In this blog I’m going to talk a lot about the Law of Attraction (LOA), so let me give you a general overview about the law that bears the potential to turn your whole life upside down.

The Law of Attraction basically states that your mind creates the world around you. You attract whatever you focus on. Nothing in your life is an accident and you don’t depend on the mercy of outer circumstances. You build those outer circumstances yourself by constantly thinking of what you want – or what you don’t want.

The best part about the Law of Attraction: You can choose to apply this principle consciously and create the life you want! Love, happiness, health, wealth, success and fulfillment have always been within your reach and now you can begin to bring all of it to you.

All you need to do is follow three basic steps: First, decide what you want. It’s impossible to get what you want unless you know what it is. Then tune into the vibration of your desire. You have to put your focus on whatever you’re longing for, create the feeling of already having it and clear all doubts that you can’t have it. Believing is key! And last but not least: Let go. Just trust that your wish is already on its way and you’re already receiving it.

It really is that simple, it always works and I’ve experienced the law myself so manytimes! But still, even people who are fully aware of the LOA often struggle with the implementation. That’s why I’d like to share all my tricks and rituals with you, hoping that some of them will help you to achieve the life of your dreams!


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Many times when people begin to apply Feng Shui to their life they start panicking: They notice the cactus in their Love Gua (definitely not the place to display your succulents!) or the super-harmful green rug in their Health Gua. And suddenly they no longer see a warm and cozy home; they only spot a huge Feng Shui deathtrap.

Relax! That’s not how Feng Shui works. Your life won’t go downwards just because you put your stuff in the wrong place. On the contrary, it’s the other way round: If something in your life is not working out this circumstance will lead you to place your possessions in unfavorable areas. But if your mind, the primary cause of everything in your existence, is and stays on the right track, you can even put a million cacti in your love corner, you will still be alright. You will just subconsciously surround them with items that neutralize the negative Chi.

So the best thing you can do is to focus on positive thinking and use Feng Shui as support. See it as something that can help swing your mind in a better direction. And stop worrying about harmful items, concentrate on what is beneficial! If your intentions are right, Feng Shui (or whatever else you try) will only do you good.



If you want to successfully “Feng Shui your home” in order to improve your life you need to do it with the right intention. Overall, you could say that Feng Shui is a three-dimensional approach to the Law of Attraction (LOA).

(Never heard of the Law of Attraction? Read this book or this book or this book or just stay tuned, I’ll come back to it soon. But you really should get to know it, it’s life-changing!)

I like to combine Feng Shui and the “classic teachings” of the Law of Attraction to boost my manifestations. My LOA rituals, as I call them, have proven to be impressively powerful so far. They are practical actions you can set to get your mind to the right vibe.

Ready to try it out?

First, choose one particular wish you’d like to power-boost. It’s easier to start with something that you really want, but is not on your mind 24/7. Determine which Feng Shui Gua matches the nature of your wish best.

If you want to find the love of your life, go to the back right corner of your home (or room if you mostly occupy one room). If you’d like to take a dream vacation, go to the front right corner of your home (the “Helpful People”-Gua also stands for travelling). Visualize your dream for some minutes, post your wish to the universe and then ask yourself: What would you do if you knew for sure that your dream would come true tomorrow?

If I had to take my dream vacation tomorrow I’d be in trouble. My snorkeling mask is leaking and I’d have to get a new one last minute (because for me there is no dream vacation without staring at fish in the sea for hours). So I could go and buy a new snorkeling mask, thank the universe for granting my wish and hide it somewhere in my Helpful People Gua. And then just forget about it, trusting that my dream vacation is already on its way.

Or I could set up a letter to my cat sitter with all the does and don’ts concerning my furry roommates as well as the vet’s contact and hide the envelope instead of the mask. You can do whatever you like. Just make sure it feels right, won’t ruin you financially and is something physical (so print out the letter instead of using the flash drive on which it’s saved). And then get ready for your dream to come true because chances are big that it will – soon!



We had a surprisingly pleasant Easter this year. Family visits went smooth and easy as never before. No warmed-up arguments, no annoying relatives pushing their beliefs on us. I think it was the first Easter in the history of my family without door slamming and I just couldn’t figure out why.

Then it suddenly hit me: It had to be Feng Shui! In order to solve our financial issues my fiancé and I had “cured” some areas in our house. Of course we had put our main focus on our Prosperity Gua. But we also had tried some Feng Shui on our Family Gua, since that’s the one that represents your foundation and is directly linked to your ability to pay your everyday bills. It worked: Not only did I find some much appreciated banknotes in my Easter basket, without even intending it we also got to enjoy harmonious family moments.

But what was wrong with my Family Gua in the first place? Well, unfortunately the floor plan of my apartment is not rectangular and most part of my Family Gua lies within the unit next door. According to Feng Shui anything that happens over there has the potential to affect my life if I don’t counteract accordingly. And since this whole Feng Shui idea is pretty new to me I didn’t. So when my neighbor moved out some weeks ago and they tore down half the apartment to renovate it, it totally blindsided me and out of the blue I started having financial troubles.

Is your house missing any pieces of the Bagua? Then you might want to do something about it. The very first step? Grab a tape measure and sketch the floor plan of your home. It does not have to be perfect. I used Autodesk Homestyler to draw mine. There is various free software out there; you will also find some free apps.

First I thought I could skip the measuring part and just guess where my Guas are. Maybe you can do so if your spatial imagination is outstanding. But I was totally off and not even aware how much of each Gua was missing – and that one of my Guas wasn’t in my apartment at all.

So I really recommend you to measure your house so you know what your problem areas are. And of course to keep reading, so you find out how to cure them!



If you start taking interest in Feng Shui, pretty soon you’re gonna come across the word “Bagua”. Loosely spoken it’s a grid that divides your home into nine sections, each of which stands for a special area of your life. The single sections are called “Gua”.

And if you break Feng Shui down to its essentials it says that if your love life stinks something is not right with your Love Gua. Sure, to practice “proper” Feng Shui you have to consider a million other aspects and it can get quite complicated. But the Bagua is your Feng Shui basic.

So if you want to change your love life for the better, imagine the Bagua over the floor plan of your house (or, if you mostly just occupy one room, your room), locate the Love Gua and tidy it up! Most likely if your biggest issue is anything romance-related this will be the area where your home is the messiest. Get rid of all junk and clutter, dust your furniture, throw away everything that is broken and just put the whole Gua in order.

Yeah, I’m not that much into cleaning either. But if this little housework does the trick, it’s totally worth it, don’t you agree? If you need more convincing before slipping over your rubber gloves and getting into some cleaning action, next time you’re in someone’s house who’s love life is amazing, try to locate his or hers Love Gua. Is it neat? If it is (and it will be!) there are no more excuses!




I am someone who deeply believes that your mind creates your reality. Especially since I have witnessed it myself on various occasions. Like the time I won 75.000 Euros on a TV show because I decided that I wanted to win exactly that amount. Or the time I found the perfect apartment for an insanely low price although everybody was whining that rents were climbing through the roof. Or like many, many, many other times.

But if it works with the good stuff, it also means that if things are going south, it’s because of my thoughts and expectations, too. And things have been heading pretty south lately.

Unfortunately once you’re in a negative thought spiral it’s pretty hard to start thinking positive again. What turned out to be very helpful in situations like this in the past were rituals. A ritual is a great turning point that helps me believing that from now on things will go in a better direction.

This time I’m going to give some Feng Shui a try. I stumbled upon some books about the ancient Chinese philosophy that states that your home influences your life experience. I have never tried it before, but since I unknowingly seem to already have done some things right according to Feng Shui in those areas of my home that represent the areas of my life that are actually going quite well, I am really curios to try it. And if it works, I’m gonna Feng the Shui out of it!

In her best-selling book “Move your stuff, change your life” Feng Shui consultant Karen Rauch Carter presents a space clearing technique that is supposed to remove negative energy from a room. I recently bought some new bedroom furniture and thought it might be a good start to remove the energy of the previous tenants before assembling it.

She says:

First, clean the room. That includes wiping down the walls and touching every surface in the room if you feel it is necessary. Then, peel an orange, making nine pieces of peel in the process. (Set the orange aside.) Place the peels into a dish of fresh water. Clear the room by flicking the water solution around it, using your two middle fingers and thumb (so your hand looks like bull’s horns before you flick). Do this while intending that the room be freed of the stagnant energy. Give thanks when you are done.

And that’s exactly what I did. I searched for some space clearing music on Youtube, got myself an orange, a bowl of water and a fresh Swiffer duster and hopefully cleared my bedroom of anything negative. I might have forgotten about the “give thanks” part, but I felt quite grateful and happy when I ate the orange afterwards, so I think I’m fine. And now I’m ready for a fresh start with new furniture and great energy. And since my bedroom is in the prosperity area of my home, I’m also ready for anything fantastic considering that part of life that’s about to come!