Spontaneous Road trip

After drinking what feels like too many Guinness on an Irish pub somewhere in Köln, me and my friends randomly decided to take a road trip to the Netherlands and camp there. The next day we woke up early and hit the road. Blasting some Spotify music on the speakers and almost 3 hours later we arrived at Zandvoort in the Netherlands.

Next thing we know, we put our tent up close by the beach and were ready to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets in that beautiful beach.

The sun was shining, people were surfing, others were playing with the sand and we had our drinks ready to watch the sunset and spend some quality time together.

After the sunset, we went back to our tent, played some music, got to chat and meet with other people who were camping there and the night was just wonderful. The next day we had decided to go to Amsterdam, since it is only a 30 minutes drive away.


After waking up way to early the next morning, feeling like zombies we were all craving coffee so we drove directly to Amsterdam. Once we arrived, Amsterdam was just as beautiful and messy as always. 



Jump on a plane

It all started with a late night train ride to Copenhagen Airport where I had to wait for my early morning flight. After spending the night at the airport, I was ready for an early morning 3 hour flight of movie watching and trying to get some sleep in an uncomfortable position in the tiny chair I was seated (tall person problem). At the airport in Kosovo I got greeted by family members and after taking the longest nap I've ever taken, I was ready for the adventure.

The mountains are calling

Since Kosovo is known for its beautiful nature where you can hike or go rock climbing, we decided to try via ferrata in the city of Peja, which also was our way of remembering the great time we'd had in this wonderful country.

After contacting this group called "Marimangat" who are known for arranging this kind of activities, we started our adventure in the beautiful mountains of Peja.

Be present

After climbing for an hour and after feeling the adrenaline crawling through my entire body, we reached the highest point where the view of the city was incredibly beautiful! The houses and the people were tiny while the mountains were big and only kept growing stronger on me. The feeling of being present and feeling the connection with mother nature, not only made a positive and healing impact to my body but also to my mind. It connected me with my true self. The air that I breathed up there was so fresh, soft and crisp like an apple plucked straight from the branch.

This was an experience I will not forget and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has had the thought or chance to really try it. There is no better feeling in the whole wide world, than to find yourself and feel alive. Remember to enjoy life and live in the moment.

Love always,

Nina. x



Hello, there lovely human reading this!

To begin with, I made this blog as a way of sharing some moments of my life and hopefully reaching out to other people who appreciate things I love doing and in a way inspire each other.

As a food lover, I enjoy making myself a lovely breakfast since I find breakfast being a very important way of starting your day. Therefore, I decided my first post to be this! My everyday breakfast. It is very easy to make and not only does it taste yummy, it also makes you feel wonderful throughout the whole day!

I'm very excited to share this with all you internet people and I hope you all give it a try and enjoy it!

All my love,

Nina x

Smoothie bowl


Blueberry and Raspberry homemade smoothie

Chia seeds

Banana, Mango and Raspberries