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The weather has been sooo nice these past few days ! I Spring is definitely coming and I really want to go shopping. I want to buy clothes that makes me happy when I wear them, so it's all about ruffles, sweet colours, yellow things and vintage feel.

Fortunately for me, H&M new collection seems to summarize everything I want ! Here's a selection of the pieces I would like to buy.

I love this yellow tone ! It makes me happy just to look at this skirt .

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I truly hope that your week went better than mine !

We had an awful lot of work to do for college and an oral presentation to make for today. And, of course, I hate speaking in public.... I'm quite good at it, because I can make people believe that I'm a natural at it, but I HATE it ! Fortunately, the presentation was a group one, so I wasn't alone in hell : I had 4 other students suffering with me.

Public speaking wasn't the only horrible thing that happened to me this week : other things got me worried, angry or annoyed and I must confess that my top new year resolution (I'll live a happier, better and quieter life) just crushed into pieces.

In order to celebrate this hectic week, here's a little selection of funny random facts that happened to me during the week.

A yellow highlighter got opened in my bag. The highlighter was ruined and my bag was yellow on the inside... I was so furious I did emotional eating and ate a lot of candies :(

On Tuesday, I met with the four students that were part of my administrative law group for the now famous oral presentation. We were supposed to rehearse our presentation and know our "texts" but of course, we were all too stressed for this.

Some of our teachers think we never sleep/eat/shower. At least that's how I felt this week when I saw the number of classes that replaced at inconvenient times, such as 6 p.m. to 8 p.m... I usually have classes early in the morning (starting at 8:30 a.m.) and I get up at 5 a.m., so staying focused on law lectures until 8 p.m. are a real challenge. But teachers don't care, obviously.

Other teachers ask you vicious questions during tutorials. When this happens, I wonder if we speak the same language...

Now, at least, we can have a little break, because it's Friday !!!

But next week is our Spring Break. And in Belgium, Spring Break is dedicated to studying for June exams... So, the weekend will be extremely funny

So, next week, I'll probably get back to this kind of mood.

And after Spring Break, this will be the feeling I have about the second semester of my third year in law school.

I hope you guys have a nice weekend !



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It's time for some study tips for students in general and not only law students !

As students , we all know that one of the secrets to good grades is organization.

My first organization routine consisted in using a bullet journal. It flattered my ego (when I was able to tick off all the tasks for a day) but also my eye (when I made it look pretty).

The trouble is that I’m not really gifted for DIY, aesthetic or handcraft. And making my bullet journal look “pretty” (and instagram friendly, let’s be honest) took me a lot of time.

When I realised this, I stopped using my bullet journal and stored it in my desk drawer. I though I would never open it again. Studying already takes a lot of time and losing my tiny free-time periods in making my bullet journal pretty just seemed a waste of time to me.

But then, I realized that I could use my bullet journal in other ways.

I took it off my drawer and experimented a bit with it - during holidays, so I didn’t lose more time with the thing :-)

Today, I’ve found a way of keeping organized : I make simple bullet lists. Like the ones you can make online when using an app like Evernote , for example.

I usually write the date of the day or the week. I add a little motivating quote (I find them on Tumblr :p) and then, I start making plans for the day or for the week.

It's a great method for me because it doesn't take much time and it allows me to stay organized and in top of things.



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Hi everyone ! I hope you're all doing fine.

Today, I wanted to share what I did this morning. I usually love mornings, because they feel like a fresh start. I'm getting up earlier each day and I love it : I feel energetic, less lazy, and it allows me to plan my day as I want !

1. Coffee !

The first thing I did was drinking a HUGE cup of coffee. I suffer from asthma and today is a really bad day for it, and I discovered, a few years ago, that caffein helps a lot. So coffee or Coke are my best allies when I don't feel well ☕

2. Time to get dressed !

I don't know about you, but I'm not a pajama kind of person. I hate keeping my pajama in the morning. Just the other day, I listened to classmates conversations : two other girls were talking about their working/studying habits and one of them said that she loved staying in her pajama all day while studying... I was totally puzzled by this, since I can't imagine working without proper clothes on. I mean, I don't put on anything sophisticated when I'm studying at home, but I like to be ready to go out if I need to 👠

3. Planning, baby !

The upcoming week is going to be a nightmare. I have 12 super important studies related tasks to complete before the 23rd of March, most of them for my Administrative Law practicals. I don't feel like I've been lazy this semester but apparently all the work and studying I've gone through weren't enough. This is so unfair ! 😡

I also need to complete my Family Law paper. Fortunately, I started this one early and I have only 5 to 8 pages to write...

4. Work like a boss !

And now, I'm working like a slave to get as much as possible done before this weekend 💪

5. Live/Eat healthily

I intend to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to get through this awful day. I've also prepared some almonds to chew while I write a project of civil petition for my Administrative Law practicals 🍎🍊🍉🍓🍆🍅

How was your morning ?

Take care of you !



Things about me

1. Mind Maps and flashcards are awesome for me. Summaries don't work for me because I always put to much information in them. While Mind Maps and flashcards force me to keep only the relevant information.

2. I love being productive and I love doing fitness sessions at home ♥

3. Going to class early is bliss. You get your classroom just for yourself and it allows you to work in a quiet environment 👌

4. By the way, it is possible to go to class with a kidney infection, but non recommended. I dis this the whole week and now I guess I could die from pain. Fortunately, I don't have to go back to college before Tuesday. But I'm glad to know that I'm stronger than I thought 💪

5. Being nice to other people is part of who I am. I can't help it and if I did, I would feel guilty. I know some people are taking advantage of this, but I don't mind anymore, because I accept who I am 😊

Have a nice weekend !




J'étais impatiente de voir le weekend arriver et pourtant j'ai passé ma soirée à travailler mon T.D. de droit de la famille (en jetant de temps en temps un œil sur l'écran de télé, puisqu'il y avait diffusion d'un épisode des Enquêtes de Vera en V.O.). Parce que, quand on est en fac de droit, le talent ne suffit pas pour réussir : il faut travailler dur !

Ma soirée a tout de même été productive et je pourrai me permettre de caser une bonne séance de sport dans mon planning, ainsi que la préparation de plusieurs salades de fruits ❤.

I was sooo eager to reach the weekend ! But despite that, I spent my Friday night working on my Family Law paper (while watching, from the corner of the eye, an episode of Vera Stanhope on television). Because when you're in law school, talent is never enough : you have to work hard !

The evening was productive despite the telly on. I will be able to do a fitness session and to prepare fruit salads ❤.




Enfin vendredi ! J'avais hâte d'y arriver après une longue semaine de cours. Malheureusement, les prochaines semaines s'annoncent encore pires, puisque les séances de travaux pratiques recommencent la semaine prochaine jusqu'au 12 mai. Je compte donc bien prendre des forces ce weekend afin d'être d'attaque pour la semaine prochaine.

1° Il faut absolument que je m'occupe de mes cheveux. Mon dernier henné remonte au mois d'août et il est grand temps de redonner un coup de soleil à ma crinière ;

2° Une petite séance de fitness me ferait le plus grand bien ;

3° Fruits et légumes seront au menu. J'ai pris les devant en allant acheter des clémentines (sans doute les dernières de la saison), des raisins, une grosse mangue, des kiwis, des poires, des bananes et des pommes !

Et, bien entendu, je compte étudier, mettre mes notes de la semaine au propre et avancer dans la rédaction de mon travail dirigé de droit de la famille. J'ai aussi plein de doctrine à lire, alors j'ai intérêt à m'y mettre très vite.

Et vous, quels sont vos plans pour ce weekend ? Dites-moi tout !

Friday at last ! I was looking forward to it after a long week full of hard work for college. Unortunately, the upcoming weeks will be packed and tiring as weel : practicals start back this week and will last until the 24th of May. I intend to relax a lot this weekend in order to be ready for it.

1° I must take care of my hair. My last henna dates back to August and my mane needs a bit of sunlight ;

2° A fitness session would be great ;

3° Fruits and vegetables will be eaten. I bought tangerines (probably the last ones for this year), grapes, a mango, kiwis, pears, bananas and apples.

I also intend to work for college : I have a lot to study, some notes to take and I have to prepare my Family Law paper. I also have some compulsory reading to prepare.

What about your plans for the weekend ? Tell me about it !



#tbt : il y a deux semaines, je profitais de quelques jours de congé après ma session d'examens de janvier. Et ces quelques jours sont passés beaucoup trop vite 😓 J'en ai profité pour lire quelques romans et pour feuilleter en avance quelques livres de cours (on n'est jamais prêt trop tôt).

Il est déjà temps de se remettre au travail, d'autant que le second semestre s'annonce chargé et les cours très techniques : droit administratif, droit des contrats, droit commercial, droit du travail, comparative law et criminologie des populations marginalisées. Une raison de plus pour vivre une vie saine : je vais avoir besoin de toutes mes forces pour la session de juin ! 💪💪