No money? Don't worry! Your heart and soul is all that is needed for this little guide for how to make your loved one happy, for free! Giving someone a gift does never have to difficult. It neither has to be complicated or expensive. Invite someone for an evening in front of the TV could be enough. You could also just write a tiny letter, notes in an envelope, or why not a map of places you want to go together? The list goes on down below...

  • A spa day together, at your place. A note or a text and its all set up! You can create amazing face masks yourself out of things you have at home. Google?
  • Netflix and (literally) chill.
  • Advice, in form of links to great websites or just pieces of paper with pepping quotes. Works: always!
  • Flowers picked up in your (or someone else's) garden.
  • Hugs, cuddle, kisses, compliments, a "good luck-kick"

  • A collection of cool pictures you found in magazines. Put in an envelope, wrap it in newspaper, or maybe even with your old shoe laces. Fantasy has no borders!
  • Pick out one of your old book that you could think of passing over to a new owner. Stick in some notes and pictures for the reader to find, eventually. It makes the present one of a kind, very personal.
  • A collections of pictures with you two together.
  • A setup with memories from journeys you've gone on together. Receipts, tickets, pictures, grocery lists...

The list goes on as long as you want it to.. Set your mind free :)