Since my American hostsister lives in Northwest Indiana, me and my host family visited her and her husband during Fallbreak, and we had a blast!!

Sunday: medieval times.

We arrived Saturday night after a long drive so we were super tired, but we went to bed and the next morning we woke up and got ready for Sunday’s program. My host parents wanted to take us to Illinois, for something called Medievaltimes. Medieval times is a big event where you sit in a big arena, while knights fight against each other and you get served food. It was very fun, and our green knight even gave me and Carmen a flower!

Monday: Lighthouse Mall

Monday, Genise (my host sister) took me and Carmen to a huge outlet mall, called the Lighthouse mall. It was heaven for me and Carmen, since we really needed clothes and there was sooo many awesome stores. After a ton of shopping we headed home and stopped at this big barn that was all decorated for halloween. We bought cinnamon-apple and pumpkin donuts, and headed home after a long, but fun day.

Tuesday: Chicago!!

Tuesday was Chicago day! We woke up early and drove to the train station, where we were going to take the train to Chicago from. The train took us to Millennium Park, where we saw the Bean, and took many awesome pics. After that we made our way down to the 7 floored Macy’s, which was really cool and very American since it already was decorated for Christmas. After Macy’s we headed toward the Willis Tower, we had lunch at potbelly, and after that we went up in the tower, which was absolutely beautiful! We took an Uber to Navy Pier, and went up in the Ferris wheel. We walked towards the train station and took the train home. We decided to go to this American Diner called Shoops, where we had the most amazing burger and shakes, and after dinner we went to a huge candy factory called Albaneese, where we mixed some candy, and we went home and went straight to bed!

Schoops and Albaneese Candy factory.

Wednesday: Shipshewana

Wednesday Genise took us to something called Shipshewana. Shipshewana is Amish Country where they have a ton of shops with Amish made things. It was very interesting to see and we saw many Amish people too! That night our hostmom drove us a trip around Portage, which is the town she grow up in, and lived in before they moved to Alabama.

Thursday: Shopping.

On Thursday we had a more relaxed day. We went to the local mall and had a hunt for Halloween costumes. We did a ton of shopping and had an amazing dessert at a place called cinnabun. At around 4 o clock Genise drove us to our host dad’s daughter who lives in the same town. We had dinner with her and her husband and stayed there over night.

Friday: Trunk or treat.

Friday was an awesome day! We drove back to Genise’s house and got ready for this event called ‘trunk or treat’. It was a big Halloween event where all the kids dressed up and went around to all these different places to trick or treat. It was super fun and me and Carmen both trick or treated and also handed out candy to all the cute children! After the event we went to Chipotle and had dinner, and after that we went to this amazing cupcake store, with the most creative and awesome cupcakes!! We drove home and ate our cupcakes while watching the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus.

Saturday: going home and St. Louis

Early Saturday morning we headed home and our plan was to stop at St. Louis, in Missouri and there we saw the Gateway Arch which was incredibly Beautiful! That night we arrived in Alabama around 10.30pm that night and I was super exhausted but still so amazed by such a great fall break!

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July 19th

The first day was travel day!, first to Brussels and then to JFK, NY. When we finally arrived at the airport we were greeted by a lot of energetic ambassadors who cheered and it was amazing that we finally had arrived but we were all incredibly tired, so after a 3 hour bus ride to the beautiful Muhlenberg College in Pensylvania and some Food, I fell asleep immediately!

July 20th

The second day of the camp started out that we had a "nation parade" where everyone from the different countries walked in a long parade and cheered for their country. We then went into the large cafeteria and were divided into our so-called 'homerooms', which were the classes we would have the different classes with. In addition, we were also divided into highschools, which in the recent days competed against each other in various competitions and tournaments. After dinner we should have had something called Amazing Race, but it was replaced with a movie, because a thunderstorm was ahead of us.

July 21st
Day # 2 was about having classes that addressed the livestyle of an exchange student in the United States and how to tackle different situations that you meet. Before and after dinner we did activities where I had chosen zumba and softball. After that we made a Peprally, which is where you have a lot of cheers and then every highschool cheer for themselves and the high school that had the best cheers and screamed the loudest won. And my highschool won, GO PENGUINS!!

July 22nd

Saturday we had classes again, and we signed up for acticities, where I did American Football and art. Art was after dinner, and when we had to go back from art, it was pouring rain. the house where we were, was kinda far from the main house, so luckily some of the staff members, came in cars to pick us up, but most of the people had to run, and everybody was soaking wet. In the main house, we had a game night, where the high schools compeeted against each other again. we did all sorts of challenges, and it was super fun!

July 23rd
This day was the trip to NYC! In our homeroom we had planned what we wanted to see, sp we started out with driving from Muhlenberg at 6am to New Jersey. We took the ferry to The statue and liberty, where we took tons of photos and just explored. Then we sailed further over to Manhattan and walked to Ground Zero. It was super beautiful, but also very sentimental. We walked over to a subway station, and that took us to Central Park, where we has an hour to explore. My group decided to go to Starbucks, and see some of the stores on Fifth Avenue. After that, we walked to the Rocker Feller Center, went to the top, and after that we saw Grand Central Station and had cupcakes at Magnolia bakery. Lastly we walked to Times Square, and then took the busses back home. So it was a great, but long day in New York.

July 24th

Monday, I was super tired, but an amazing day was still ahead of us. We ate breakfast and had classes as usual, and what was one of the best thing about camp, was when music would play all over the cafeteria and the ambassadors would make up a huge dance. I think YMCA, party in USA and don't stop believing was played probably a hundred times, haha. We also had a prom the last day and so many people did creative promposals, which was super fun! In the evening we had a volleyball tournament, where the high schools competed against each other. I was on the team and we won two and lost one.

The 25th of July

On Tuesday we had the usual classes and we had to eat dinner early because we were going to a baseball game! On the way there we rode school buses for the first time, and I must admit they're kinda overrated, but it was still really fun. At the baseball game, we had learned the song "take me out to the ballgame" and it was awesome to feel the American culture, while being surrounded by friends from all over the world. And even though the home team didn't win, it was still such a good experience.

The 26th of July.

Wednesday the trip went to Dorney park which is an amusement park about 15min from the campus. We basically just ran around trying roller coasters and they had an awesome water park too, but the lines were pretty long though. That night we had something called a state dinner, which was where you sat and ate dinner with everyone who was going to the same state as you. I had all ready met some of the people going to Alabama but it was really funny to meet and talk to everyone going the same place as me. After that we had volleyball finals and penguins (my high school) played in the finals and came second!

July 27th

Thursday was just a very regular day, it was the last day with classes. We also made a drone video with everybody in it. We shaped and EF, a smiley and a heart! We had activities and in the evening everybody had a meeting, where we got information about our departure. After that we went to our rooms and we had to pack, but we went outside instead and just had a fun time, at the last night.

July 28th

I had no idea that the camp would have gone by that fast! The last day was really sentimental. But in our home room we checked in to our flights and after that we went outside to the graduation. It was really nice and we got a diploma for completing the camp. We had to pack before lunch, and after that we went to a talent show, where the exchange students showed off some amazing skills. From singing and playing instruments to dancing. And everybody was so talented! The teachers and the ambassadors also did a performance and we finally got to know their nationalities! In the evening we had prom which was really fun but also really sad. We danced and took pictures, but also played some basketball including lying on the floor in the middle of the court. I was on one of the first busses, so I didn't get to go to bed, but instead I stayed up and saying goodbye was really hard. Mostly because you don't expect to bond so much with people in just 10 days, but you really do. I've met people that I will never forget and going off to 10 months in the states doesn't seem so terrifying anymore, with new friends all over the country, that is experiencing the same thing. My plane left at 6am from Newark airport, and by 11am I was with my hostfamily! It's great here, but not a single day goes by without me missing it like crazy. Camp was absolutely the best decision ever, and if you are a new student, who is traveling with EF and is considering camp, then do it. I promise that you will not regret it!!

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Wow, så fik jeg endelig sat mig ned og skrevet et indlæg til bloggen! Utrolig mange ting er sket siden sidst, og nu hvor jeg er færdig med 9. klasse, har jeg endelig tid og overskud, til at fokusere 100% på USA! Jeg holdt i går, d. 24/6, et lille afskedsarrangement, for nogle af mine tætte veninder, og det var simpelthen så hyggeligt. Vi spiste lækker mad (og kage, haha) og hyggede ellers bare. Det var utrolig dejligt at se dem, men også meget vemodigt. Jeg kan slet ikke forestille mig en hverdag uden dem. 

Det sidste stykke tid, er der sket helt vildt meget; min søster er blevet student, jeg er færdig med 9. klasse og sommerferien er startet! Det er slet ikke til at fatte, at jeg d. 19. juli sidder i et fly mod USA, der er så meget jeg skal nå inden da. 


​​wow, I finally found the time to sit down and write a blogpost! So many things have happened since, and now that I am done with school, I have the time and energy, to focus a 100% on my travel to the USA! Yesterday, I had a small going away party, with some of my closest friends, and it was so fun. We ate delicious food (and cake, haha) and we just had a great time. It was extremely nice to se them, but also kind of sad. I just can't imagine an everyday life without them.

The past week, a lot has happened; my sister graduated highschool, I have finished 9. grade​and summerbreak has started. I just can't comprehend, that the 19th of July, I'm sitting in a plane on my way to the states. I have to do so much before the departure! 

Love, Liv

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Så er tiden kommet hvor jeg langt om længe fik en værtsfamilie! Jeg tror at når du ikke tænker over hvor du kommer til at bo, så lige pludselig sker det. Det føles fantastisk, men på en måde også meget mere realistisk. Jeg rejser den 19. juli og indtil da, er det bare med at nyde Danmark, hvis smukke forår endelig er ankommet. Hele 4 grader, men solen skinner og det er blå himmel, så det får smilet frem.

Nå, men nu til det vigtige. I fredags da jeg var på vej i sommerhus, modtog jeg en sms fra et internationalt nummer, og det første ord der kom ud af min mund, var OMG! Min familie spurgte nysgerrigt hvad der var sket og jeg viste dem beskeden. Der stod at de havde spændende nyheder til mig og at jeg skulle kontakte mit lokale kontor for nærmere informationer. Det gjorde jeg straks, og den går straks på telefonsvarer, hvor der bliver fortalt at de har lukket og at de åbner igen på mandag kl 9. HVAD?! jeg er i forvejen meget spændt og kan på nuværende tidspunkt ikke rigtig forholde mig til at jeg skal vente tre dage. Jeg skriver derefter til min kontaktperson på facebook, og for derefter af vide at en fra kontoret vil kontakte mig om lidt. Okay, nu ved jeg godt at det er en værstfamilie!! der går hele 10 minutter før min telefon og det føles som 10 timer. Men endelig ringer telefonen, og jeg får af vide at jeg har fået en værtsfamilie i Alabama!

De hedder Gina og Bucky, er i 60'erne og er nyligt pensioneret og flyttet fra Chicago til Alabama. De har ikke hjemmeboende børn, men elsker at opleve, være ude, sejle og meget mere. Da jeg ankommer til sommerhuset, skriver jeg til dem på email og straks modtager jeg en venneanmodning fra min værtsmor. Vi skrev frem og tilbage lidt, og efter maden ringede de mig op. Det virkede lidt overvældende, da det hele var sket så hurtigt, men jeg tog telefonen og vi snakkede i godt og vel halvanden time. Det er virkelig søde og meget nede på jorden.

Da jeg lå i min seng den aften, kunne jeg ikke andet end at smile. Jeg kunne virkelig ikke tro at jeg havde fået en værtsfamilie. Jeg skal undersøge ting jeg gerne vil se i området, så hvis i kender nogle gode ting at opleve i staterne omkring Alabama, så lad mig høre!

Jeg håber i har fået en dejlig start på foråret.

Knus Liv


The time has finally come for me to get a host family! I think that when you haven't thought about where you're going to stay for a while, then suddenly it happens. It feels amazing, but also very realistic now. I'm leaving on the 19th of july and until then, its all about enjoying Denmark, where the beautiful spring, finally has arrived! Whole 4 degrees Celsius, but the sun is shining and there is blue sky, so it brings up a little smile.

So, now to the important stuff. On friday I was on my way to our summerhouse, and i received a text from a foreign number. The first thing I said was OMG! my family ask curiously what had happened and I showed them the text. It said that they had exciting news for me and that I should contact my local office for more information. I did that immediately and the number went straight to voicemail where it said that they had closed and would open again on monday 9am. WHAT?! I was already very excited and now I had to wait further time to get more information? So then i wrote to my contact person, who said that someone from the office would contact me. I waited 10mins which felt like 10 hours, but anyway, They called me and said that I had gotten a family in Alabama!

Their names are Gina and Bucky, are newly retired and have moved from chicago to Alabama recently. they don't have homeliving children, but love to explore, be outside, sailing and more! when I arrived to the summerhouse i emailed them and shortly after, I got a facebook friend request from my host mother. we wrote a little back and fourth and after dinner they called me, and we talked for 1,5hours! they seem so nice and down-to-earth. 

When I laid in my bed that day, I couldn't help but smile. I couldn't believe that I finally had gotten a host family. It was surreal and very overwhelming, but in a very good way. I have to do some research for things that I would like to see in the area, so if you have any suggestions in the area or nearby states, then please send a comment! I would love some inspiration :-) 


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Wow tiden går hurtigt!

Jeg fatter ikke at hele december måned gik så stærkt. Det føltes som om, at de allerede var i går at jeg satte mig i sofaen, forventningsfuld, for at se DRs nye julekaldener. Men juleaften ankom altså i går, og den havde alle de gode minder med i favnen. Dog kunne intet slå julehyggen der spredte sig i vores hus, julemusikken som spillede ud af vores højtaler og ikke mindst JULEMADEN! Intet slår duften af andesteg der steger på livet løs i køkkenet, og rødkålen som far steger. Den karameliserede duft fra de brune kartofler der sitrer. Ahh.. Jeg elsker jul.

Måske, har det noget at gøre med at min fødselsdag falder d. 23. december og man derfor altid har lidt ekstra at se frem til.

Jeg kunne dog ikke lade være med at skænke bare en lille tanke til næste år. Jeg har stadig ikke fået værtsfamilie, btw. men tanken om at skulle tilbringe julen et andet sted end sine faste trygge rammer hjemme i Danmark, er mærkelig. Af en eller anden underlig grund, bliver tanken om kalkun juleaften ved med at poppe op i mit hovede. Kalkun?! det er ikke lige min favoritmad, men glæder mig da til at smage det.

Tror ikke helt at jeg kan vænne mig til ideen om, at jeg faktisk snart skal til USA. Tiden er jo knap og seks måneder går ligepludselig, som et splitsekund.

Ps. Min hund var ikke meget for at stå model juleaften. Hun føler sig vel lidt for fin på den, når hun har adidas hættetrøje på haha..


Wow, time is going by so fast!

I don't get that the Christmas month went by so fast. It felt like yesterday, that i sat down in the couch, hopefully, and saw the first episode of the TV Christmas calendar. But Christmaseve arrived yesterday, and it had brought all the good memories. though can nothing beat the christmascozyness that spredt in our house. The christmas music from our speaker, and the best; The Christmas food! nothing compares to the smell of roasted duck roasting in the oven, and the red cabbage, as dad is cooking. The caramelized smell from the caramelized potatoes. Ahh.. I love christmas.

Maybe it has something to do with that my birthday is on December 23rd. Therefor I have a little extra to look forward to.

I couldn't help but thinking about next year. I still haven't got my host family yet, btw. But the thought of spending Christmas another place than my save place in Denmark, is weird. For some odd reason, is the thought of eating turkey for Christmas popping up in my head. Turkey?! I mean it's not my favorite food, but I'm exited to try it out.

I don't think, that I really can get used to the fact that I'm actually going to the USA in six months! Time flies by so quick and soon it's time to leave.

I don't think my dog was very exited to pose for our annual christmas foto. I think she is feeling a little sassy because she is wearing Adidas Jumper, haha. Gonna miss her though :-(


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Jeg hedder Liv og jeg skal på udveksling i år 17/18. Jeg tager af sted til sommer og jeg venter stadig i spænding på at få mere af vide om min fremtidige værtsfamilie.

Det er surealistisk at tænke på, at jeg om allerede et år befinder mig på den anden side af jordkloden, et sted hvor jeg højst sandsynligt aldrig har sat en fod før. Dog er jeg utrolig spændt, og jeg kan ikke vente med at finde ud af hvor jeg befinder mig om 10 måneder.

For et par uger siden, færdiggjorde jeg den sidste del af min ansøgning, og nu kan jeg rent faktisk få en familie.

Jeg tror ikke helt, jeg har indset at jeg skal af sted næste år, men nogle gange kan jeg godt mærke sommerfuglene flyve rundt inde i maven. Jeg glæder mig så forfærdelig meget til at tage af sted, og opleve en hel ny kultur.

Som sagt rejser jeg med EF, og jeg føler virkelig at det er et godt valg. Jeg vil kort beskrive hvad der er sket indtil videre i processen.

d. 9/8: Jeg var til et interview inde på EF kontoret i København, hvor jeg snakkede i godt to timer med en medarbejder inde fra EF, som selv havde været af sted. Jeg fik af vide om alt der var godt at vide om at være en udvekslingsstudent og det gav virkeligt et godt indblik i, hvordan livet som udvekslingsstudent ville være.

et par dage efter fik jeg et opkald om at jeg var blevet optaget hos EF, og at interviewet var gået rigtig godt!

Mange måneder gik, og jeg fik blandt alle mine overspringshandlinger udfyldt og underskrevet alle de papirer som EF skulle bruge til at finde mig en familie.
En af disse var min 'student video' som min søster (som også har været udvekslingsstudent) sagde var rigtig vigtig. Jeg ville derfor gerne have, at den skulle være et godt billede af mig som person og den skulle vise hvem jeg var. I videoen viste jeg kort mit hus og så gav jeg en rundtur af min skole.

Nu venter jeg bare i spænding, på at få besked om hvor jeg skal bo. Jeg har hørt at dette er en lang proces og kan tage op til mange måneder, men jeg håber dog at jeg er en der har fået familie tidligt!

I må have det forrygende indtil vi skrives ved igen,



My name is Liv and I'm going on an exchange year in 17/18. I'm leaving this summer, and I'm still waiting in excitement to know more about my future host family. 

It's surreal to think about, that already in a year I'm situated on the other side of the planet, a place where I'm most likely to not have visited before. Although I'm extremely excited, and I can't wait to figure Out where I'm staying.

I don't really think I've realized that I'm already leaving next year, but sometimes I can feel the butterflies flying around in my stomach. 

As mentioned I'm traveling with EF, and I really feel like it's a good choice. I briefly want to describe what happened so far in the process.  

the 9th of August: I was at an interview At the EF office in Copenhagen, where I talked a good two hours with a worker at EF, who had spent an exchange year himself. I learned about everything that was good to know about being an exchange student. And it gave a great impact on how the life as an exchange student would be.

After a couple of days, I got a call from EF saying that a was admitted, and that the interview had been really good.

Well, many months went by, and after all my procrastinations I finally completed all the papirs, that EF needed to find me a family.
One of the things that i had to do was my 'student video'. My sister, who has been an Exchangestudent as well, said this was really important. Therefor I wanted it to be perfect and it had to be a good picture of who I am. In the video I shortly showed my house and then I gave a tour of my school.

Now I'm just waiting, to get to know where I'm staying. I've heard that this is a long process and it can take up to months, but I hope that I'm one of the persons who gets a host family early.

You guys have a great time! 

Kærligst, // Love,

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