Stallionshow is something to look forward to for every horselover at KWPN in Holland,

Around 25.000 people gather every year in Holland at Den Bosch to see a large selection of the best stallions for breeding.

Stallions are to be selected and there is a lot of hope in the air. there is 3 rounds. Early morning from 7 to late night at 23 the show goes on.

This year the catalogue was massive loaded with information of the stallions. How exciting!

They look all very good. Just coming here for them is a win in its own as they have been selected from a big gatherings around the country.

The jumpingstallions are first 2 days and here won In Between by Toulon-Berlin. VDLstud had 11 stallions at the rings and surely is one of the best studs in the world in producing and breeding showjumpers.

Zirocco Blue was this year getting Keur!

Heartbreaker was voted stallion of the year.Well deserved and he was presented in good shape for his age.

On Friday its dressageday and people from all over the world is here to find a new star and a potential stallion for their studs. Its packed and it feels like everybody from Holland is here.Great atmosphere!

One is looking for a modern sporthorse with elegance and superb stride. The quality was very high!

We think Apaches group this year was of very high quality with wellmoving young stallions by him of good type.

The moment Igor came in to the arena I put out on the facebook this is the champion of this year. He was a special horse that really could trot and had a lot of Carisma.

His pedigree is of highest standard with Apache and Vivaldi some of Hollands best stallions. He has precense!

A horse of superb quality. His name will be in the books.A stallion for the future.

Many stallions is very good and many get sold aboad at the auction on last day for dressagestallions and on thursday for showjumpingstallions.

On Friday there was a dressagspecialevening,, The team from Aachen came in the ring and gave a good show.Very impressive. Wim Ernes was to be thanked for his good work..KWPN thanked him for choosing stallions on his commiteework and being a coach for the team.

Very emotional as he has been sick and at hospital but all horsepeople in Holland hope he will be soon back to work.

You are not alone was in the loudspeakers and we all was crying. So nice! We do hope good Wim is soon back to good health.

Many nice stallions was invited to this evening and One of my favourites Vivaldi came and had a show with some of his sons . He moves very well and so do his sons.

In Holland its very open and you can walk to the stables and sit and follow the warmingup out there if you like.

This gives you a perfect chance to talk to the breeder or rider or trainer of the stallion you like to get more information.

There is plenty of places to have a coffee or a beer and to chat with other horsepeople and build up your international network.

On saturday the show end with auction of dressagestallions. They all look great and the tempo in bidding is very high and international buyers hope all to get one home in the stable.

In the hall there is also stands with stallionstations and saddlery and if you plan to rebuild your stables lots of the best producers of horseboxes are here.

The stallionshow is one of the best in the world!

KWPN is perfectly organized and very friendly and always eager to help you with any questions you might have!