It is the third day here in paradise and I am going to visit the Sefton Park today. It is the biggest park in Liverpool and I have heard there is a huge wrought iron Palm House.

Wow! What a building! I have been going around in the park for a few hours and right now I am sitting on a bench under a wonderful tree. I have forgot to tell you that my mother showed up at the hotel this morning. My mother is turning 48 tomorrow and I had a wish to celebrate her birthday with her here in Liverpool. Guess if I were lucky when she knocked on the door... She had a surprise to me: She had booked a bus tour called "Magical Mystery Tour". It is (of course) a bus tour with a few stops in Liverpool - all based on the story behind The Beatles.

Let me tell you a little about the Magical Mystery Tour. The tour started at Albert Dock and during two hours we saw all the places associated with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison & Ringo Starr. We saw all their childhood homes, schools and also visited some places like Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane. It was an amazing trip because the guide told us a lot of funny and unexpected things about the boys in The Beatles and they played Beatles-songs in the speaker which increased the atmosphere a lot.

The Magical Mystery Tour were finished just outside the Cavern Club, were The Beatles once started their career. We listened to some of The Beatles resident musicians. Some of them sounded just like John & Paul - wonderful!

I will end the travel blog here by telling you that I am not going to go back to Sweden. I have just fallen in love with this city and I will stay here until I will miss my friends at home to much. I will sleep the last night in my bed at the hotel and then me and my mother will move into our newly purchased apartment within a stone´s throw from Albert Dock. The funny thing is that I did not bought a return ticket, and today my mother told me she did not either...

What a surprise, right? It will be funny to see when I am going to Sweden again, because Liverpool is my home now.

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Woke up like a queen today (queen size bed you know), I feel fresh and I have a lot of energy to spend during the whole day. I have just taken a shower and get dressed so I am ready to walk down the stairs and enter the restaurant at the Hotel for some breakfast. (Typical English breakfast included bacon, sausages, eggs, toast and baked beans)


After the breakfast I took a walk down the Hanover Street and walked until I reached the famous tourist attraction Albert Dock. The Albert dock is a whole bunch of dock buildings and warehouses. The Civil Engineer Jesse Hartley developed plans for a combined dock and warehouse system in 1837 and the first ships entered Albert Dock in February 1845. The whole construction with a combined dock building and warehouse system were completed and inaugurated in 1846. The dock is dedicated to Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria.

You see the Ferris wheel to the left on the last picture? I rode it twice.. heh.

There was a lot ot visiters and tourists in the city today and throughout my walk for three hours I wondered why. When I came back to the hotel I started my laptop and googled it. I found out it was because of the Open Championship at Royal Liverpool Golf Club. It is the 143rd Open Championship and Royal Liverpool Golf Club are organizing their 12th Open Championship this year. It is teeming with people!



What a wonderful city! I am so overwhelmed. Did you got your head around it? Of course it is Liverpool!

Maybe you wonder why someone like me choose to visit Liverpool? What does the city has to offer? Like I told you before Liverpool has everything you need. Ever since I was a little kid my father always told me about The Beatles. I used to listen to their songs all day long even though my friends in school laughed at me. I have made a playlist with five songs that will take you to Liverpool, enjoy!

So... Welcome to Liverpool! I landed at Manchester Airport around 12:30 and arrived in Liverpool about two hours later. It is mandatory to lay down in the queen size bed for a couple of minutes and after that I ran off for some late lunch. I got a table at Jamie´s Italian which suited me great! I ordered a wonderful oxtail lasagne with 12-hour slow-cooked oxtail. Yum!

I will spend the rest of the day just walking around in this beautiful area and my beauty sleep will take place at Britannia Adelphi Hotel.



From Copenhagen Airport it takes about two hours until you arrive to your destination. Or it is actually not your destination, but you will probably spend a day or two in this neighborhood. After you have caught your bagage, your next thing to do is to find the railwaystation. The train will take you from the airport to a city offering a lot of shopping, interesting culture, an amazing football experience to share with 55000 other footballfreaks and of course a lot of beer.

The breakfast will certainly be the disappointment regarding the food, but in case of emergency there is a Subway restaurant near the central station. The weather is very similar the weather in Sweden so do not expect two weeks on the beach. A beach will be hard to find because in this city there is only access to a reopened dock with a several boats. Another clue about the city is that it is not the capital in the country. However, it has more museums and galleries than any other city outside of the capital.

If you would like to enjoy the city on foot I think that is a great idea. But if you rather prefer to enjoy the city from the comfort of a "routemaster", go right ahead. If you are interested in a different kind of culture, you can visit one of seven Chinatowns in the country and the oldest Chinese community in Europe on Duke Street. I presume that you already know which city I am talking about, right? Remember that you will never walk alone down Penny Lane...