When marketing to your customers, you already know you should utilize text marketing, social media, and other forms of communication and engagement. You may even have an awesome marketing strategy outlined for 2017 already. But do you know what you are doing wrong? Here are 5 marketing mistakes you should avoid this year.

1. Too short of content

One marketing strategy that is all too common is when companies post content on their site just to get rankings instead of actually trying to engage with the consumers. This often leads to short articles without substantial information. Another reason you might be posting short content is because you know consumers have a short attention span and aren’t interested in spending too long on any one page.

However, customer engagement affects your search engine rankings more than the number of blog posts you are putting out. On top of that, recent studies have shown that customers much prefer to read a long, well-written, informative article than short ones. They will spend over 10 minutes on one page reading the article and engaging with it. So focus on longer articles over 1,000 words.

2. Not optimizing web content

Surprisingly, a good majority of businesses trying to rank their websites higher don’t actually have it optimized for search very well. Every single page and piece of content that is written for your business needs to be optimized for search if you want to have effective results. Use keyword research to determine the best keywords for your site, and use those words in the titles, image tags, URL and a couple of times throughout the content to get the best ranking possible.

3. Avoiding social media

A lot of companies figure they don’t need social media. Sure, they have social media accounts, but they don’t try to engage with customers or post on it regularly. You may think it is unnecessary for the type of business you run. Maybe you are marketing to other businesses and don’t see the value in social media. However, even if you are selling to other businesses, you have to remember that ultimately you are still selling to individuals, and individuals spend a lot of time on social media platforms. Don’t neglect your social media accounts, and put time into making sure you engage with your customers through them.

4. Avoiding text marketing

It is amazing how many companies don’t use text marketing when it is literally your opportunity to market directly to customers. You are putting an ad in the pocket of every customer you have, and it will pay off big. Most people look at their text messages within the first three minutes, so you can be sure to get coverage and have your text viewed by the consumers. Don’t neglect this powerful tool.

5. Not personalizing content

We live in a world where getting information about your customers is ridiculously easy, and it makes it possible to personalize all the content they receive. By personalizing, you monopolize on what works best for each person and is more likely to convince them you have the right product or service for them. Personalize based on age, gender, or location to get the best results in your marketing.

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Mobile carriers have constantly been fighting to be the #1 carrier in the country, and Verizon has always been at the front of the competition. They have a better network that reaches more places than any other carrier, and up until now, nobody has been able to rival them. But has T-Mobile finally pulled ahead?


Verizon definitely still nails it on the head with availability and is still beating T-Mobile. Verizon has a signal 88.17% of the time compared with T-Mobile’s 86.6% of the time. And when it comes to coverage maps, Verizon is the only carrier that seems to completely cover the country. T-Mobile has many gaps on the West Coast where there are a lot of mountains making it difficult to get coverage without a strong tower infrastructure. But T-Mobile have been working hard to boost their coverage and compete with Verizon making it hardly even noticeable to most customers.


When it comes to speed, T-Mobile and Verizon have nearly identical speeds. They both run 14 Mbps download speeds, which is dang fast for a smartphone. The real difference in data speed is that Verizon has limited data plans while T-Mobile has been switching to more of an unlimited option. That means customers are able to get unlimited data at the fastest speed available from carriers. That’s a pretty big advantage for customers.


T-Mobile kicks it out of the park when it comes to price comparisons with Verizon. And it just gets better with the number of phones a customer adds to the plan. On top of that, T-Mobile offers customer perk programs like T-Mobile Tuesdays where they give customers free movies, Uber and Lyft Rides, and even Restaurant.com gift cards for Valentine’s Day. Customers were even able to add 2 free lines to their plans for Black Friday, including getting free tablets to go with those lines. They even offer text marketing messages to remind customers to take advantage of their deals. If customers weren’t already happy paying less for their T-Mobile phones, the extra perks really do make a big difference.

Customer service

The biggest problem with T-Mobile compared with Verizon is that it doesn’t have as good of customer service. Customers report having to call in regularly for discrepancies on their bills, a problem that doesn’t seem quite as common with Verizon customers. However, with the price being so much cheaper, customers don’t seem to mind having a few issues with their bill.

What this means for your business

This means it is getting cheaper and easier for customers to own smartphones and easier for you to reach them with text marketing. But it also means competitors have easier access to reaching your customers. Your business needs to step up its game to offer the best text marketing to customers or they might get snatched up by another business using the technology you aren’t.

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As technology changes, so does the way your audience absorbs information. That means you need to be changing your marketing strategy with your consumers. And while some forms of marketing such as text marketing will never go away, you should also be looking at newer forms such as video marketing.

Why video marketing?

Video Marketing will claim more than 80% of web traffic by 2019, and 64% of customers are more likely to buy your product after viewing a video about it. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, here are some other reasons video marketing is so essential to a business.

> Customers are more likely to remember a video than text

> Google’s SEO algorithm uses video to determine rankings, so it can improve your positioning in web searches

> Video works well across all devices

> Consumers are more likely to consume, share, and engage with video content

Steps to success

You now realize why it is so important that you are making and sharing videos to sell your products. But what can you do to ensure you have successful videos? Here are 5 steps to take.

1. Choose a topic: Your first step will be to pick a topic that works well with your consumers. Maybe it is an informative video that teaches them how to use your product or maybe it is a funny video making fun of the competition. The topic of your video is the most important piece. People are more likely to share it if it connects with them on an emotional level, whether that is through humor, sadness, etc.

2. Decide on video format & script: Maybe you want to make an animation video, or maybe you want a documentary style. You have to decide the style you want and work out a script.

3. Get a professional or take a class: If you haven’t ever made an online video before, you will need to figure out exactly how to do it yourself. If you want to make videos on a regular basis, you can take a class on making videos to learn how to do it yourself. You can also hire contractors who will take on one project at a time to make some videos for you.

4. Film your video: Take the shots and get it all put together. Edit the content to give you the best shots and best finished video.

5. Test your video: Before releasing your video on social media where you can be crucified for doing something wrong, run it by a few people first. Test it with a few customers to see how they feel about it, and make sure there isn’t anything horrible that needs to get fixed. If it all looks good, post it.

Where to post your video

You should have a how-to section on your website where you keep all your informative videos that explain how to use your product. Anything else can go in with your regular blogging. If you want to engage customers and get them to share with their friends, post your videos to social media. You can send emails with the video or text marketing messages with links to the video. You can even use the videos as paid ads on social media. Whatever you do, know that engagement is key, and you will get the most engagement if your video is easy to share.

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The way you market to your customers says a lot about your business and can completely change the dynamic of how you interact with your customers. It is also the first impression customers get of your business. Marketing is the way you keep old customers and find new ones. But how can you be sure you are marketing effectively? Here are four strategies to follow.

1. Overall consistency

Whether a large or small company, interactions with your business need to be consistent. A mission statement, of sorts, can really help with this because it tells all your employees how to approach the customer and gives the customer an expectation. Whether working with a sales team, marketing, or even customer service, customers need to feel like they are getting the same kind of service.

Another way to improve your consistency, especially in a large company, is to find better ways of communication between departments. This could be something as simple as a weekly newsletter with important information about new changes or as big as a monthly training session where employees are trained in new processes and given information about how other departments are proceeding. Trainings are essential for any customer service department since they must be informed to be efficient. You may not have realized that communicating information to the other departments is just as important.

2. Mobile marketing and AI Chatbot

People used to spend a lot of time watching TV commercials, looking through magazines, and reading the newspaper. Now, all of that is now on mobile. Even if a customer has to watch TV commercials for the show they want, they will probably stop watching and look at their phone during the break. So, it seems logical that you should focus your efforts on mobile marketing. The really nice thing about it is that you can use text marketing and AI Chatbot to create automated communications with customers.

Automation is another thing customers are starting to expect, and the expectation is continuing to grow. AI Chatbot allows a computer to read messages from your customers, understand what they are asking for, and send automated responses. Customers don’t have to call in when they have a quick question anymore, and customer service agents can spend less time answering repetitive questions.

3. Personalization is key

With so much technology and information available about all your customers, it is easier than ever to personalize marketing experiences. You can have your customers grouped into specific demographics in order to send personalized marketing to each of them, and you can set up ads that target customers near you based on their location. It is a remarkable way to market because you are able to get specific with your customers, and you are going to have a much bigger rate of return on your ads.

4. Transparency

Being transparent in your marketing is important to your customers, and they will feel betrayed if you don’t give it to them. For example, a lot of companies like to put ads on social media saying “free product” when, in reality, you are making them pay a shipping charge, requiring a minimum purchase, or something else that ends up costing money. While your customers do appreciate getting something for free, they feel like it was false advertising if they have to pay for something to get it. It is better to put the term right in the ad so they know it is free with a $20 purchase, or whatever requirement you decide to use. Customers prefer to just be told the truth upfront.

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Every marketer knows that mobile marketing is essential to reaching customers in this day and age. Technology is everywhere, and this is mostly due to accessibility with smartphones. It allows you to get your advertisements, literally, into the pockets of all your customers. But this strategy is being used by your competition as well. Here are some things you can do to really hone in on your mobile marketing strategy.

Don’t go overboard

With easy access to your customers, it can be very tempting to market to them all the time with constant advertising. And while consumers like knowing about deals and specials at your company, it can feel a little overwhelming if they are hearing from you every day. It is a huge mistake that can lead to customers actually unsubscribing from your email list and your text marketing. They will unlike you on social media, and stop shopping with you. As much as you need to be there reminding them to shop with you, it’s also important that you give them some room to breath.

Personalize your strategy to your market

The first thing any business should do when putting together a marketing strategy is to determine your audience. From there, you can start researching what your audience likes and doesn’t like in order to figure out what you need to do. Your mobile marketing strategy is highly dependant on your audience’s needs, and it will change greatly depending on your customers. A vegan company is going to market to their audience very differently than a hamburger joint. Since the audiences value different things, your marketing department needs to focus on those values.

It isn’t just your audience that determines your strategy though. You should also consider your business and what is important to your company. A company that uses profits to build wells in Africa for clean drinking water is going to have a completely different marketing strategy than regular businesses. Most of the marketing is going to be about reminding people of your purpose, whereas a traditional business would focus on the positives of their products.

Use mobile as marketing support

Marketing isn’t about just one thing anymore. It is about a combined effort of different advertising methods that make for an overall marketing effort. Mobile marketing isn’t your only way of communicating with an advertising to your customers. It should be considered a support to everything else you are doing. Yes, text your customers updates and allow for them to text your customers service department questions. And yes, run the email campaigns. But don’t forget to run social media ads and do location-based advertising as well. It is the combination of efforts that will truly create marketing success.

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Before the Internet, people relied solely on the advertising they saw to give them all the information they needed before buying a product or service. But now, people can research your business online and find out immediately whether or not you are lying in your advertisements. Even withholding the truth (whether intentional or not) is considered a lie by the average consumer. Especially after all the recent reports of fake news, consumers are feeling especially upset with the idea of being lied to by a business. That is why it is so important that you are transparent in your marketing. Don’t try to hide anything ugly. Just tell it like it is, and make sure you are offering the best. Here are some ways you can boost your transparency this year.

Get the right data and do something with it

First of all, you need to know what you are currently doing in order to figure out what to do next. Find ways to collect data on your audience through social media and outside partners. You can’t be transparent with your customers if you don’t even know what is going on yourself. Plus, it is very valuable to have that information on hand when trying to figure out what exactly to do with your marketing. This data can be used to determine what you need to focus on sharing with your customers and what information is most important to tham.

Update your website

Make sure your website has as much information about your business as possible. If you have any gimmicks to get people to buy your products, make sure they are clearly explained. If there are any contests, make sure it is clear how to enter and what the prize is. Having a blog is necessary to any website, but it is also a powerful tool to use in being transparent. It gives you a place to post any problems that may be occurring and how to solve them. It is also a place where you can continue to post more information as you get more data on what your customers want to hear.

Tell them the truth

You may be scared to tell the truth when something goes wrong or a product starts having problems. But it is much better to tell your customers what is really going on then to let them find out from some other customer on the internet who has made a video about it. Of course, you want to be mindful of each individual circumstance, but it is much better to be honest about any problems or issues you have than to try and hide it.

Highlight the good too

Transparency isn’t just about posting the bad stuff or making sure your customers are informed of problems. It is also about posting good things. Use your blog and social media to highlight positive things in your company. If you have any charities you donate to, make sure the information on that is easily available. Use text marketing to contact your customers and let them know when there is new information available. Get on social media and repost positive reviews or how-to videos. The important thing to remember is customers crave information. So give it to them. Be clear and transparent, and you’ll start seeing a lot of marketing success this year.

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Source: forbes.com/sites/onmarketing/2017/01/05/how-to-make-transparent-marketing-a-reality#30af965acca7



Every customer you work with has the potential to go online and write your business a review. And there is a good chance the customer who takes the time to go write a review of your product is going to write a bad one. Bad reviews are inevitable; every business gets them whether they are deserved or not. Meanwhile, your future customers will use these reviews to determine whether or not your business is worth their time and money. Here are some ways to get good online reviews to help increase your business.

Good customer service

One way you can ensure you get better reviews in general is to really focus on providing good customer service. Make sure customers are able to get a hold of your business in any way they feel comfortable, whether that be through phone call, texting, or communicating with AI Chatbot. They need to be happy with the wait times and ability to receive answers to their questions in a timely manner. After interactions, ask for reviews and hopefully customers who are satisfied will write a little blurb or give your business a rating on review sites.

Negative reviews can be good too

While negative reviews seem like they are a bad thing, it is actually a good opportunity to respond to them publicly with an answer to show future customers that even when there is a mistake or a customer is dissatisfied, you are willing to work with them and make the situation right again. This can be a bit tricky because people will leave reviews for your company in a lot of different places. Make sure you are aware of all the review sites, so you can keep track of negative reviews more easily.

Sign up for review sites

One thing you need to do is scour the web and make sure you are signed up to receive alerts anytime a review is placed on your company. Customers will turn to Facebook, Google, Yelp, and other review sites to rate your business and tell their friends exactly what they thought of your service. It is much easier to respond to these reviews and see what people are liking/disliking about your business if they can go to any site.

Showoff good reviews

When someone writes you a good review, don’t be afraid to show it off. One way to do this is to repost their review on Twitter or Facebook with a thank you. Not only does it show your customers that you have authentic customer reviews to prove you are a good business but it shows you are grateful for your customers. Never underestimate the power of social media and the effects it is having on the buying industry. People are learning to only buy what their friends buy, get recommendations from those who live near them, and ask for advice before moving forward with purchases. Even little purchases are being debated over the internet before someone will make the decision to buy. It is more important than ever that you are tracking your reviews and doing something about them because it will affect the way you do business.

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You’ve already spent months preparing for the holidays by advertising to your current and possibly new customers to try and sell your products. You’ve done everything you can to convince customers that you have the perfect gift for their friends or family members. And while there’s still a couple more days of shopping left, you’ve probably already sold the majority of what is going to be bought for the holiday season. There will be another buying rush on Christmas Eve in stores, but what you really need to begin preparing for is the post-holiday rush. Most of week after Christmas will be filled with people returning and exchanging gifts, calls about problems with gifts, and calls with questions about how your product or service really works. Now is the time to get prepared for the post-holiday rush.

Training, training, training

The best thing you can do to prepare for the week after Christmas is to train your customer service agents. Make sure they know anything and everything about your products or services, so they are able to quickly and easily ask questions. Your customers don’t want to wait on hold for ten minutes while the rep finds a manager who knows what they are talking about when you could have just informed everyone of different specials or problems you have been having.

The right technology

Providing the right technology to your employees will make a huge difference in their ability to serve your customers. Make sure they have the ability to access any information they might need, and get them trained on how it all works, so they don’t waste any time on a phone call trying to get their computer to work or find the right thing. Make sure you have your AI Chatbot texting services up to date with answers to common questions for your business, so people can get the fast and clear response they need if they don’t want to take the time to call in. And make sure your website is updated with as much information as possible and with as easy of a navigation as possible, so your customers can get the answers themselves if they don’t want to spend time on the phone.

Easy returns

Over a third of people will return at least one gift they received at Christmas this year, according to Mercury News. Your business needs to be prepared for the long lines or extra costs this will incur on the business. You will also want to make sure you do whatever you can to make this easier on your customers. It may seem ridiculous to make returns easy on a customer because you ultimately want them to keep the item, but you also want to give them a good experience, so they consider returning again. One thing you can to help with this is to allow for returns without a receipt for in-store credit. This can help streamline the process for those without receipts but who want to return the gift anyway. Another option is to get a system in place to look up receipts based on the credit card for people who didn’t keep the receipt but have the same credit card they purchased it with. You will never go wrong making things a little easier for your customers.

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