I think pictures and videos are strong marketing tools when it comes to social media. So that would be something to consider when building up the content for an implementation plan in the future. The best publicity is free publicity. And social media is really playing a big part of what or who that gets notified on the internet.

Personally I have noticed that I like pictures and sound the most. This has resulted in that I spend a lot of time scrolling through images of Instagram and Pinterest and also lately videos by vloggers on YouTube and different kinds of podcasts.

As I am interested in social media, another interest of mine has slowly grown these past few months. It is how companies utilize social media in their vision and mission within their own company. I follow different kinds of start-ups – some already established on the market and some new in the business. To me it is interesting to see how they use the opportunity of social media and what they can improve within their service. I get inspired as well as educated of what is out there.

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Kläder, Stadstips, Stockholm

Denna vintage butik snubblade jag över då jag vandrade gatorna fram på Södermalm i Stockholm. Jag som älskar att fynda måste ju gå in och kika i den korridorliknande butiken.
Här finns alltifrån smycken- och skor till dam- och herrkläder.
Vad jag fastnade för är dess utbud av Levi's shorts. Levi's jeans och t-skjortor har nästan blivit (om det inte är) en klassiker i varje individs garderob. Jag fyndade till sist ett par snygga jeans shorts som satt bra i midjan och runt låren.

Även om det fanns en massa att välja på i butiken, kändes vissa klädnummer en aning stora. Vid sektionen med Levi's shorts hade storlekarna angivits med små lappar. Men då flera personer rotar blir det lätt att alla storlekar blandas samman.

Butiken är grundad av syskonen Anni och Joel Jönsson och har fått sitt namn efter deras morföräldrar. Utbudet är en frisk blandning från de närmaste årtiondena. Och de mesta inköpen görs av ägarna - från utlandet, men även inom rikets gränser.

Jag har aldrig ägt Levi's förut så jag kan inte jämföra prismässigt. Men jag vet att produkterna har blivit lite av en klassiker i klädförrådet. Mina shorts fick jag för en ~ 30€.

Denna mysiga vintage shop på Sankt Paulsgatan 20 är värt ett besök.


Må-Fre 11-18
Lö 11-17
Sö 12-16





This online course is starting to come to an end. And for the second last assignment, all the people within this course, had to form groups of 4-6 persons, in order to finish the task.

The task is about an implementation plan regarding social media. Each and every group had to come up with an invented idea that could be adapted in real life. Our group created a prototype shift tool for people within sales business.

We believe this tool could be a valuable instrument for sales people to exchange thoughts and work hours amongst each other. This would minimize stress, if a shift can't be taken by one person there are people to ask within this tool.

I think the idea is interesting and fresh in theory, but it would be interesting to see how it actually works in real life.

Regarding privacy and security issues, we want it to be clear guidlines of how the tool works. But we have not yet figured out any specific steps. Still we want one person to be the admin of this tool.

It is both hard and fun to be creative at the same time. But I like our prototype idea so far.

Let's build strenght for the last assigntment in this online course 💪🏻.




1. The key message of the company´s rules of conduct?

  • The purpose is to ensure that Scandic’s operations are conducted in a manner that inspires confidence and complies with legislation and best practices for listed companies

2. What are the responsibilities of employees?

  • The Code is binding and applies to all employees (regardless of employment status) - during their entire time of employment
  • All of Scandic’s managers are responsible for ensuring that both the contents and the spirit permeating this Code are communicated, understood and complied with by all employees. In other words all of the employees should possess the information, skills and tools required for compliance with the Code in the daily operations
  • Scandic’s managers are also expected to encourage employees to report incidents that may involve violations of the Code. Neither explicit nor implicit acceptance of questionable behavior in violation of the Code shall be tolerated

3. Who´s job is it to create such Rules of Conduct?

  • Each EC member has the operational responsibility for implementing the Code within their area of responsibility

4. Where should the Rules of Conduct be saved?

  • The document owner of Scandic´s code of conduct is the CEO,. But it seems to me that everyone can find the company´s code of conduct on the internet, which shows that it is available for everyone to see




One of the tasks in the social media online course is to google onself. I was actually not that surprised of what i found.

I am actively using different kinds of social media tools, hence to this type of result:

From what i can see is the information on the internet correct. If I would like to delete some information (text, picture), there are software programs like DeleteMe that could help you with that, but remember, these programs could be quite a task to handle.

Since everyone nowadays is so open about their private life, it is easy to forget the negative aspects that comes with it. Like I´ve said in previous blog posts, I personally use my social media channels as newsfeed. Possibly on Instagram I show more personal content. For me, I think it´s a great facilitation when companies can be reached through social media channels. And I have so far seen the digital expansion with excitement.

On the question whether the information that is shared on the internet of an influential person, should be censured or not? I think it is better to share information in media, with the awareness of being more careful how things are understood by people. I would be more suspicious if I could not find a single thing of an influential person on the internet.

When sharing things on the internet, people don´t always think of how this or that looks from someone else´s perspective. i think every human being should be critical to informational text news or pictures they see on the internet. In order to not be a victim of propaganda each and every one of us should do our own research.

As a conclusion, I think it´s great to nowadays have the possibility to identify oneself with one password/name on several social media websites. But on the other hand this makes it eventually easier for hackers to find you and in worst case scenario, destroy your identity on the internet.

But since we are living in this world of e-commerce, I think it´s fair to say it is as important to protect oneself from virus as it is to be accessible 24/7.




In society of today privacy is something people want to share through social media, such as facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin etc. But as we get more open about our private life in social media, we need to consider the privacy aspects, we as an employer and as a human being need to follow.

What privacy aspects should employees be aware while using social media tools?

There are possible potential issues affecting productivity, data security and network when employees use their personal social media accounts. It is also said that “friending” to this or that person on social media, can affect a company or the person - regarding legal issues.

When an employer use social media at work it is always related to business benefit and will not harm the organization in any way.

What are the benefits of openness and transparency? (i.e. we can identify participants in online discussions, we can see in what company people are working)

Social media has made it easier in many ways for companies to get their message through to as many people in the world as possible. Here are some examples:

  • Company departments can hold brainstorming sessions/conversations through e.g. webinars + film the event for more people to watch
  • Through blogs and podcasts a company can share more personal information about the employees, what the company do on a daily basis etc. This makes the company build a “relationship” with its readers/listeners (customers) and develop ongoing communication, through e.g. feedback
  • If the employees are engaged in the company the customers get engaged as well

When is it beneficial for the employer and employees to share personal information online?

  • During training programs or corporate learning opportunities it could be helpful to share ideas. For example, trainers should create a communiy space on a site e.g. google docs, linkedin, facebook etc. (before a session) - this makes it easy for participants to meet and share ideas/opinions etc. On this forum trainers are able to share all valuable information
  • As an employer you want a skilled work enforcement, so by sharing “hiring aplication”- posts for your company online, is an easy way to let as many people as possible take part of it

What kind of damage can occur if privacy is not taken care of?

Every company should have an HR-team / department focusing on the privacy of the company. If it is not taken care of the following could appear:

  • Makes it easy for hackers or virus program to get inside the company data
  • Negativity within the company
  • Legal consequences if employees use social media at work for personal reasons

Source: Privacy




I am trying to keep this blog post short and neat when I speak about how people are using social media today. The one thing I notice a lot on my social media channels, is the way people are using the live filming. Here on the blog are some of my most used social media tools (facebook , twitter , youtube , instagram). And all of them has today the (live-)video-filming-mechanism.

As I noticed through the years, not only privately, but in my studies as well, is that social media today, has a major role in the marketing process. I personally, use my social media forums as newsfeed and inspiration - and therefore I am following a lot of companies and entrepreneurs.

One of my greatest tools is Pinterest, where I create and store all of my ideas. Within my tourism management studies, my classmates and I had to form a co-operative company. In relation to the company we formed a webpage from where people are able to see our work and what we do. It is however an ongoing process to build an appealing webpage and to deliver the message to the target group.

What is great with social media tools, is that they are free to set up, but what is even more important, is how people and companies are using the tools. In my blog post about how to get a succesful blog, I namedropped a few companies and entrepreneurs that through their vision and passion, has managed to build an appealing and trustworthy concept.

What I would like to focus on is some examples of companies/entrepreneurs that in my opinion are not nurturing the concept well enough. For me as a follower, I would like to have thorough updating at least once a week, in order to not get bored and forget the company or person that I´m following. Having said that, the same tip goes for me too. And to narrow it down even more I´m going to focus on companies and people on Twitter that is related to the subject travel, which I am studying.


On twitter I am following over 400 persons/companies and I think it´s fair to say that I can´t possibly remember every single one of them. I will now pick out some travel related accounts, that in my opinion, could make an improvement.

  1. @ReseEkonomen

I´ve analysed this account one year back and during that year, the person behind the account, Mattias Varén, had an updating between 1-10 days in between a tweet. Some days he posted several tweets a day. But since 2017 he hasn´t been so active on his twitter account. Most of the tweets where made in February (4 tweets) and since Mars 7th, no updates has been made.

Why I follow:

The focus on this account is economical travelling. The tweets are mostly articles that concists of tips and news about travelling. On this account Mattias also promote his podcast Att Resa Podden

Improvement In My Opinion:

I personally would like to see more tweets of his own and more frequently. At least tweet about every time a new blog post or a podcast is airing.

2. @B2BoutiqueHotel

The B2 hotel chain affiliate started its twiiter account in 2014. But since then it had a pause of 2 years and has just recently started posting some tweets, mostly retweets.

Why I follow:

I think this hotel concept is interesting and I would like to see them use it to their advantage

Improvement In My Opinion:

Make creative tweets, e.g. start a blog and post the blog on several social media channels - including twitter. Tweet about the story of this concept - make people aware. Post pictures of the hotel/rooms/spa area on twitter. Tweet about news regarding the hotel.

3. @EbookersFI

The Finnish version of the British ebookers that today is part of Expedia Inc., has been part of twitter since 2009. The tweets has been quite resistant up til´ the middle of 2014, with only one tweet in the end of 2015 and two tweets in the beginning of 2016.

Why I follow:

The news they tweet about are espeially made for the Finnish traveller

Improvement In My Opinion:

I would like to see more frequent tweet-updting and also pictures. For example when they post something on their instagram account, they should also post a coherent tweet on their twitter account. They should try to do some live-tweets with the Periscope tool on twitter.

According to this source here are the subjects you should leave out of context:

  • Selfies
  • Political disputes
  • Hiding behind anonymity
  • All talk, no action
  • Ignorance amplified

As a conclusion I think any person or comapny can succeed on social media if they are active enough and "learn the code language" on how to market themselves.




Here is a description of what rules and information a blog should consist of – whether you are a company or a private person building a business:


Finnair - TRAVEL

+ Writes about travelling and news concerning the company

+ The company also collaborates with other organisations - similarly to UNICEF and WWF, interesting “travel people” around Finland and bloggers, which all evaluate their experiences on up-to-date topics

+ Short and catchy headlines

+ One big sharp picture

+ A clear vision and mission

Improvement In My Opinion:

  • Increase the blog posts per month
  • Make the blog posts a bit shorter
    • Be more creative with the blog posts, which makes it easier for the readers

Microsoft Oy - IT

+ Interesting articles about the latest news regarding the techworld

+ Thorough updating

+ Well written blog posts

Improvement In My Opinion:

  • Be more creative with the blog posts
    • Include equal text and self-made videos - makes it easier for a wider range of people to understand

Homies Marbella - CLOTHING

+ Clear vision and mission
+ Write authentic blog posts about their products and news concerning the company
+ Sharp pictures and a minimalistic blog style

Improvement In My Opinion:

  • Do blog interviews with the Homiés-people - the customers, collaborating people, staff etc.
  • Do more videos
    • Product range marketing-videos

Isabella Löwengrip - LIFESTYLE

+ Has gained many blog readers throughout the years since 2005

+ An authentic blog about her life as a blogger, career as an entrepreneur and as a mum

Improvement In My Opinion:

  • Make more Youtube-videos about her enterprises

Presentation & Companies:

She actively work with her four enterprises and with her blog, which has 1.3 million readers a week. She started writing her blog at the age of 14 (2005). Today she actively writes about her professional life and daily life in her blog.

Isabella Löwengrip developed an interest in beauty early on. After several years of severe acne, allergies and asthma, she had difficulty finding products that suited her needs – effective products that create balance and that are suitable for sensitive skin and scalp. Isabella’s dream came true in 2012 when she founded Löwengrip Care & Color with her business partner Pingis Hadenius. Today, the product range consists of over 50 products and the brand is sold by over 1,000 retailers. All LCC products are developed and produced in Sweden. Together with a team of experienced chemists, Isabella develops skin and hair care products tailored to suit the Nordic climate and sensitive skin in particular. People are able to be a part of the product developing process through social media channels and the LCC-webpage. The products can be found at pharmacies and hair salons.

It all started with the aspiration to create the perfect flats for indoor use. Today, Flattered is a brand that offers an extensive range of flat shoes for the modern and independent women to wear in any given occasion. We take pride in designing timeless shoes by combining sophistication and comfort using exquisite, soothing materials such as the finest suede and leather. Designed in Sweden, all our shoes are handcrafted with caution and care in Portugal and Spain. A pair of Flattereds is meant to be worn over subsequent seasons, staying true to our classic and feminine design.

Flattered was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, 2013. The idea behind the company stem from the combined vision of its co-founders, who’d noticed a white spot in the market – a feminine, stylish, yet comfortable indoor slipper. A signature almond-shaped toe, on the indoor ballet flat with soft leather sole, completes a clean and classic look, which both soon became known as Flattered’s trademark. Following the success of the indoor ballet flats, an outdoor version was launched in the spring of 2015. This marked the beginning of Flattered’s journey to the full range shoe brand we are today, seasonally presenting new and current styles and colours.

The company Economista AB was founded by Isabella and her business partner Pingis Hadenius. They felt an urge to inform people about private economy in an innovative and modern way. The concept consists of a book (with the same name), a podcast and lectures as well.

Isabella is not only an entrepreneur, she is also an investor (Löwengrip Invest AB), who likes to invest in companies with focus on women. One of her interests are clothes, so she became a business partner to the brand Style Level. Style Level is an e-commerce which was founded in 2013. Style Level offers carefully selected garments for women. The clothes come from several different suppliers combined into actual collections. The company is run by CEO and Founder Evelina Boström and has two shareholders and investors: Isabella Löwengrip and Ida Backlund.

Nanna Karalahti - LIFESTYLE

+ The young mum and blogger is focusing her blog on three major subjects; beauty,well-being, and fitness - which together reflects glimpses of her lifestyle

+ She also writes openly about her family life - the upwards and downwards

Improvement In My Opinion:

  • Update the blog more often, e.g. once a week
  • Write blog posts about beauty (one of the subjects in the blog)
  • Write blog posts about collaborations

Presentation & Company:

As a profession she is a sports instructor/coach/personal trainer. In her blog she writes about sport related subjects and her daily life as a young mum.

She is one of the co-founders of HERO gym. The concept of HERO gym is to focus on the holistic; body-, mind-, and soul. It consists of five different workout concepts for men and ten different workout concepts for women. The company page is minimalistic.

Elin Sandholm - LIFESTYLE

+ Has actively written blog posts since 2010 and gained blog readers through her field of study and later on work

+ Nowadays she has pitched her blog to a source, where she writes blog posts about the quality of clothes and how to gain a sustainable lifestyle through clothes

Improvement In My Opinion:

  • Would be nice with some videos regarding her products etc.
  • Some pictures could be of higher quality

Presentation & Company:

This talented woman share in her blog the daily life of a young entrepreneur, in which she writes about tips and tricks on how to use and handle clothes in a more sustainable way.

She founded the company in 2012 with a vision to be a Slow Fashion movement company, producing multifunctional clothes for women. To her the Slow Fashion movement signifies clothing that can be adapted according to body type, personality, and event.

In this way, the clothes may be used over and over again for many years. For her high-quality materials, smart sewing techniques and classic silhouettes are more important than current fashion and trends - and all of the products are handmade in FINLAND.

Lotta Werthmann - STUDIES & ANALYSIS

+ The blog font and format is simple

My Own Improvement:

  • The blog posts could be shorter or divided into many blog posts for several days
  • Put your own pictures on the blog
  • Form a clear vision and mission

SOURCE: Personal experience, Google and My essay




The new social media tool that I´ve started using in relation to this course is definitely the blog. I´ve been dreaming about it for approximately three years but I just “haven´t had the time” to start such a project like a blog. But now, when this tool is consisting within a course, you even get credits for, I figured this was the perfect combination.

Approximately a year ago I did an essay study about the blog as a phenomenon, where I i.e. analyzed a blogs marketing power and personal branding. When the online course started I quickly had to put up a blog. Although I knew I wanted an appealing blog platform, I could not decide on what platform. Since I´m Finnish it would´ve been nice to join a Finnish blog platform, but I also knew about this platform called Nouw. In my opinion this platform has a clean and minimalistic look, which makes it appealing.

What is Nouw?

The blog portal Nouw is driven by Nouw Media AB, which purpose is to offer a competitive web service, consisting of sales- and advertising, marketing and consulting. The company was founded in 2004. The headquarter is located in Gothenburg, Sweden and has a number of 11-50 employees. This spring (2017), the Nouw web portal got updated with new features to become even more interesting.

// Nouw & Nouw

On the web page you can choose between 10 different languages and different categories. It is actually easy to set up a blog; the hard part is to choose a category. For me the subject was easy since it belong to the online course that I´m taking. So the blog is during the summer months, mostly going to be about Social Media, which is an interest of mine. I am using several different social media platforms, from where I get my inspiration and I´ve always loved expressing me through texts, so for me, this is as exciting as it hopefully is for you.

At the moment I am studying tourism management. I have 1,5 year left of my studies and after that I´m looking forward to deepen myself in the world of this business. For more information about my studies, take a look at my Linkedin page.

For companies to market themselves fast, it is essential to use different kinds of e-tools. I think Twitter Inc. and Linkedin Corporation are two tools, companies should use in their networking process. On Twitter I mostly following companies and on Linkedin I build up my professional network of people around the world. Twitter for me, works as a world news feed and Linkedin as well, but it is mostly known for all the job opportunities you can find here. According to this source, the difference is that on Twitter companies get to show their personal touch on a subject, while on Linkedin there is always a business mode going on. And that goes for the individual person as well, using these kinds of tools.

Through microblogs like Twitter and Instagram, companies have a great opportunity nowadays to get people interested in their business. If they continuously post a blogpost through several social media channels, people will notice. But it is very important to have a clear vision and a mission. As a company and a person, you have to think of what the purpose of your blog will be about. The next step is to maintain a solid blogging - at least one blogpost a week. For a company I see a blog as a “behind the scenes”- tool, where they can share personal PR to their customer group. Through this blog and several social media channels a company is able to have open discussions, post questionnaires and get feedback fast on how they can improve their business. This will increase the chance to find it.




The first task in the online course is to present two of the social media tools which I am using on a daily basis. And for me I would say without a doubt Instagram and Twitter Inc. I started using them back in 2013 when I upgraded my telephone to a smartphone. I can't exactly remember how I got to know about these two tools, but I guess it was the word of mouth from people and friends that made me do an account on these platforms. And I have been using them daily ever since.

On both platforms you are able to post pictures. But Instagram is the application, which is particulary made for people to post personal pictures and stories on. Instagram was founded by two American guys in 2010. Since then the platform has developed with more useful technics. I briefly go through some of the mechanisms that are being used on Instagram:

  • Post = Picture, description, location tag and tags of other users
  • Username = The name of your account and on which you can be found online
  • Follower = A person or a company which is following your account
  • Biography = The personal information about a person or a company
  • Filter = A layer which helps editing the picture you post
  • Hashtag = Connects people with the same word; e.g. #hashtag
  • Comment field = Where users can comment on each other
  • Heart = Like - enables people to show their support + Notifications regarding your personal activity feed
  • Newsfeed = Accessed by the "home"-button on the Instagram app
  • "Send to" = You are able to share a picture privately with another person or a group
  • Saved = Enable you to save pictures posted by people in your newsfeed

// Instagram

I personally use Instagram just to post photos and look at other peoples photos. One of my passions is photography, so I really can recommend this app to everyone that wants to share their uniqueness through pictures. To get even better quality of the pictures you post, take the pictures with a camera. Then transfer them to your smartphone (e.g. through a cloud service) and voilà, you have higher quality pictures. Lately, I also been thinking of what filter i would like to use as a common filter for my instagram-pictures. But I haven´t yet figure that out. Another thing, which I have not used so often is the so called Instagram-story. It is super that we can be more personal with each other through social media, but at the same time people has to get used to it. And I think I just have to get used to it. On the other hand I love watching Youtube-videos, just because of the personal aspect.

I follow many companies that I think are interesting and are giving me inspiration. I think pictures and glimpses through videos are really strong tools to use, when promoting your personal brand, wether it´s regarding work, school or yourself. Beacuse people want authenticity, which they can get through pictures and videos. Through Instagram it is easy to host giveaway-contests as well as promoting job opportunities, in a fun way.

Pros and Cons with Instagram:

  • I like the app because it is all about sharing pictures and stories posted by YOU - wether it is personal or promotional
  • I like the support people easily can give by "liking" or "commenting"
  • The personal feed you as a member of Instagram is building up, is a scrapbook of your life.
  • The photos you share on Instagram can easily be printed out and saved in a private personal album
  • You can also delete pictures you don`t want in your feed anymore
  • And you have the option to set up a private or public account - which you can change as you want
  • But as with every social publicity, there are emotions sometimes affecting people for the worse - and that is the result of negative comments
  • What I also don`t like is wierd accounts trying to follow you. For example accounts related to sexual purpose
  • The app has still no "built in" tool for directly posting photos taking by the camera

Twitter for me, is a platform where companies and influential persons write about their businesses. In my newsfeed there are a lot of companies as well as some influential persons. I scroll through the newsfeed several times a day and if I find some interesting articles, I retweet them. Sometimes I even write a quote. Similar to Instagram, there are photos/videos to fulfill the text with. But in my opinion, the difference is that there are more business related news existing on Twitter.

The platform is a great way for companies to broadcast their business. For example through the tool Periscope in acquisition with Twitter, where people are able to film live events.

Twitter was founded in 2006 by four American guys (Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams) and has developed to a success story ever since. Twitter is a microblogging website, because of the limited 140 characters. I briefly go through some mechanisms for twitter as well:

  • Home = The newsfeed for your Twitter account
  • Explore = Making it easy for people to find important tweets
  • Notifications = Updating you about new followers and when you are being mentioned in a tweet
  • Messages = Enable people to send a private message to one another
  • Me = Your individual Twitter account, where you can see your tweets and retweets

Pros and Cons with Twitter:

  • I like the fact that you can choose what companies you want to follow and in that way making it an interesting newsfeed
  • I like the support people easily can give by "liking" or retweeting
  • I like to use Twitter to be updated for world news
  • I like to read for me interesting articles, in my newsfeed
  • I like the fact that you are able to use Twitter on the computer as well as an app in the smartphone
  • You can´t connect other social media services to your tweets
  • The more people/companies you are following the more retweets and likes accure as well in your newsfeed - which can be a little overwhelming