-A Gem-

This little piece of heaven has got me feeling so inspired. Yes, I am talking about the sparkly ring on my finger. I have been planning & lusting over getting a diamond lookalike ring for a while now. I found one from a couple of different brands but never the perfect one. It was either the size, the placement of the "diamonds" or the metal that I was not 100% sure off. I follow Molly Rustas on Instagram, and really do enjoy her effortless looking shots that somehow manage to capture such a calming and serene feeling. All while being extremely fashionable. Show me your ways! I saw that she had come out with a collection for safiras.se, and fell in love with the ring that she was wearing in one of the campaign photos. Just what I was looking for, and It's a piece that I will be wearing on the daily. Just so happy with the quality of it. It's a timeless piece that doesn't need any specific styling. I did however think I would put together a look to show you all how I would wear it. I wore this outfit the other day and decided to play around with the lighting, and see if I could capture some photos to show it's beauty. I wore a tube top from Zara, and a pair of new dress pants in a checked print from H&M. There is a matching suit jacket that I want to pick up as well. I won't be wearing them together, since that is a bit much for me. I do, however, adore the (checked suit jacket trend) going on at the moment. So effortless & chic. Just like the ring, and the whole vibe I wanted to create with these photos. I am in love with the power of photography and how you can explore angles, lighting and portray feelings through a simple lens. Happy with the content created & feeling inspired to create more. I hope you guys had an incredible day or night, whenever you are reading this. Stay creative & loving.

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Good Morning loves. I hope you have had the most incredible weekend and that you got to spend your time doing something you love. I have been absent from the blog since Thursday, and it feels so strange not to be posting. I just simply have not found the time for it, at all. I have missed it so so much though, and my fingers have been itching to get back into writing. Sooo.. whats been going on? Why have I missed so many days when I am so careful with being consistent, Honestly, I have had a whole lot on my plate recently. Between work, flat hunting (not going good), spending time with family & friends, and working out, I have been programming and setting up my new blog! Yes, a whole new one that I have to configure by myself, so trust me I have been very irritated. I am so not good with computers. The weekend was literally spent on my laptop from 7am to 7pm, two days in a row. And the best part... I am still not done! I will hopefully have time to finish setting it up in a couple of days, so it should all be ok. I actually had to go for an 8k run on Sunday because I was so frustrated, and I don't like running long distances. What will I not do to improve my content though? I am so happy with how far I have come with it so far, and hopefully I can get it to work perfecto soon enough. Otherwise, flat hunting in London is going down the drain and I am on my last week of work before vacation. So I am stressed, but it will all be ok. It all works out in the end, and as long as I keep that in mind, it always does. So if you wanted to take anything away from this post, then let that be it. Everything will be fine, given the right mindset and the will to believe it. Have the best day & be ready for some better content and a new and improved layout. Loads of love from me to you.

God Morgon! Hoppas ni har haft en jätte härlig helg, och att ni har gjort något som ni älskar. Själv har jag varit ganska jäktad och stressad. Ni kanske till och med undrade vad som hände med alla mina blogg inlägg. Jag brukar ju uppdatera bloggen så mycket, och de sista fem dagarna har jag verkligen inte haft någon ork eller tid. Just nu så har jag väldigt mycket att fixa och tänka på.  Men jag har saknat bloggandet, och kände att det var dags att uppdatera er lite. Det finns självklart ingen ursäkt till varför jag inte har uppdaterat bloggen, men jag har haft mycket att stå i. Just nu letar jag lägenhet i London (vilket går skit), jobbar heltid, försöker spendera tid med familjen, och vill gärna få in några träningspass här och där. Det brukar ungefär vara så mycket att göra, men just nu så håller jag på att programmer och lansera en helt ny blogg! Jag har behövt installera och fixa den helt själv, vilket tog hela Lördagen och Söndagen. Och jag är fortfarande inte klar. Det är speciellt jobbigt eftersom jag inte är alls bra med att bygga koder på datorn eller något sådant. Youtube videos har varit min bästa vän i helgen, men jag ska försöka få till det så snart som möjligt. Har velat uppdatera bloggen ganska länge nu, så det känns bra att jag snart har fixat klart med det.Bloggandet kommer bli next-level! Ha det så bra idag, och håll utkik för den nya bloggen. 



Top (H&M), Trousers (Lindex-love love love this Swedish shop. You can always find hidden gems), Bag (Banana Republic). 

My god, I am currently looking at these photos and thinking back at when they were taken. It was a couple of weeks ago in the beginning of August, when I was right in the middle of my internship at Grazia. Time flies, it really does. It feels like yesterday, but is nearly exactly a month ago now. I did however, get a huge smile on my face when I received these photos from Ella (link to her Insta here, and website here). I remember walking around South ken with her and finding this gem of a house. I wouldn't mind living there for a while. I think if I had a pink house, I could never feel stressed or upset. Might be something to consider, don't you think? I feel like I fit with the whole vibe of the house, right? I honestly am so happy with these photos. They just bring a smile to my face. I mean there are is a light pink house, flowers and a whole white outfit. What else could I add to make it more me? Not sure, but I think it is pretty spot on. I am currently at work, and I also have some other exciting projects happening!!! New launch of something happening soon so look out everyone. I hope you had the most incredible week so far and that it keeps going in that direction. I for sure can not wait for this weekend to begin. Now I will love you and leave you. Many virtual hugs from me to you.  

Topp (H&M), Byxor (Lindex-Jag hittar alltid en massa bra saker där. Ofta på rean!), Väska (Banana Republic). 

Tiden går alleles för fort. Jag hinner ju inte med längre. Självklart så visste jag att jag inte skulle ha så mycket tid att bara vara och leva livet i sommar, men jag hade inte trott att den skulle flyga förbi så här snabbt. Jag har ändå hunnit med en massa olika internships osv, men saknar redan värmen. Det känns så himla bra att jag ska iväg till Thailand i en vecka för att avsluta sommaren (Åker om en och en halv vecka!!!). De fina bilderna ovan togs av Ella (hennes Instagram är länkad här, bloggen här ). Hon är otroligt duktig på att fota, och vet exakt vad jag gillar! Kolla bara på våran location som vi hittade i South Kensington. Jag hade ingen aning om att det fans ett ljus rosa litet hus precis bakom national history museum. Visste ni det? Är iallafall helt förälskad i den ljus rosa färgen, och skulle verkligen inte tacka nej till att bo i det huset i några år. Hade passat mig perfekt ju. Själv tycker jag att det ser ut som jag faktiskt bor där, med blommorna och den hel vita outfiten haha. Bilderna kanske speglar min framtid. Nej, men trots att jag tycker att huset är jätte fint, så vill jag nog inte riktigt bo i det. Hade faktiskt tänkt mig något annat, när det gäller dröm bostaden. Men vi får se! Förlåt att jag inte har hunnit skriva så mycket på bloggen, jag har verkligen haft det fullt upp. Men snart så blir det förändringar här på bloggen! Ser verkligen fram emot allt som kommer hända. Åh det ska bli så kul med en helt by blogg resa. Ha det så bra! Så ses vi på Lördag. 



1. Start with Mindset

So to start off, I am going to go over the most important tip of all. Everything you ever manage to think about yourself or critique, springs from your own mind. Therefor, mindset is key. Everyone has days where they look in the mirror and feel as if they aren't good enough. I can't think of a single person who feel 100% at all times, it just does not happen. So when you have bad body confidence, or confidence days at all, just try your best to focus on the positive aspects. Maybe you love your eyes, or hair that day, or your skin is really good. Just keep focused on that. Or if that doesn't work, curl your hair and put on your favourite lipstick. Just try your best to make yourself feel a bit more put together overall. And if none of the above work, keep in mind that your body is how it is for a reason. It was created to live, breathe, run and just be. So quit critiquing its every flaw, and make an effort to constantly remind yourself of all the incredible things it can do. This is something I notice, especially when I am sick. How incredibly well the body coordinates itself, and works perfectly. So instead of worrying about the smallest imperfections, focus on the greater health of your body.

2. Treat yourself with love

Another important tip I have for you is to focus on yourself in a positive way. It kind of goes hand in hand with discipline. I notice that my body works, feels and looks the best when I eat healthily, move my body, and stay hydrated. So why should I excessively treat my body poorly. It can be difficult to outweigh bad habits, but noticing a bad habit and putting in the effort to change it is the best way to start. Self-discipline however, is not always a sign of self-love. It can be taken to extremes where it can become very unhealthy. So there is a balance to it. Just focus on what makes your body, mind and soul feel aligned and energetic, and your confidence will sky rocket.

3. Make an effort to accept flaws

Every single person has something they may not adore about themselves. Little things, or maybe big things that we would like to change. Looking at your "flaws" every single day in the mirror, actually does help. When you accept that you have them and that others do too, they quickly become nonexistent to the eye. Remember you are honestly your biggest critique and nobody else cares or probably notices. I think acceptance is key. If there is nothing you can do to change it, then why bother yourself thinking about it?

4. Quit Comparing

So this is one of the things that I struggle with a lot. When scrolling through my instagram feed especially. Sometimes I catch myself wondering why I don't have the curly hair that a random model in Los Angeles has or why my skin is not naturally golden brown. Writing it out, it just sounds so stupid how those thoughts can even occupy my mind, when there are so many other things I could be placing my efforts and brain power into. I think the key to not comparing yourself, is just catching yourself doing it and reminding yourself that they are probably wondering the same thing about the next person on their feed. We live in a reality, where a lot of what we see is staged, and not at all real. So why even bother comparing yourself to someone you have never met, or can never be? Pointless, I tell you. So focus on you, what you know and the beauty you hold, and appreciate that in yourself.

5. It takes time

Don't get discouraged. It's a process. It takes months, and years to build confidence day. It's kind of like working out. Making efforts day by day, won't look like it's making a huge difference daily, but in the long run the efforts and results are unmissable. So work on it everyday, and in time there will be a day where you can look in the mirror, see what you may not have liked before, and come to realise that it's who you are. Uniquely and beautifully crafted.