Hello Guys! How are you all doing? I hope everything is good. So last night my mom and I went to a friends moms one week celebration. My moms friends mother died in Africa and her one week celebration took place here. Usually when someone dies we do wear black black or red, thats why i was wearing black. And the surprising thing was that i met some of my friends there. And as usual we talked shit and laughed our asses off. I was really happy to have met them all. But the boring part was when we were going home. It was really really cold outside and i wanted to cry because i was freezing like shit. But i made it home finally, just laid on my cozy bed after a warm shower ✋😊 My message for you today is that, do not waist time on unnecessary stuffs but rather use it for somethings precious. When u loose someone closer to you, you then start to think how much time did i spent with this person. Did I do the best I could as a friend, a mother, sister or a brother before he or she died? Or I couldn't because things wasn't good between us. I have been thinking of such after this funeral. If you have issues with someone please solve it because you Never know when u will loose someone. In this world you know when u are born or will be born but you never know when you will die....

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