For those, having a Airbnb or vacation rental, but no time and success in running the same as per their expectations, hiring the services of a great property manager is surely an ideal option. For being a good Airbnb or vacation rental host, following fundamentals are a must know for them.

Great communication skills

Creating sites which are visually appealing.

Price monitoring skills, depending on events, seasons and market competition

Skills to make guests feel important

Maintaining the place and providing great amenities

Interacting with guests during their stay

Ensuring 5 star ratings for their premises

In case, the above mentioned points are not possible for you to follow, hiring the services a good and reliable property manager, will make great sense. It will not only save your time and efforts but also ensure the smooth running of your Airbnb or vacation rental.

Given below are few tips on how to go about finding and hiring a good Airbnb management service.

1. Number of properties being managed by him

This should come as your first query while hiring a property manager. And, if the answer is ‘none’, avoid proceeding further, without a second thought. The reason being, if no one is using his services for Airbnb and VR property management, it is definitely not a good sign for you. If the number of properties being managed by him are higher, be assured that, your property will be well looked after. This is an important thing when you think, someone should manage my property in Auckland.

2. Property manager should be capable of providing you with attractive listings for your Airbnb

Creating an attractive listing on rental sites for your Airbnb or VR property is bound to attract more number of guests. The listings should include:

Appealing photographs of your property from different angles

Featuring amenities of your property with the help of photographs

Relevant and comprehensive copy of your listings which is bound to catch the attention of your prospective guests

3. Reviews

Ensure that, your property which is being managed by the property manager is attracting positive reviews, as far as possible. Any negative reviews should be immediately dealt with, by going to the depth of reasons, which have caused them.

4. Finding the USP of property manager

Look out for things, which make the property managers stand apart from others. Some of the things which a good property manager should posses in order to remain in business and garner good reviews for your Airbnb are:

Making it easy for guests by providing helpful guides for local attraction as well as your property.

Surprising the guests with small gifts from time to time.

Providing you with updated status reports of your property and also suggesting tips for improvements.

5. Pricing

A good property manager should keep himself well updated about the market scenario when it comes to deciding about the pricing factor of your property.

Apart from the above mentioned features, a experienced property manager should possess effective communication skills, apart from being able to deal with any emergency situations.

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