On the 8th of october i went to france.i went with my family for three days.

day 1:

as soon as we got to the apartment we rented we dropped our bags and headed out to paris city! we got the train straight there and we started off in the louvre. as obvious tourists we just had to go to see the mona lisa!! it was quite cheap for the entrance fee so that was a bonus. after spending an hour or so there we moved on to see the ark de triumph. it was crazy big and right in the middle of a roundabout it was mad!

after taking a few pictures of the ark de triumph we headed to the main attraction... the eiffel tower!

while on the way we passed the river siene where we added our own lockets to the bridge as you can see in one of the pictures above.it was a cute moment!

a long long walk later we finally got to the eiffel tower. it was fabulous!! spectacluar!! unfortunately i didn't get pictures as i was just taking it all in.

it was starting to get late so we where making our way to the train station but got stopped along the way as we saw these crazy cars. just to let you know my favourite colour is yellow so as soon as i saw the yellow car i was transfixed! you can see from my face i was loving life haha

day 2+3:

We got up bright and early Both days since we wanted to make the most out of it!(by the way before I write more just want to say I have younger siblings that where there and we're  not some weird family 😂).

Anyway...moving on it was a really quick process at the entrance just handed our ticket And off we went. There is quite a few rides there that are both fun for all ages to enjoy so that was perfect for all of us(7). First thing we did was go to the shop to get some ears cause like, you didn't go to Disneyland if you didn't have ears! But there was hats there was well as you can see I had a laugh trying them all on. We couldn't stop laughing haha. 

We got though one park in about 3-4 hours so we went on to the other park since there was two (Disneyland and Disney studios) over there had even More rides!! After a while we went to eat at the Hollywood cafe for dinner! It was amazing! Totes recommend!

After my food coma... I repeat MY food coma we went back to Disneyland park to see the fireworks display which I can only describe as truly magical. I'm not gonna spoil anything for you guys your just going to have to se for yourselves! Ha!

After the park was closed we made our way home but it wasn't but over yet! Oh no we went SHOPPING!!


A huge Sephora in the shopping centre! I got so much!! brands like Rihanna, Anastasia Beverly hills(obviously), two faced and I got my baby which is the huda pallet dessert dusk! You can see all about that on my next blog !

Chow for now

Love laura x



Till next time ,

Love Laura x