Here's a recipe for a delicious homemade Granola. Granola's which are available at food stores often taste artificial and contain lots of excess sugar. This recipe is healthy and a perfect idea for breakfast or as a snack on the go.


Oats 8dl

Nuts of your choice (almonds, cashews) 5dl

Cinnamon 1 tbsp

Raw honey 3/4dl

Coconut oil 3 tbsp


Heat oven to 160 degrees

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl (oats, nuts, cinnamon)

Warm the coconut oil and honey on a stove until they mix (low temp)

Pour the warm honey and oil into the bowl together with the dry ingredients and mix

Place the granola mix onto a baking tray and bake in the oven for around 30 mins

When the Granola mix is in the oven stir it every now and then (around 4 times)

Bake the granola until golden. Remove from oven an let the granola cool down

The granola lasts upto 2-3 weeks. It's a good idea to prepare lots and fill this delicious granola into a few plastic containers in your kitchen.

I also added some dehydrated fruits into the granola mix. I dried some apple and mango slices. For this, you will need a food dehydrator and the dehydration process takes upto 5-6 hours, so the best way to prepare them is overnight. I really recommend it because you can dry your own vegetables and fruits the healthy way :)

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Journey to fit 

Hi everyone. Now is a good time to start blogging since my journey begins. Giving birth has brought my lovely daughter into the world and I wouldn't change her for anything in the world, I love her to bits. During giving birth I also realised how amazing a womans body is and how much power and strength is within.

This takes me to my goal. "Journey to fit". I'm proud to announce that Just Strong Clothing is supporting me on my path and I've been chosen to represent the brand as a brand ambassador. As a person I live to inspire people, this brings me loads of positive energy. Just Strong is a brand which encourages women in achieving their goals. Check out for new workout gear and get discount with my code LROOS10.

Below is a photo of me now, 4 months after giving birth. I'm one in millions of women who have given birth, I've experienced it all, the good the bad and the tough parts of the process. Now it's time to flip my body back to it's full potential and strength. TOGETHER WE WILL SUCCEED: Who's with me?!

But.. how?

My main checklist to success:

Balanced diet and tasty + healthy daily meals

Healthy snacks between meals

Drinking lots of water

Trying to get enough sleep and rest (as a mother it can be tricky sometimes)

invest in a good protein to use after workouts

Make sure you also have a good BCAA, which helps you gain energy and recover faster before and during the workout.

Routines / keeping track of meals and workouts (a notebook helps me)

Cardio & gym workouts + balance between 

Recovery: rest days, stretching & yoga

PS. I'm so excited to try Women's Best new BCAA! They come in many many yummy flavours. As a mum I can get really tired during the day and sometimes I make it to the gym later in the evening so this really helps me get that extra kick. Almonds are also a favourite snack I have them all around my home :) Anything can be unhealthy if over-consumed so don't overdo it though :)

STAY FIT GUYS! Till next time