Hello! ♥

My whole idea of this blog started with my desire to share with you my fulfilled dreams, so this topic is going to be a main one here.

I want to begin with a day when everything started - when I started fulfilling my dreams.

November 4, 2015 - "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2" world premiere in Berlin

I don't know where I should start and what should I say to not bore you. I have been "in love" with Liam Hemsworth for several years now. I simply adore him as an actor and a human being. All of the preparations for a trip to Berlin happened so fast that they are a little bit blurry. I've loved him (still do) so I was talking with one of my best friends about new part of "The Hunger Games" in which he played, told her that I would die if I could meet him. And then, all of a sudden, Anna (my bf), found out that there is a premiere in Paris and Liam will be there 100%. "Wow whaaat?" My real reaction haha. We've started looking for plain tickets etc. but then she found out that there is a premiere in Berlin too, with the main cast, because it's a world wide premiere. And then all of it went fast. We bought tickets for a bus, planned whole trip etc.

At the 3th of November 2015 we arrived in Berlin and we did one of the craziest things in my life - we spent WHOLE NIGHT at freezing cold, in place where in the evening of the 4th was that film premiere. We thought that it will give as a better spot, some privileges. But long story short, in the morning organizers of this "event" have driven us from place to place all day and at the end, somehow we made it to the second row behind the barriers.

Whole event is kind of a blur cause I still can't believe that I saw face to face all those amazing actors, that I have their autographs. OH MY GOD. But, I've started with a declaration of love to Liam, so what happened with him you may ask. Soooo. Basically, he autographed my book. I was the last person at my side of the red carpet who received his autograph. And, because of all those emotions and thought that I finally saw him in real life, just after he ended his autograph in my book I've started crying sooo much that I couldn't stop till almost the end of this whole "event". Of course those were tears of happiness.

The next day we went with Anna to the tunnel where they were filming one scene and came back home to Poland.

This amazing day, beside the fact that was so emotional and simply wonderful, has changed my life, seriously. That day I've decided to start fulfilling my dreams, to live happy and to never doubt in my capability and that with a bit of a luck and work every dream can come true!




This is my first post, yay! I can't believe that I'm finally doing it. ♥

I guess I should start with some informations about me.

I'm from Poland, so that means that English is not my everyday language. I will try to write properly, but to the very beginning, I want to apologize for any future mistakes. Forgive me. ;-)

I'm 20, I'm studying Spanish Philology, which I love with all my heart! My friends call me Martens (because why not haha) or Sparrow (because of my surname), so that's why those two "names" appear on my blog.

I love my friends. I love my family. To this day life thought me a lot of things, but I'm glad of all my experiences - I would be a completely different person if not for them. Of course, like every teenager (not so much anymore but I still feel 16 hahaha), I have bad and good times. I have days that I love everyone, and days when I hate everything, including myself. But I'm learning how to stay positive no matter what and that's the main reason why I finally started this blog.

First, there was a YouTube account. To be honest - few of them. But again and again something wasn't good enough for me.

So here I am!

I want to write about dreams. Share those I have already fulfilled and those that are still waiting on my "Before I die" list.
I want to write about happiness. How I'm dealing with my bad times, how to find little spark of happiness even though all goes wrong.
I want to write about TV series, movies, books. Share reviews of those I have already watched/read.

Simply, I want to share positive thinking. In this world, we all need some more positivity sometimes. :-)

I hope you're going to like me, support me and share with me all your thoughts - about my posts, your experiences or whatever you want. Let's start this journey! ♥