The idea of being successful in life is usually quite appealing to the majority of people I know but very few succeed to the satisfactory level they wanted. Why is it so hard to achieve? What can I do to increase the chances of a successful life? and finally what really is success?

Why is it so hard to achieve
The reason most people do not succeed in their personal satisfaction achievements is mostly due to their drive. People often want things that are currently out of reach but its only those that go out and do what is necessary of them that achieve there ambitious satisfactions. Let's break this right down to something really simple: Lets say you really want a piece of cake but you have none at home and the nearest shop is over 4 miles away and your without a car. Most of the people I know would just give up on the cake and settle for unsatisfaction due it being more effort than its worth.
This is a really is the crutial message, how much is your satisfaction worth? Is it all about the time, distance and the cake? No, its not. Its about setting goals in your life you don't really feel the need to satisfy. Usually due the fact they are goals influenced by others and not necessarily goals of your own. A goal that you really set your heart on to achieve, is worth every single bit of your effort and you would give it gladly.

How can I increase the chances of a successful life?
There are many things you can do to increase the chances of success within your life. Happyness, Goals, Reasons, Drive & Persistance. What makes you happy? How long do expensive things make you happy for? What do you want from your life? By setting goals you actually wish to achieve you are more likely going to achieve them. Reasons why you wish to achieve such goals can be an influence. For some people such as myself fighting for something just for me sometimes isnt enough but fighting for success for not only yourself but a loved one can be a real boost of the effort and persistance you put in to be a success. Drive.. Get up, get on with it! If its worth figthing for then fight for it. Yes there may be hurdles along the way but a hurdle is mearly just on obstacle that needs to be overcome. Your diet and fitness also make a huge difference to your drive. dont think that spending 12hrs doing something will be more successful than spending 8hrs doing it whist keeping fit and eating well, because it wont. Eating, training and rest makes you made better desisions with your life and saves the unnecessary strain on yourself. Perstance is a major part of succeeding. My father used to tell me all sorts of crazy old sayings and as a young boy I never truly appreciated them but one of my favorite sayings he said was 'If you fall of the horse, get back on it or you will never ride it'. Thats life and it will help you achieve your goals. Never give up, if you want it enough its worth fighting for.

What really is success?
Well believe it or not success is actually succeeding in what you want most in your life that makes you happiest and trying to be successful in other peoples eyes if often destined to fail because it really isn't worth your effort. Some people spend there whole lives trying to be something or someone the don't actually want to be just because people expect it of them. Focus on what will make you happiest for the longest term and aim for that. Your brain works on chemicals and things that make you happy release a certain chemical called dopamine, this chemical is achievable by many things but is the 'treat' chemical which makes you feel happy. An expensive gift will release I high amount of dopamine at the time you first recieve it but will gradually become lower the more time you see it. This happends with almost everything so the key is to find something that keeps you happy, doesn't get boring and always feels like a treat.

đź’­ To get to the top of Mount Everest by climbing may be alot of effort but a helicopter trip to the top would only result in you getting to the top and enjoying the view for a few minutes and then wishing to come down due to bordem. Those that climb through blistering storms and fight for survival are those that will stay up at the top the longest.



There once was a time where love meant very little to me, something that can come and go like a period of sunshine through a country that suffers from a persistent downpour of rain.
Until I decided to take part in a small production music video in Spain.

The morning my life changed started off like any other, feeling rough from the previous night of extensive self destruction. I got awoken early at 8am to find out that I was requested to be an extra in a music video for some 90's dance artists revival song. Feeling rough and not myself I made my way to location of filming in Fuengirola, Spain.
I arrived and knew almost all of the people there at the video shoot apart from one particular girl that I had only seen once on Facebook that I dismissed as someone I would never be interested. How wrong could I be?
As I talked to friends of mine I found myself distracted by this girl who seemed quite quiet and shy but also had a certain sparkle to her. I tried my absolute hardest to sort myself out and felt strangely embarrassed at the state I was in when I arrived.
Throughout the day I found myself drawn to her like a flower growing towards the light. Her smile made me smile and her sadness made me feel empathy in a way I had never experienced. This was crazy, why all of a sudden had I become weak? embarrassed? and self conscious?
By the end of the day I could not stop thinking about her and her smile and the way she made me feel warm and alive along with a new feeling that I had never felt before in my life. All of a sudden my mind had changed from being the swedish party boy to a man who cares for a family, who wants to give all he has to just one person. Surely this is not right? Never before had I fallen so heavy into deep thought about someone I barely know.

Over the next few weeks we spent some time with each other and my heart only grew stronger, yeah there complications in each of our lives but whenever we were together it felt like my whole world was in her eyes.

She left Spain and went back to her home country of Norway and my heart just broke into pieces and even as I write this now my eyes still fill up with tears.

Left in Spain with only one person in my mind and my heart broken I hit rock bottom and felt like everything I had before was no longer appealing in anyway and only that love that I felt when I looked into her eyes was what I wanted and now I had lost it. I would never wish these feelings on anyone.

I decided to throw away my well paid lifestyle in Spain and go home as maybe I needed my family to give me the feeling of close to what I had while I was with her.

In Wales nothing was changed at all, I just wanted her in a way I couldn't even make sense of. I thought I had gone mentally insane and spent most of my time hoping she would come to me.

She decided she wanted to come and see me for a few days and when she arrived in Wales my life was complete once more. She was supposed to stay for 4 days but ended up cancelling her flight and staying for 2 weeks. We had the most amazing time ever. Not once did i need my own time and every minute we were together was the happiest moments in my life.

Eventually she had to go home but with a plan to return to me soon.

I then got a job working as a singer for a holiday park and then she came back to me. We were like the most amazing couple in the world but still there was complications after me leaving Spain and quitting my job and finance e.t c

Anyway there was some very difficult decisions to make and she ended up going back to norway and breaking up our relationship. This really broke my heart and I regret any dissagreement that we had ever had.

She loves me and I love her and would give her my world. My whole life would be happily changed for ever to have my girl back, the girl that made me feel like I had a heart even though at times it felt broken.

She is not just my love but my family, my friend and the only person i feel homesick without.

I hope that one day this love finds a way to get back to where it was and even bettet as living without her is not living.

True love will always find a way of coming back.. I hope