This weekend we finally went to Lomma beach. The weather was great, and Anna was excited as usual. So we took Audrey(the Audi) and had a 10 minute road trip to the beach. A bummer was that Abi(who study wireless communications) didn't manage to connect the music to the car radio.. while at the beach we started with a bang(or what do you say, Anna?). We found a nice place close to a soccer field and put our towels down. Then we directly aimed for the water(Kalles Batman-shorts was something extra btw). Went through the seaweed(or the disgusting stuff as Sandra would say). At first impression the water was crazy cold, but after a few minutes getting used to it it was almost perfect. We float around in the water(not Abi and Kalle though, since they can't float), played with the waves(Sandra..) and threw a volleyball around.

After getting up again we started throwing a frisbee between each other. The first thing that happens is that the frisbee gets stuck in a big bush of nettles. The rescue operation immediately starts:After a while of struggle trying to get the frisbee out of the bush, we finally succeed and can start the game again. 

After some frisbee playing, we feel up for a bit of volleyball. On our way to the field Abi built a great sandcastle(or did he?!) 

The volleyball field has no lines, so that's the first mission. We make a very small field, with not the straightest lines I've seen. We weren't the best players ever seen either, but we had fun. The rules weren't crystal clear though. The volleyball game is the start of the end of our day at the beach, and after that we slowly walked back to the car again. Even though we saw some tempting stores on the way(Lundamattor for example..) we drove straight back to Delphi again. That was our day at the beach. Here's a short poem to sum it up: 

Dear diary

we went to the beach

it was fun

abi didnt float

not kalle either

sandra did

malin too

and anna we not really sure

but i guess so

cause she surfs and all

and i guess surfers float

we had so many funs

it was greaaat


you should have been there

we walked in the sand

nobody drowned

thats a good thing



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The past Saturday it was finally time for a TDC again. I guess the classic is that you have a TDC once per semester, but this time we made an exception. Since a lot of the people living here are not going to come back here after the summer holiday we felt like we needed ”one last night with the gang”. The theme was “around the world” and from my point of view, it was an amazing evening/night in many ways. A lot of laughter, but also some tears and seriousness. I´ll try to bring you through the night:

We started off in the evening. We decided to set the starting time at 5 pm since we´re always late, expecting we would be able to start eating around 6 pm. Things worked pretty smoothly and after finishing our hamburgers we were ready for the first room. Niklas was the host, and we were actually not even in his room. We can say that it was because his theme and game worked better outside, but to be honest it was because he hadn´t cleaned his room. Spain was the place, and we got to drink Niklas made up-version of a classic Sangria, delicious! The teams for the game were formed as ”Julia and the boys” and ”Niklas and the girls”. The game itself was charades and we got to see some really good acting. Julias worm was amazing and Davids impression of hard-drive wasn´t too bad either!

Then we moved on to Miami and got a sweet and delicious drink with pina colada in our hands. We moved on to a parking lot nearby, brought water, a stick and crayons (and the drinks of course, no way I´m leaving that one). After some trouble deciding how the game was supposed to work out, we held hands and created a human circle. Then we drew with the crayons, creating pieces of a cake. Every piece was conquered and named by a contestant. For example you could find Yodelland, Legoland and Andorra. The point of the game was to conquer as much land as possible by being smart, fast and have accuracy. Some countries grew, while others (like already small Andorra...) were shrinking.

After Miami it was time to board the plane to Australia (not too much of a surprise since Anna was the host). Only seconds after entering the room everyone got a beer in their hand (unless you’re Sandra, then a cider...). The game was a quiz (possibly inspired by the very popular show ”who knows the most?”). While answering questions, team emu and team kangaroo were fighting to get from the city to the outback without getting hit by a car on the dangerous roads. The questions were inspired by Australia, and my team had quite a hard time keeping up. The other team, with Andrea, ”the almost new-zealander”, were crazy quick and had better knowledge.

From Australia to Sandras room! After thinking for a while about different themes (where one was Spain with David as decoration), and changing dresses like six times, she finally decided on Brazil. Passoa and orange juice were mixed and placed in our hands. As me and Sandra had planned our rooms together a bit, we had our rooms after each other and were also involved in each other’s games. In Sandras room we had a quiz about me and Sandra and stuff we had done. Some questions were quite easy, but we also included some trick questions (who would have thought that I was in a childrens choir and that Sandra wasn’t the one getting lost near Delphi?!).

We stayed for a while in Sandras room and made an ”På Spåret”-question. Both teams did great, getting eight vs six points. While doing this, Sandra was running around in the corridor putting up post-it notes with rhyming clues, and puzzle pieces. Every team got six clues and they both led to the post card from Lund. After realizing this, they got the remaining pieces of the puzzle, and this is where the exciting part starts! Both of the teams were super focused and puzzled for their lives! It was a really tight race, but someone had to win. My theme was Mexico by the way, and it had no connection at all to the game nor the drink (Purple rain).

From Mexico to New York. Andrea immediately impressed with her label maker (and by making an apple-free drink for me). The game was the one where you put a tag on your forehead, telling who you are, this time only including people with a connection to New York. Some had a harder time than others figuring out who they were (Herbie nor the Parent Trap guided Alfred to Lindsay Lohan, and Niklas was pretty confused about Jimmy Fallon). In Andrea’s room we also got served cake by Julia (I’m not complaining), and then we played Davids favorite TDC-game. Every second person writes a sentence, and every second draws a picture according to the sentence. Some of the pictures got really out of hand. Such an awesome game!

The last but definitely not least room was Abis. It started of pretty smooth with everyone getting a sourz-shot in their hand, but then Abi started talking. He´d been writing a speech for the day, including everyone living in the corridor. The personal things he said about each of us made it tough to keep your cool. Almost everyone teared up, and Abi got a bit stressed about it. Tears don’t always have to be bad though, and I think this was the best way ever to end the tour of this last TDC all together.

When all the rooms were finished, we spent the rest of the night playing Singstar (and I might have eaten some chocolate cake as well). Some amazing covers of ABBA and hits from the 80´s were seen, you wouldn´t want to miss it!

To sum up we, from my perspective, had an amazing TDC and finished this semester together best way possible. I love you guys, hope to see you soon! /Malin