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Time for another Alex reviews and this time it's the vegan schnitzel. While I still ate pork, schnitzel was one of my absolute favorites and I won't deny that it was/is hard to give that up, even if my "sacrifice" is worth it.

So when I was standing there in the supermarket by the vegetarian/vegan disk and saw these, I didn't have to think twice before it had found it's way into my shopping-cart.

It kind of looked like the regular ones, but slightly smaller and lighter in color. And the taste? It was good. Not just as fantastic as the "meat"balls, but still really good. I guess that if I sometime crave schnitzel, this certainly will do that job.

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It's been to long since I last had my beloved banana pancakes, and to make them more autumny I added some cinnamon in the batter. Delicious as hell! And it's so easy to make as well.

Just take one banan and 2 eggs (I took 1 1/2 banana and 3 eggs because I had only eaten some melon and pineapple in the morning, but it would have been enough with the original recipe anyway) and mix it all together in a blender (add your spice if you want some before) Then it's ready to cook in a pan really. How simple?

Had mine with the left over half banana, some raw coconutflakes and a little syrap. Best meal of the day!



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Woke up to an welcomed surprise today then I reached a new ??9.9 kg. Hopefully I won't have to go back there ever again.

Spending my last day off from school this week with drinking my protein shake while watching Bridget Jones - The edge of reason while having a morning cuddle with Maya. ❤



Alex reviews, Food, Vegetarian food

Since I'm transitioning into a vegetarian, it means that I have to exclude some things from my diet like meatballs, bacon, hot dogs etc. So I thought that I would start this thing ''Alex reviews'' were I test and tell you what I think of new things, like vegetarian/vegan meat substitutes for example. 

Like these vegan ''meat''balls here. I was actually afraid to try these because I didn't think that they ever could compare to the regular meatballs that I'm used to. But guess what? I LOVED THEM! I could almost even say that I liked these better than the meat version. I will defiantly get these again next time I go to the supermarket! 

So with the balls I made mashed cauliflower, but it turned out to loose and pureish for my taste, but it still tasted great and I know what to do better the next time: Other than that I had some peas, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and some lingonberry jam. Delicious!



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My name is Alex. I'm 22 years old and I'm currently studying to become an assistant nurse in Sweden. I'm currently still living at home become of my economic situation and the fact that I just don't want to live by myself in some small apartment. My family consists of my dad and two cats.

I've always been overweight, then obese, then morbidly obese for as long as I can remember and I've been losing, then gaining back that weight again for years. During 2014 I went into a depression from going jobless and I gained over 40 pounds during that year. Since then I've lost 45 pounds (20 since August) and I'm planning to lose ALOT more. You'll be able to read more about my weight-loss journey, diet, workout and all the other things here.

A few months back I decided that I'm wanted to go vegetarian. But instead of quitting cold turkey I'm excluding one animal at the time. Been totally pork free since 21st July 2016 and poultry free since 1st October 2016.

Other big hobbies of mine is decor & interior, cooking, clothes, spending time with my friends & family, my babies (the cats) and marble! Seriously, I can't get enough of marble!

So this was a little fact about me, and if you want to know more please drop by again. Hugs & Kisses! ❤