Dear me

It hurts me to say that my long ago is your yesterday

my now is August, and yours May.

the days between fade away and start to chatter

because you never made them matter

so in your memory stays only the few

pictures of all the people that you drew.

As I am writing this right now

you wonder "how

can you not do a thing?

about having a life so boring"

i tell you "today i can not do

other than i have to

and before, i never saw that today

is the only day

that will ever remain"

because it only starts over and over again.

There is nothing more to come

I wish i could go back to when I had the chance to change

so that I could make it end up less strange

I wish i could relive


build up


forget, about all my issues,

and throw away those useless tissues

because there is not much more to come

so i crash down and cry out "i don't know how to sum

this empty life."

I wish you a better future, love 


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 Well, that headline is supposed to be a rhyme. I don't know what's with today's conversation that will matter more than any other, but I guess any conversation has it's own kind of matter. I'm lying in the couch right now with a cup of green tea. This morning has been relaxing and at the same time pretty productive. I first woke up and went down to the entrance to book the gym and I got a time between 13:00 and 14:00. While waiting for that, I made scrambled eggs for breakfast and watched one episode of The walking dead. I also drank a bottle of water, because staying hydrated is important!!!

The time went.... And I watched a couple of Youtube videos about self confidence. I started hanging a lot more on youtube lately. It's an interesting way for everyone to reach out to people and I find it so fascinating how you can get to know a person so well only be hearing her or him talking. I think that really shows how strong words could be, depending on how well you're listening. They might go into one ear and then straight out of the other, but if you really listen and think about what the person is saying, it can start having an impact on you. Then maybe, a video you started watching for pleasure can turn out to be a lesson. I always chose to watch the youtubers that have conversations with their subscribers about topics that matter and make sence. AND inspires me. My three favourites at the moment is Isabella Mente, Sydney Carlson, Emma Mercury and Cartia Mallan. So go check them out ;))

Another thing that crossed my mind this morning is the difference between every human. Even if we seem to be the same, by culture or age or whatever. Our minds will always be so so so different. That's why it's, in my opinion, so scary to think that whatever i say or do it'll be seen from so many different perspectives. That means that there could be someone calling the police because what i said was wrong in their perspective, and at the same time i could have made someone's day much better because of the way they see it. We are all individuals with our own opinions, passions and difficulties. All the things we are going through form us into the ones we are. But at the same time, the fact that we are all different, makes us all the same. We are the same in a different way, if you know what I mean? So in this little chat I also want to add that the differences between every human isn't big enough to divide us into different groups. (Every human's DNA is 99.9% the same, which means there's not enough biological differences to share us into rases, ACCORDING TO REAL STUDIES).

Now it's 15:46. I'm happy to share this little life update with you (few) guys, and i am sorry if it has been a total mess, but that's pretty much what my thoughts are too, anyway.



Autumn so far has been cozy and beautiful. The leaves are falling from the trees as the wind is blowing - sometimes soft and quiet but sometimes also wild and loud. It haven't been warm but it still haven't been too cold. Also, I have been drinking Pumpkin spice latte on starbucks and a lot of lemon green tea. So, doesn't it sound just like autumn should be?

I always thought of this time of the year as a season with only cold winds, rain and darkness, but this time i see it in a better way. My mother always loved autumn and I'm starting to kind of understand why. So today on my way home i listed down a few things that have been great with my autumn so far. It's a great way to sum the day and it makes me appreciate the life that I am living just a little bit more..

- Frank ocean and his album Blonde

- Finishing a complicated dinner so that you finally can eat it.

- Orange and yellow autumn leaves

- Bumping into strangers and laughing because it's awkward.

- Using emojis to express happiness.

- Coming inside after being outside in the cold.

- Planning parties and costumes for Halloween

- Instagram profiles that post about their creative journals

- Trying on every glitter in the makeup store and then walk around and shine. Also, wanting to buy all of that glitter, a pink haircolour spray and some cute clothes to be dressed as someone really dreamy on halloween.

- Dressing warm and cozy with winter clothes

- Peeing when you really need to pee. Like, after drinking five cups of tea.

- Finally solving a math problem that you struggle with

- Showing love to friends, by hugs and compliments

- Creating new awesome outfits out of old clothes you find in your closet

- Reading your favourite book and entering that other world where you get to feel love and sadness and experience stuff through someone else's eyes and it feels so real that you keep thinking about it for weeks

- Making up situations and conversations in your head that probably will never happen

- eternal warm showers



​​I made this quick video late at night, and I thought I should share it with someone because I find the message pretty important. I think you should never give up on someone after the first time you meet. Behind the trees there could be the prettiest sunset..

"oh, I am hard, safe hugs and sweaty concerts. I am late night calls talking about dreams and destiny, and sharing a tiny umbrella when it's raining. In the back of my head i keep memories of old love stories from my childhood and the most weird things I have been through. If you look closely you might also find a tear or two. But obviously, only if you do."



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