This year, just like last year, we decided to go back to Cape Town, South Africa. Instead of going in December for Christmas. We decided to go for 14 days in Sept-Oct.

Last year we had a wonderful trip but we her only there for one week which really wasnt enough time, but all three of us loved it. But this year we decided to do something different while down there. We planned a road trip from Cape Town to Stellenbosch, Gansbaai, Hermanus and the back to Cape Town. One whole weekend away to expore.

September is the beginning of spring which is making us unsure about how the weather will be like. And we all know that the weather can also change quite quickly when it is spring, especially in the beginning on the season. But we are hoping for nice warm days while we are there.

We decided to fly down with Emirates again. That reason being it has been the best airline we have been flown down with. Hands Down. Making emirates the obvious choice once again.

We all are so excited to go on this relaxing holiday and just enjoy ourselves.

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Hey everybody!

For so many months i have been thinking about doing the big chop to get my curls back after all the heat damage I have caused to it. But I never had the courage to actually do it. Instead I carried on damaging my hair, which occassionally trimming my hair and of course dying it. Not making the situation any better.

So the thought carried on making its rounds in my head, but the courage didnt quite come. So I decides to watch videos on youtube when I was home alone.. One video, two videos, three videos.. and so forth. When I got to the ninth or tenth video, I startad to think, "well it is only hair and will grow back again. Just healthier". So me and my computer wondered to the bathroom. I watched one more video then decided to wash my hair and then revisit youtube.

So after washing my shoulder length hair, I looked in the mirror and just saw my damaged curls. So without thinking twice abou the next move i was about to do, I just cut my hair. And cut and cut and cut. After cutting most of my hair, that I when I realised what I actually just had done. And I LOVED it!

After about two days, I did'nt feel like there was a huge change so I took the shaver this time. But before I did, I went to Youtube again and Google. But then the thought of it is just hair, I went back to the bathroom (without the computer) and took the shaver. 22mm. But still not much difference. Standing in the bathroom I was thinking to maybe go down to 18mm. Then the nerves came up and I was in doubt. I couldn't ask S because a two year old will say yes or no and have no idea what they answering sometimes. M was at work. But I did it. I went down to 18mm. And I felt great about it. That is when I felt like I really did have a big chop and the best feeling in the world. Especially when it is getting warmer in Denmark.

Now I am really going to take care of my hair.
And the only oils I use is Coconut oil.

It was been about 1,5 since I did the second cut and I can already feel that my hair is growing and is healthy. And the curls are definitely already sprouting out.




Earrings:​Nakamol beaded flower stud. 240 DKK. Bag: Jayla White textured tote bag. 310 DKK

Lipstick:: L'Oréal Drops 'Beauty And The Beast' Inspired Makeup Line. Slip-on shoes: Dune Eilish Embellished Slip On Trainers 620 DKK.

Bralet: Topshop knitted crochet bralet. 195 DKK. Shorts: Desert Dusty Rose Shorts by Wydlr. 285 DKK

Flipflops: Melissa Harmonic Cute Flipflops. 620 DKK. Pink dress: Surplice Neck Ribbon Waist Mini Dress. 75 DKK .

Yellow Dress: Alexis Clement fluted cotton mini dress. 1505 DKK. Sunglasses: Prada Oversize Sunglasses. 2025 DKK




i have finally after many years of having to star a blog in my mind, decided to finally make one.

I am a 22 year old that is currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark together with my daughter S and my boyfriend.

I am going to be writing a bit about myself, my everday life (which will include S slot) and jus my thoughts.

I hope that you will decide to follow my journey.