Every marketer knows that mobile marketing is essential to reaching customers in this day and age. Technology is everywhere, and this is mostly due to accessibility with smartphones. It allows you to get your advertisements, literally, into the pockets of all your customers. But this strategy is being used by your competition as well. Here are some things you can do to really hone in on your mobile marketing strategy.

Don’t go overboard

With easy access to your customers, it can be very tempting to market to them all the time with constant advertising. And while consumers like knowing about deals and specials at your company, it can feel a little overwhelming if they are hearing from you every day. It is a huge mistake that can lead to customers actually unsubscribing from your email list and your text marketing. They will unlike you on social media, and stop shopping with you. As much as you need to be there reminding them to shop with you, it’s also important that you give them some room to breath.

Personalize your strategy to your market

The first thing any business should do when putting together a marketing strategy is to determine your audience. From there, you can start researching what your audience likes and doesn’t like in order to figure out what you need to do. Your mobile marketing strategy is highly dependant on your audience’s needs, and it will change greatly depending on your customers. A vegan company is going to market to their audience very differently than a hamburger joint. Since the audiences value different things, your marketing department needs to focus on those values.

It isn’t just your audience that determines your strategy though. You should also consider your business and what is important to your company. A company that uses profits to build wells in Africa for clean drinking water is going to have a completely different marketing strategy than regular businesses. Most of the marketing is going to be about reminding people of your purpose, whereas a traditional business would focus on the positives of their products.

Use mobile as marketing support

Marketing isn’t about just one thing anymore. It is about a combined effort of different advertising methods that make for an overall marketing effort. Mobile marketing isn’t your only way of communicating with an advertising to your customers. It should be considered a support to everything else you are doing. Yes, text your customers updates and allow for them to text your customers service department questions. And yes, run the email campaigns. But don’t forget to run social media ads and do location-based advertising as well. It is the combination of efforts that will truly create marketing success.

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Before the Internet, people relied solely on the advertising they saw to give them all the information they needed before buying a product or service. But now, people can research your business online and find out immediately whether or not you are lying in your advertisements. Even withholding the truth (whether intentional or not) is considered a lie by the average consumer. Especially after all the recent reports of fake news, consumers are feeling especially upset with the idea of being lied to by a business. That is why it is so important that you are transparent in your marketing. Don’t try to hide anything ugly. Just tell it like it is, and make sure you are offering the best. Here are some ways you can boost your transparency this year.

Get the right data and do something with it

First of all, you need to know what you are currently doing in order to figure out what to do next. Find ways to collect data on your audience through social media and outside partners. You can’t be transparent with your customers if you don’t even know what is going on yourself. Plus, it is very valuable to have that information on hand when trying to figure out what exactly to do with your marketing. This data can be used to determine what you need to focus on sharing with your customers and what information is most important to tham.

Update your website

Make sure your website has as much information about your business as possible. If you have any gimmicks to get people to buy your products, make sure they are clearly explained. If there are any contests, make sure it is clear how to enter and what the prize is. Having a blog is necessary to any website, but it is also a powerful tool to use in being transparent. It gives you a place to post any problems that may be occurring and how to solve them. It is also a place where you can continue to post more information as you get more data on what your customers want to hear.

Tell them the truth

You may be scared to tell the truth when something goes wrong or a product starts having problems. But it is much better to tell your customers what is really going on then to let them find out from some other customer on the internet who has made a video about it. Of course, you want to be mindful of each individual circumstance, but it is much better to be honest about any problems or issues you have than to try and hide it.

Highlight the good too

Transparency isn’t just about posting the bad stuff or making sure your customers are informed of problems. It is also about posting good things. Use your blog and social media to highlight positive things in your company. If you have any charities you donate to, make sure the information on that is easily available. Use text marketing to contact your customers and let them know when there is new information available. Get on social media and repost positive reviews or how-to videos. The important thing to remember is customers crave information. So give it to them. Be clear and transparent, and you’ll start seeing a lot of marketing success this year.

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Every customer you work with has the potential to go online and write your business a review. And there is a good chance the customer who takes the time to go write a review of your product is going to write a bad one. Bad reviews are inevitable; every business gets them whether they are deserved or not. Meanwhile, your future customers will use these reviews to determine whether or not your business is worth their time and money. Here are some ways to get good online reviews to help increase your business.

Good customer service

One way you can ensure you get better reviews in general is to really focus on providing good customer service. Make sure customers are able to get a hold of your business in any way they feel comfortable, whether that be through phone call, texting, or communicating with AI Chatbot. They need to be happy with the wait times and ability to receive answers to their questions in a timely manner. After interactions, ask for reviews and hopefully customers who are satisfied will write a little blurb or give your business a rating on review sites.

Negative reviews can be good too

While negative reviews seem like they are a bad thing, it is actually a good opportunity to respond to them publicly with an answer to show future customers that even when there is a mistake or a customer is dissatisfied, you are willing to work with them and make the situation right again. This can be a bit tricky because people will leave reviews for your company in a lot of different places. Make sure you are aware of all the review sites, so you can keep track of negative reviews more easily.

Sign up for review sites

One thing you need to do is scour the web and make sure you are signed up to receive alerts anytime a review is placed on your company. Customers will turn to Facebook, Google, Yelp, and other review sites to rate your business and tell their friends exactly what they thought of your service. It is much easier to respond to these reviews and see what people are liking/disliking about your business if they can go to any site.

Showoff good reviews

When someone writes you a good review, don’t be afraid to show it off. One way to do this is to repost their review on Twitter or Facebook with a thank you. Not only does it show your customers that you have authentic customer reviews to prove you are a good business but it shows you are grateful for your customers. Never underestimate the power of social media and the effects it is having on the buying industry. People are learning to only buy what their friends buy, get recommendations from those who live near them, and ask for advice before moving forward with purchases. Even little purchases are being debated over the internet before someone will make the decision to buy. It is more important than ever that you are tracking your reviews and doing something about them because it will affect the way you do business.

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You’ve already spent months preparing for the holidays by advertising to your current and possibly new customers to try and sell your products. You’ve done everything you can to convince customers that you have the perfect gift for their friends or family members. And while there’s still a couple more days of shopping left, you’ve probably already sold the majority of what is going to be bought for the holiday season. There will be another buying rush on Christmas Eve in stores, but what you really need to begin preparing for is the post-holiday rush. Most of week after Christmas will be filled with people returning and exchanging gifts, calls about problems with gifts, and calls with questions about how your product or service really works. Now is the time to get prepared for the post-holiday rush.

Training, training, training

The best thing you can do to prepare for the week after Christmas is to train your customer service agents. Make sure they know anything and everything about your products or services, so they are able to quickly and easily ask questions. Your customers don’t want to wait on hold for ten minutes while the rep finds a manager who knows what they are talking about when you could have just informed everyone of different specials or problems you have been having.

The right technology

Providing the right technology to your employees will make a huge difference in their ability to serve your customers. Make sure they have the ability to access any information they might need, and get them trained on how it all works, so they don’t waste any time on a phone call trying to get their computer to work or find the right thing. Make sure you have your AI Chatbot texting services up to date with answers to common questions for your business, so people can get the fast and clear response they need if they don’t want to take the time to call in. And make sure your website is updated with as much information as possible and with as easy of a navigation as possible, so your customers can get the answers themselves if they don’t want to spend time on the phone.

Easy returns

Over a third of people will return at least one gift they received at Christmas this year, according to Mercury News. Your business needs to be prepared for the long lines or extra costs this will incur on the business. You will also want to make sure you do whatever you can to make this easier on your customers. It may seem ridiculous to make returns easy on a customer because you ultimately want them to keep the item, but you also want to give them a good experience, so they consider returning again. One thing you can to help with this is to allow for returns without a receipt for in-store credit. This can help streamline the process for those without receipts but who want to return the gift anyway. Another option is to get a system in place to look up receipts based on the credit card for people who didn’t keep the receipt but have the same credit card they purchased it with. You will never go wrong making things a little easier for your customers.

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Source: mercurynews.com/2016/12/21/how-to-simplify-your-post-christmas-mission-returning-or-selling-those-unwanted-gifts/



Marketing to your customers is a huge part of your business, whether you are marketing directly to consumers or to businesses. Whatever the case, it is time for your business to start considering a shift to sms marketing. It is a really easy way to market to your customers, and it is quickly becoming the next big thing of 2017.

Not enough businesses currently using it

It is surprising that only 29% of businesses are currently using text marketing efforts to reach their consumers given that 64% of customers said they prefer text to voice communication with businesses, according to Mobile Marketing Watch. Another 77% of consumers like it when companies offer texting options for communication and 81% said they are tired of frustrated when they have to communicate with a company through voice. Your customers are begging for a faster and easier way to talk to your business, and your company can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction very quickly with text communications. It is time to get on board with text marketing.

How to use text marketing

You may be wondering what exactly your business would even use SMS marketing for. The top 2 goals for retailers when using text marketing is to drive revenue and improve the customer experience. Of all the businesses who do use text marketing, 79% saw an increase in one of those areas. It is definitely worthwhile for your business to make the change, especially with AI Chatbot making user experiences with texting a business better than ever before. Being able to recognize and answer a customer’s questions is an extremely valuable tool.

But allowing customers to come to you with their customer service needs through texting isn’t the only thing you should be using SMS to accomplish. It is also a great way for you to communicate with them. If your business offers a service that requires an appointment, such as a dentist office, a bridal shop, or even a restaurant with reservations, sending appointment reminders via SMS reduced missed appointments by 26%. Sending your bill reminders and account updates through text, whether as a utility company, doctor’s office, or a credit card company, can reduce call center volume by 5%. Up to 80% of consumers preferred to track their orders via text when products were shipped, and coupons send through mobile texting got a 30-50% redemption and increase in traffic to the store.

A very valuable tool

Given that most people open a text message in the first couple of minutes after it is received, it is extremely valuable to be able to market to your customer through it. It is a way of reaching out to consumers in a way we’ve never been able to before, and it benefits both the business and the consumer. Whatever you decide to do in 2017 to bring in new customers and maintain the old ones, remember that text marketing has huge advantages, and you will fall behind the competition if you don’t adopt it very soon.

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Marketing has changed significantly over the past few years as more companies have started targeting their efforts towards Millennials, a completely new and different type of consumer than we’ve ever seen before. But just as businesses are starting to really understand how to advertise to Millennials, they are now being introduced to Generation Z, the next rising generation they need to focus marketing efforts towards. Here are some things you need to do to ensure you are reaching the next generation with your marketing efforts, thanks to Fortune.

Who is generation Z?

In technical terms, Generation Z includes anyone who was born after 1996, which means they are currently in college or high school. Your business probably isn’t marketing towards them too much at this point since the Millennial generation is still your largest group of current consumers, but these kids will be graduating from college soon and entering the job market. Generation Z was raised on smartphones and the internet. They don’t even know what a polaroid picture is let alone have any memory of life without social media. They will be your newest consumers very soon, and it is important that you understand how to reach them.

Transparency and honesty

It takes this generation less than 10 seconds to find someone on the internet who has associated with your brand and who can give them honest feedback about your company. They can spot anything that seems fake or misleading online pretty quickly. That means your company’s best bet in trying to reach out to them is to be completely honest and transparent. If they feel like they are being deceived, they will just work with someone else.


The newest adult generation is very interested in buying products from companies that have some kind of unique twist to their products. Maybe you donate a bottle of water for every bottle they purchase or your product is hand made providing jobs to poor people who would have nothing otherwise. Or maybe you build a well for clean water in another country after so many sales. Whatever your gimmick that proves your company is unique and shows Generation Z their purchase is going to help more than just themselves will help push sales.

Social Media

To reach Generation Z and make sure they really hear you, utilize social media. The best way to do this is to interact with them. Ask them exactly what they want, and they will tell you. Use social media for customer service. You can even utilize AI Chatbot through messaging services to give streamlined customer service that your customers can easily use. This generation is on social media all day long, so if you are there too, then you give them a great place to reach out to you and get answers about your business. It isn’t enough to just have social media accounts. You need to be actively engaged with them through those accounts.

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Source: fortune.com/2016/12/05/marketing-campaign-generation-z/



Every year, businesses review their past year’s budget and set a new one for the new year. Usually, this conversation begins in December but really doesn’t start until the new year when the final numbers come in for the budget. Anything that went over may get extra money in the new year while things that came in under budget may have some of that budget taken away. This is the time of year to look at your marketing department budget and figure out how to spend the remaining money so you don’t lose it next year.

Run social media ads

A quick way to spend your money is to promote your company on social media. Put together an ad and pay to have it promoted. It is the holiday season, which means your customer base is looking for fun and unique gift ideas for their friends and family, so promoting through social media will help them to find you and potentially bring in new customers.

Text marketing discount promotion

Some marketing departments are required to eat the cost of discounts and promotions being given to customers. If that is the case for you, then doing a text marketing discount would be a good idea right now. One of the reasons why sending a promotion out through text is great is because it rewards loyal customers instead of just always offering the best deals to new customers. Current customers who feel like you are loyal to them will feel the need to be loyal back, and you will win them for life.

Eight-second billboards

Billboards are a good way to advertise to people because there will always be a driver keeping their eyes on the road who will see your billboards, even if everyone else in the car is using their phone. There are some billboard companies you can work with that do electronic advertisements. You pay for 8 seconds at a time of billboard exposure, so you make an ad, give them your budget, and they display your ad for as much as you have paid. This is an especially good way to use up a remaining budget without going over it because you can give exactly what you have left to the billboard company to display your ads.

Promotional spots on Amazon

The largest online retailer is Amazon.com, and people are spending hours looking up gifts for the holidays on the site. Even if they don’t know what to get, the convenience of having it delivered straight to your door makes it convenient and easy for everyone. Amazon offers promotional spots where you can promote your product to come up first during searches or to come up as suggested products when consumers are viewing similar things. Paying for these types of spots is a good idea at the end of the year because it will give your product or service more exposure to new customers who are desperately looking for just the right gift.

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Getting and maintaining customers all starts in one place: marketing. It is amazing the number of businesses, small and large, that don’t do any kind of mobile marketing, especially given that 58% of all search engine traffic comes from mobile searches. That is why it is so important that your business gets a head start on next year by really pushing mobile marketing strategies right now. Here are three ways, thanks to PC Tech Magazine, that you can get started today.

Social media a top priority

Smartphones used to be all business, and the point was that you could get a lot done with them. But things have changed, and now the main purpose of a smartphone for most people is to be entertained. They entertain themselves by spending hours every day on social media platforms, which means you should be putting a lot of effort into advertising through social media channels. You can get new customers by placing ads or even through contests where people have to share your post with their friends in order to enter. You can do promotions through other businesses to try and get some extra customers, and they will get your customers as well. Whatever you do, make sure you put the time and effort into advertising through social media.

A good website and a good experience

Your website design is more important than you know. If it is outdated or hard to navigate, your customers will simply go to a different one that offers them what they are looking for. Just as important is the ability for the site to load quickly. Don’t put too much on the site that takes time to load because mobile phone users aren’t going to sit around and wait five minutes for a site to load anymore. They will jump over to another site that works faster. Their experience they have with your business is greatly influenced by the website. Even most text marketing campaigns involve sending links to customers that bring them back to your website, so it is extremely important that the site is optimized for mobile and provides a fast and easy experience your customers have been looking for.

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Source: pctechmag.com/2016/11/how-to-make-the-most-of-mobile-marketing-in-2016/



Often, small businesses are being run on teams of 1 to 10 employees that aren’t hyper-focused in their particular area of expertise or are doing multiple jobs at once. While that may not be a problem for the types of work they are doing, especially when they are related to one another, it can be a serious problem when trying to piece together marketing. Most small businesses pick one or two forms of marketing without ever actually spending time putting together a plan. The best tip for marketing for small businesses is to make a marketing strategy and stick to it. Here are some tips on preparing for small business marketing.

Prepare your plan

There are many different ways to go about this, but there are a few things every good business plan needs to have in place, according to Entrepreneur. They include the following.

1. Look at your situation: Take note of your business. What do you sell? Is there competition? And is there anything you do better than the competition that you can take advantage of in marketing strategies?

2. Look at who you are selling to: If you haven’t stopped to do this yet, it is one of the first steps every business should go through. You need to know your target audience if you are going to have any idea how to sell to them.

3. Make some goals: Make goals on what you want your marketing to do. Do you want to bring in more customers? How many per month? Do you want to retain customers? At what rate? Are you looking to increase conversion rates on the site?

4. Strategize: Now that you know your main goals, you can come up with ideas on how to accomplish them.

5. Budget: This is a big factor for most small businesses because marketing budgets are often small. Consider what you want to spend on your campaign and re-strategize based on the budget.

Focus, focus, focus

The reason why this is so important is because a plan that has been laid out, put in writing, and shared with appropriate members of your team is more likely to keep you focused. No more randomly throwing money at some marketing technique somebody shared with you. Instead, you can focus on the strategies you agreed to put in place, including things like social media advertisements and SMS marketing. And most importantly, keep track of the success and review your plan once in awhile to determine if it needs to be updated or if it is working for you.

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Source: entrepreneur.com/article/285094



As the year comes to a close, and your business starts preparing for a game plan in the coming year, budgeting will come up. Your company will spend weeks deciding what you wasted money on in 2016 and what you wished you had done differently. This could be anything from the type of coffee in the break room to the products your business sells. But one thing that is most important to look at for the new year is your marketing budget.

Of course, many small businesses try to avoid paying anything into a marketing budget. It seems like one of those expenses that could be avoided, and sometimes, you have no real idea of the impact it is making on your customers. Of course, analytics has come a long way in helping determine what the impact is for online marketing, but there is still a lot of unknowns. According to Forbes, the average amount of a company’s budget being spent on marketing is 29%, which means if you aren’t spending a thing, you could easily lose a lot of your customers to the competition. This is especially true of the Millennial generation that doesn’t have a lot of brand loyalty. Fortunately, focusing in your marketing strategies means you can spend less but be more effective. Here are the two most important areas you need to focus on in the near year for marketing, especially if you’d like to keep a tight budget.

1. Social media marketing: While running ads through social media will target your specific audience and bring in new customers you never could have reached before, you can also get new customers by running promotions that require current customers to tag a friend to win something for free. In turn, those friends will find out about your product and potentially even tag a friend as well to try and win the product. If you are going to run giveaway promotions, don’t do it all the time. It doesn’t seem as urgent for current customers to participate if you are running them all the time. It is also beneficial to team up with another business and require customers to like both pages to enter to win. Then you benefit from each other’s client bases.

2. Text marketing: Almost every American has a cell phone, which means sending them a quick text marketing your product and allowing for two-way texting customer service is going to be extremely beneficial to your business. To get new customers, you can offer a discount for signing up. Most customers are happy to sign up for texting because it benefits them a lot and they want to be able to be in contact with your business. Whatever you need to budget for this, just do it.

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Source: forbes.com/sites/johnhall/2016/11/06/the-importance-of-budgeting-for-content-marketing-in-2017#46e281333d10