially if you do the work yourself.

Financing your remodel

Ideally, you can afford to pay for your remodel out of pocket since that’s the safest option. After all, it was irresponsible borrowing paired with banks who were all too eager to offer risky loans that led to the recession in the first place. Many borrowers will borrow against their home’s equity in the form of a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or a second or even third mortgage to pay for remodeling. This should only be considered if you’re absolutely certain you can keep up with payments on these loans since you could lose your home if you fall too far behind.

A personal loan is the safer option if you need to borrow. The cost of borrowing will be higher but you’re not offering up the equity you have in your home as collateral.

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There are several home heating systems to choose from and depending on your needs, some may be better than others. One that isn’t as common today but still a great option is a baseboard heating system. Baseboard heater systems can be used as a supplement to an existing home heating system on an as-needed basis in rooms that just refuse to heat up. Or they can be a complete home heating system all on their own. Here are some things to know.

Baseboard heating system vs. forced air heating system

There are several reasons why you may want to opt for a baseboard heating system over a forced air heating system, despite the fact they’re less common. For one, baseboard heating systems are much easier to install, especially in older homes, since there is no ductwork. Because there’s no required ductwork, baseboard radiator systems tend to require less maintenance. Unlike a forced air heating system which blows hot air loudly and intermittently, baseboard heating systems work quietly and constantly as long as they’re turned on.

Two kinds of baseboard heating systems

Baseboard radiator systems can be generally classified into two different types: electric and hydronic. In an electric baseboard heating system. Electricity is used to directly heat the air in the home. For supplemental heating, you can purchase plug-in portable baseboard heaters. For a complete home heating system, however, you’re better off paying for a system that’s hardwired into your home’s circuitry.

Hydronic baseboard heating systems also operate off of electricity. The difference is that the electricity heats the room indirectly rather than directly. In a hydronic system, electricity is used to heat up fluid (usually water though some systems use oil) enclosed within the radiator. It is the hot water which warms the air in the room. Hydronic systems are more common for whole home use since electric baseboard heating systems are known for being less energy efficient. A downside to hydronic systems is that they take longer to warm up a room once turned on. Once the enclosed fluid is warm though, it retains its heat much longer after it’s turned off.

Is a baseboard heating system right for you?

If you have an older home with no forced air heating system, installing the necessary ductwork may be more trouble than it’s worth and you may want to strongly consider a baseboard heating system. If your current heating system just doesn’t cut it for certain rooms in the home, such as in the basement, a baseboard heating system may be for you. Since heat rises, a heat source at floor level makes a lot more sense when it comes to circulating heat and warming a room more evenly.

If you’re going to go the baseboard heating system route, it might be wise to protect them with snap-on baseboard heater covers. These make the system look more stylish. If you have an older system, these easy-to-install baseboard radiator covers can make it look like new again.

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A mobile home is something you usually associate in your mind as being cramped and inferior. But done right, mobile
home design can make a mobile home comfortable and stunning. Here are a few interior decorating ideas to make even a mobile home glamorous.

Wood floors

Most mobile homes come standard with carpeted floors. But there’s so much more of a wow factor when you have wood flooring. Since you remodel from the ground up it’s the logical place to start. Tear up that carpeting and install
wood flooring or laminate if you want the look without as big an investment.


A higher-grade material for the kitchen and bathroom counters is another way to spruce up a mobile home. Granite is the undisputed king of kitchen countertops but it’s also the most expensive. Quartz is a less porous (read “easier to clean”) material that costs much less and has a very elegant look.

Home office

Want to make your mobile home more professional, create a home office. Since space is limited, you don’t have the
luxury of a dedicated home office. You can, however, create an office nook in the bedroom. Purchase a small but nice computer desk and chair. Put your desktop or laptop there, and voila, a home office.

Less is more

Real estate is your limiting factor when decorating a mobile home so you have to be especially judicious about what stays and what goes. Ditch the huge TV stand, mount an ultra-slim flat screen right onto the wall. Install a floating shelf or two nearby to place your Blu-ray player and movies. You have to be smarter about creative storage solutions. Everything should double as extra storage. A coffee table needs a shelf below; an ottoman needs to open up to reveal hidden storage. Move things off the floor. Pendant lights instead of lamps, mounted coat hooks rather than a coat rack.

Baseboard heater covers

Does your mobile home have a dated-looking baseboard heater system? Cover it with a snap-on cover. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and they make your mobile home look much more modern.

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