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I had no idea, to be honest, that going "home" would hit me as hard as it did. I didn't exactly think it would be easy, but maybe similar to leaving Sweden. It's not something that is advertised and it's probably different depending on your experience, it's hard enough anyway. I've been in Sweden, in my second (or I guess first) home, since Wednesday noon.

Last time I stopped on Wednesday the 7th. I had spent the Tuesday with Natascha and I didn't have any plans for the day. When I woke up I was debating what to do as Arlene called and asked if I wanted to go with her for lunch, and of course I said yes! We went to Anthony's and had a really great lunch. Afterwards we went to the store and we came home in the afternoon. On the evening we went to Target to get a goodbye/birthday present for Nina and then we got burgers from five guys for dinner.

Thursday I woke up with Sabrina because I'd decided to go to school one last time. I turned in the gown from graduation and got back paperwork and a diploma. I didn't know we would get one, but the exchange students got their own. I spent time with many of my teachers, and it was really funny in second period. So, I'd already figured out what classes I was going to, and my second hour was one that I planned to stay for. I got in the classroom, to everyone's surprise, and said I was just visiting one last time. My teacher wasn't there so I just sat there and when she came in she didn't notice anything. We were all giggling a little since she basically looked right over my head and didn't see me. This guy asks if she saw anything new or different and she looks confused but said no, she didn't see anything that wasn't always there. As she's going back to her desk she starts with attendance and checking people's names off. All of a sudden she looks up, staring straight at me, and her face goes from pure confusing to excitement. It was really funny!

Beside the joy of seeing everyone, it was sort of sad to really say goodbye to everyone a last time. I have really loved being a bomber and going to Richland, even if it's worlds apart from what I was used to. After saying bye to all the yearbookers we went home and got ready for Nina's party. We were a lot of the girls that has gotten close during the year and we had a great time, even if that was a goodbye as well.

Friday Natascha came over again and we spend the first part of the day just hanging out. It was the last time we hung out before I left. She had to go home around four and a little later Gaia, Klarissa, and Nina came over, as well as two of Sabrina's friends. We spent the night hanging out, eating bbq, laughing, and grilling s'mores. Saturday Laurel went with me and Julie to craft warehouse and then Dutch Bros, but besides that we didn't do much but hang out at home and spend time together.

Sunday Julie, mom, and I went up to the pool for a couple of hours and I packed most of the last stuff in my suitcase. I made plans with Kendall for Monday and we went around to the school and then Howard Amon Park where we took some pictures. We went by Costa Vida and bought lunch and then went home and watched Netflix. When she went home Gaia came soon after and we said goodbye.

That last evening we went out to Azteca and ate a last family dinner, for this time. We went by Walmart, and then what was left was getting everything sorted for Tuesday morning. I stayed up late, then woke up early to have coffee with my parents before it was time. I went around and said bye to my neighbors and at nine we left for the airport. Not easy is all I'm gonna say about that. I keep on reminding myself that it's a see you later, but it's hard to buy it.

Traveling went smooth. I flew Pasco - Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City - Amsterdam, and Amsterdam - Stockholm. Everything was on time and on Arlanda mom and my farfar (granddad on my dad's side) picked me up. We got home and ate dinner with my dad's parents and then I went to bed, even if we sat up late talking. Next day I began unpacking and realized that there isn't nearly enough room for all my stuff, so I'm putting up a new wardrobe. Milica came over on Thursday and we hung out a long time, Friday Sofie had a friend over and somehow the weekend just flew by. Today, Sunday, I've been a little tired, but it's the first time I've really felt the jet lag so I shouldn't complain. Beside that we went out so I got to drive again and it went surprisingly well considering I haven't driven in a year. (We have stick shifts)

Some pictures from last Monday.

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