Årets POMPdeLUX kolleksjon - eller vår del av den, har ankommet huset og jeg innser at vi har så alt - alt for mye!
Det er klær over alt og nå må jeg ta opp kampen å få det sortert og ut av huset 🙈
FOR en jobb!

Hvor ofte tar dere en opprenskning i barnas garderobe?

*kaster meg inn i kleshaugene igjen*

See you!



So after probably over two years of not brewing and trying to find a new scoby, I finally found out there was a local FB group for people Fermenting!
I was quick to ask for a scoby and some kefir and got instant reply! I love how generous the this community os with spreading the love of fermenting 💕
So the last time I had any Kombucha now is this time last year when In Toronto- let me tell you what an absolute D R E A M Whole Foods is to a green loving Norwegian. Our "green vege section" actually looks like a dried up desert in comparison...

This is Whole Food in Markham - it's seriously drool worthy!

Well, they also do different kinds of Kombucha brands - But my favorite brand is GT's Synergy Kombucha. They have a whole range if different flavored, raw and some alcoholic.
Ive tried many of them but I seen too like the raw, grape and cranberry. That is why I normally flavor my own brew with grapes and cranberries in the 2nd fermenting stage.
So if you're in any place in the world where they have a market for Kombucha- try it! It is sooo good and good for you! Your body will thank you.

Screenshot from synergydrinks.com 👍🏼

For us poor Norwegians, home brew is the alternative - obviously a home brew is the best in terms of you getting to brew it just how you like it 😉

My 1,5 liters now on the counter getting ready to make a Kombucha baby and some fermented goodness 💕

Let me know if you'd like me to sum up the ABC of the brew, the benefits of it all for you and Ill do that asap.

Have a good one y'all!

- Charlotte



Aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, acne prone, blackheads, red blotches or dry skin - everyone wants these issues gone and if I am to believe what I read, there is a korean solution to correct almost any skin problem!

My problem area - combination skin with oily T-zone, dry flakey cheeks, fine lines, age spots, black heads and the occasional hormonal break out ;)
Im only showing the product I already use or have ordered to add to my own routine - so these are what I have chosen to work with my issues, but there are TONS of others :p I wont link to shops in my text as I buy from several different places - mostly eBay. So Ill link to the companies own websites so you can go look for your own produtcts.
On to the actual goodies!

The Routine

STEP 1: CLEANSING - Oil Cleanser

  • Applying on dry skin, the oil cleanser will remove all oil based makeup, BB/CC creams and sun screen. Its to be massaged on gently and washed off with warm water. I also use a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover in this step to get off all mascara.
    I use SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect Oil Cleansing Oil when I have had a full face of makeup (Couple to three times a week) Im waiting on the BANILA Clean it Zero for everyday use as well as the reviews on this stuff is pretty awesome.
STEP 2: CLEANSE AGAIN - Foam Cleanser

  • The most important step of the routine is the double cleansing - IF your skin can't handle the oil cleanser, use normal cleanser cream or foam cleanser two times. The korean cosmetics guru's say the double cleansing using a water based product, will remove any trace of the oil cleanser and remaining impurities in your skin.
    Im currently using MIZON Pore Refine Deep Cleansing Foam and Im loving how clean it makes my skin feel! Love this product! It is absolutely wonderful fighting those big pores and blackheads.
  • Exfoliating your skin not only clean out clogged pores, it also get ridd of dead skin cells. This step Im doing a bit slow as of yet. Im not exfoliating every day at the moment as I do get quite a bit of exfoliating in my STEP 2 (that cleanser has small grains) I use the SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect Essential Scrub two - three times a week.
    There is so many types out on the market, like wipes, creams and packs. Choose what is right for you :)

STEP 4: TONER - Hydrate

  • After all that cleaning, your skin is left a bit raw and vulnerable. Its in serious need of hydration. The toner is to hydrate and will also prep your skin for better absorb the rest of the products.
    Im currently using two different toners - one for daytime SKINFOOD Lettuce & Cucumber watery Toner - and MIZON AHA & BHA Daily Clean Peeling Toner for nighttime. The reason for that is that creams and lotions with alpha-hydroxy acids are said to help with fine lines, irregular pigmentation, and age spots - side effects of alpha-hydroxy acids include mild irritation and sun sensitivity. For that reason, sunscreen should be used every morning. The thing is, I have yet to find a 50 spf that I'm comfortable wearing under makeup on a daily basis and so I use the Lettuce/Cucumber one in the morning.
    I recommend slabbing the stuff on your hands instead of on a cotton pad - that way you wont loose tons of product to the cotton pad ;)


  • I learned that the essence step is kind of the heart of the routine - It's like a toner but little bit thicker (at least mine is) . I know many. new to the routine feel it's a bit obsolete - but since I'm doing this the korean way - I decided to do it "right".
    Its applied on right after the toner and can come in spray bottles or with a pump. I have both, LaMer The Mist for daytime with spray and Etude House Moistfull Collagen Essence which is more thick. I just pat it on my face with my palms.

STEP 6: Boost and treat - BOOSTERS, AMPOULES and SERUMS

  • This is where you use the treatments. What you use is all about what you want the result to be. Its not necessary for all and If you dont have a specific problem area - acne, redness, age spots, wrinkles or pigmentation , you can drop this step.
    I have some fine lines and age spots. So at the moment I'm trying to beat the wrinkles first.. Wrinkles and hydrate.
    SKINFOOD Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Emulsion and MIZON All In One Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule


  • Just as with the treatment step, this is about your issues. The mask should be a very hydrating mask but you can choose what it should be working with.
    I only do this step a couple times a week. Its a nice "spa" like relaxing treat. There is 100's of types to play with and I tend to lean towards the "food" type. TONYMOLY and SKINFOOD has a ton of them, but so does other brands. I also like MIZON.
    TONYMOLY I'm Real , SKINFOOD Healthy Food Mask Sheet , MIZON mask/Pack


STEP 9: The Face cream/ Sleep pack

STEP 10: Sun Protection - SPF

  • This is one very important step for the Korean beauty experts. The sun is our faces worst enemy. Blocking it out as best we can will help slow the premature aging, the discolorations, burns and dehydration. For every day use a BB/CC with spf might due but for a day in the sun I recommend to ad a good sun cream on top of your moisturizer . The 30-50 SPF is even more important if you are using products containing ABA's or BHA acids to clear acne or scars as it leaves your skin more vulnerable for the UV rays and may cause burns.
    I'm using one from my local pharmacy right now but ordering these soon. - SKINFOOD Aloe Watery Sun SPF 50, AMORE PACIFIC Color Control Coushion & NEOGEN Day-Light Protection SPF 50 .


It may seem like allot and time consuming - but truly, If I can make it work, you can too. 
The best thing about this is that you can feel the difference very soon and that gives the boost to continue and it does make you feel better in the skin you are in. I still have a long way to go and all issues won't be totally reversed, but atleast I'm now taking better care of my skin and I feel the difference myself.  - Oh yeah, and the products are so much cheaper than many of the "mainstream" brands we have here! I'm no longer dreading my moisturizer pots going empty 👌




So as I told you in a previous post I've started testing out the 10 step korean skincare routine.
Im doing this posts in english.

A very good friend of mine mentioned this Korean mascara she has tried and being as curious and wanting to take better care of my aging skin, I had to check it out! I got the link to buy the mascara on eBay. Doing some more research I found out that there is a "10 step korean skincare routine" that is getting ever so popular in the west because of its amazing results for clear and healthy looking skin.
In my attempt to learn more about it, I found some Facebook groups and other blogs covering the topic and started reading.
After asking lots of questions, getting recommendations and trying out lots of samples, I have come to find some products I'll be testing out long term.
I've been trying it for a few weeks, slowly getting my face used to the new products and routine and adding a product as it arrived. I have to say I noticed a difference quite fast, and I think that is mainly the result of the regular cleansing!
Before this, I was never that person who washed with whatever and often too tired in the evening to even bother removing my makeup until next day's shower or bath and if I did remember, It would be Dr. Schrammek peeling face wash... (its a good face wash! I just wasn't very good keeping it up)
I have combination skin - shiny T-zone and dry cheeks. I have fine lines (some not so fine :p ) and a few blemishes, blackheads and some age spots. The products I use are targeted towards MY personal problem areas and if you are interested in trying it out, figure out your skintype :)
There is so many brands and so many amazing products - The ones I'm posting is some of the mainstream brands and from samples I've tested and liked.
Another series I'd like to try some of is this gorgeousness from SKINFOOD - yes! I love Lemon, and this is surely good enough to eat?

I'll post the full routine in the next post.
I'm really looking forward to getting to know more about it and also trying out new products.

All photos are borrowed from the net and the company's own website. 
All products are products Im trying out and have paid for. No part of this is advertisement. 




I går kom flere pakker med koreanske godsaker i posten!
Disse inneholdt blandt annet begge Wine Therapy Sleep pack fra [Holika Holika] og [Missha] The Style 3D og 4D Mascara. Masse samples på forskjellige masker og kremer.
Gledet meg mest til vinkremene selvsagt og måtte teste allerede i natt!

Den dufter fantastisk! Kjenner en svak ein av vin bak der men den var ikke dominerende. Frisk herlig og litt søt ☺️
Den røde - for rynker 😜 er en herlig litt tykk gelé som lett masseres inn i huden. Den trakk raskt inni huden og ga meg en frisk og glatt følelse på huden.
Nå gjenstår å se om den kan hjelpe meg litt med de tørre områdene og holde litt av alderstegnene i sjakk 😉




God morgen!

I går ettermiddag ble ungene belønnet med lego etter å ha "samlet" klistremerker for hele netter i egen seng 😉 Cayla er jo stort sett ingen problem, men Mali trengte litt insentiv for å komme i gang. Nå hadde hun samlet hele 15 stk. og derfor var det på tide med en litt større premie - Lego!
Vi elsker lego i dette huset og Mali har ønsket seg lego med "tøffe biler" 💕 så valget falt på se kule små bilsetene til Super Heroes serien - Cayla valgte et sett fra Minecraft serien - to fornøyde og konsentrerte jenter i byggekonsentrasjonillustrert under 👌🏼💕 hipp hipp for Lego! 👍🏼

Nå er vi snart klare for vårbazar på skolen - godt å ha noe å finne på i dette været - det slår ned i dag... Ikke så veldig fristende å være ute iallefall 🙈

God Helg videre!



It's true! I've ventured into the Korean makeup world! eBay is a very dangerous place to roam around...
I've ordered a few things I had recommended to me first and today my Korean CC cream arrived!
I choice the Vita Capsule from RE:CIPE brand - can't wait to try it out!

Il give you an update as soon as I've gotten it on my face a few times 😘



Gurimalla så me kose oss på påskefjellet!
Sola steiker og vi har fått påfyll av nysnø - musserende i glasset og spekemat i solveggen 🐥🐣
God Påske alle sammen!

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Love this time of year! Waffles in the sun in the garden. Tomorrow we're off to the mountains and the snow, so today we're loving the sun and the spring feeling!
Thank you Lauren for making waffles 💕🐣💐

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So, I've been pocket calling the entire universe lately and I'm not happy about it! I've been hating looking at my phone and dreading seeing I've called the police or someone I hardly know..
It took me a few short searches to find out there is actually no way of disable the voice control completely, but finally so found a guide that did almost the same thing!


You are welcome! 😉

I hate that screen! Goodbye voice control!

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