Product #1: Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Deodorant.

Product #2: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mousse Cleanser

Product #3: Goodal Baby Perennis Radiance Face Mask

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Fabric #1: Crushed Velvet

( Glittered Sweater - H&M / Crushed Velvet Overcoat - Reclaimed Vintage )

Though this is quite an unpopular opinion, I can say without a doubt that I am a huge fan of crushed velvet. Many people think the harsh texture looks quite cheap and almost trashy at times and though I do sometimes agree, more often than not I think the texture of this is irresistible. Crushed velvet almost sounds as if it should be an oxymoron. Velvet is the epitome of luxe softness and smoothness and the juxtaposition of that with the crushed effect creates something really interesting. With the wrinkly crushed feature, it makes the texture completely unique and complex. Also, because each part is different from the next, it means it catches the light in a really intriguing way.

Fabric #2: Corduroy

( Faux Suede T-shirt - COS / Corduroy Bomber Jacket - Topman )

I've always been and will always be a fan of reinvention. I hate when people lock something in a category or niche and refuse to experiment with it. A fabric like corduroy is seen as very dated and subdued. However, what I love about it is that it can be meshed really well with a modern silhouette for an interesting juxtaposition. In this piece, the classic texture has been paired with the modern silhouette of a bomber jacket with a sleek all black finish. From a far, the corduroy texture is lost, but as one gets closer, the texture gets more and more intriguing and eye catching.

Fabric #3: Pony Faux Fur

( Jersey Polo Shirt - Zadig & Voltaire / Pony Faux Fur Overcoat - Field Trip )

Faux Fur is exquisite, but even I think it can be a little extra. Therefore, pony faux fur is the perfect balance of a plush texture with a subdued look. Thick coats are such a necessity in cold climates, but all that extra fabric means the price is hefty even at the cheapest stores. Therefore, finding that perfect equilibrium between versatility and uniqueness is always the biggest struggle. When I saw this piece, I knew the subtle yet intriguing texture was exactly what I needed.



Look #1: Fun and Flowy

( Sneakers - DIY Originally adidas Originals / Jeans - DIY Originally H&M / Shirt - Topman / Jacket - Vintage )

Look #2: Sparkle Glamour

( Tennis Shoes - Acne Studios / Socks - Nike / 501 Jeans - Levi's / Glitter Sweater - H&M / Top Jacket - Weekday )

Look #3: Stand Out Print

( Sneakers - adidas Originals / Linen Shorts - Zara / Printed Shirt - Vintage / Denim Jacket - Bellfield )



Step #1: Obtain the Base

Although any basic denim jacket will work for this, it's best to stay away from the lowest of the low when it comes to price point. I got mine at Zara for just 40 GBP but I wouldn't go lower than that despite what you'll find at H&M and Forever 21. Something with really low quality will burn and get damaged much more easily when ironed but as long as the piece is decently made, it should all work fine.

Step #2: Customise Your Patches

Living in Hong Kong, it's a lot harder to simply go out to flea markets and small boutiques to buy these in person. Regardless, Etsy is the perfect place to find an endless assortment for decently low prices. Anything you can imagine exists in patch form somewhere in the nooks and crannies of Etsy. All of mine were ordered from there and despite shipping all the way to Hong Kong the whole order was relatively inexpensive at around 20 pounds.

Step #3: Place 'Em

Personally, I'd recommend planning out exactly where each patch will go as it's almost impossible to remove them once they're attached. Once they're perfectly in position, place a damp cloth over them to protect against any heat damage.

Step #4: Iron 'Em Down

When doing the ironing part of the process, It's important to work on top of a very flat surface and position the jacket so that there aren't thirty seam in the way making the iron unleveled. Push down firmly for about 15 seconds for small patches and about 30 seconds for large patches. Being quite paranoid, I did many shorter test runs just make sure it wouldn't damage the jacket. What i've realised however, is that the denim is much more durable than one first realises.

Step #5: Repeat Inside Out

In order to get a firm press, repeat the same process inside out so that everything sets firmly and permanently. Once you've given the patch a second to breath, you can do some quick touch ups with the iron to make sure all the corners or loose ends are taken care of.

Step #6: Repeat For All the Rest

Once you've got it, everything goes incredibly quick and suddenly, you're left wit the most unique piece. I personally made this as a gift, but either way, this is the type of piece that is truly memorable because of its meaning and customisation. It really is the perfect christmas or holiday gift to hand make something that not only represents someone's style, but their personality and identity as well.



When you start shopping constantly, you'll soon find an abundance of items gaining dust in your closet because they're out of style, replaced by a better version, or just too worn out. Regardless, it's always fun to find an easy way to give something new life. A classic pair of all white adidas Originals superstars are a staple of everyone's closet. They do however, become a little too much of a common place, not to mention usually quite dirty over time as well. As I was wearing these to Hong Kong's pride parade, I realized the homemade flag I was wearing was leaking dye on my shoes, and the effect was extraordinary. As soon as i got home, I took it to the next level and completely transformed this pair of kicks.

Step #1: Clean Your Foundation

Before you start putting some colour on your canvas, it's certainly a good idea to start with a clean base. Giving the shoe a clean with some detergent and water and bleaching the laces is extremely beneficial. The whiter background will not only make them shine more, but the colours will show up much better.

Step #2: Buy Cheap Fabrics

In order for the fabric to actually leak dye, they need to be of quite poor quality. I personally went to a local fabric market and bought some really cheap silk. If you don't know your fabrics well, look for something rough feeling with quite raw hems. These are key signs of the cheap material you'll need for this to be successful.

Step #3: Soak Fabrics

Before you transfer anything, the fabrics need to be soaked in water so they start losing colour. A quick soak in a bathtub will do the job and none of the leaked dye will stain anything.

Step #4: Machine Wash Everything

In order to get the tie-dye effect I was looking for, I threw the shoes with the soaked fabrics into the washing machine to create that sporadic spray paint effect. Though it might make a bit of noise, the shoes will not do any harm to the machine.

Step #5: Touch 'Em Up

With some final touches done by directly rubbing the fabrics on the shoes strategically, the effect is complete. The final product is definitely something unique. Thankfully, the colour is faded and subtle enough to still match with a versatile range of outfits. The pink and green are what showed up the most on my pair. However, the best part about this technique is that every pair will come out looking absolutely one of a kind.



Tip #1: Layer Smartly

( Sweater - H&M / Top Jacket - Weekday )

Unlike in the summer, a fall festival is much more about layering to survive that cold. However, festivals are nonetheless the most simultaneously laid back and chaotic environments where one minute your jumping around sweating bullets and the next your chilling in the chilly weather. Either way, it means you need to love your outfit no matter how many layers you have on. There's nothing worse than formulating the best outfit and then getting too hot and being disappointed with what's left after the jacket comes off. Although I still advocate the fashion is pain lifestyle, layering with individually unique pieces is a much better solution. A subtle pink sweater that is just background noise underneath a bright silver jacket can be put centre stage to reveal a shimmery texture and a unique fit. It takes a bit more work, but the versatility is surely worth while.

Tip #2: Bring A Mini Backpack

( Backpack - Forever 21 )

I can't say how many times I've gone to festival so contempt that I've fit all my belongings in every little crevice of a pocket on my outfit and realised I should've just embraced a light weight backpack in the first place. A cute and comfortable mini backpack is a cheap and easy last minute purchase that will make so many things easier. You can bring a camera and a few extra drinks, and you don't have to worry about your pants falling down from everything weighing it down. I do suggest going for something very cheap when it comes to this though because a mini backpack isn't the most useful item in ordinary life. Places like Forever 21, H&M, and Primark are the perfect place to pick up one of these babies right before all the fun starts.

Tip #3: Embrace the Wear and Tear

( Superstar Trainers - adidas Originals / 501 Jeans - Levi's )

The most useful tip I could give when it comes to festivals is to avoid bringing anything expensive. It's hard to enjoy yourself when your worrying about every single spec of dirt thats getting on your designer shoes. A little dirt and grass is absolutely unavoidable so opting for an older and cheaper pair of kicks that can handle it is a much better option.



Outfit #1: Reinvented Classic

( Wedge Boot - Represent / Cropped Trousers - Bershka / Belt - JCrew / Shirt - Diesel / Blazer - Giorgio Armani )

The all black suit is the LBD of men's fashion. It's the quintessential outfit that can be seen in every store and every closet and it's because of its undeniable versatility. However, the LBD can get quite boring and unoriginal, so some minor updates are just what it needs. A looser and more cropped trouser with some unique boots will get you half way there and a more fun print on the shirt with a deconstructed lapel on the blazer will take this outfit home.

Outfit #2: Vibrant Alternative

( Shoes - ASOS / Cropped Jeans - ASOS / Sweater - H&M / Blazer - Vintage YSL )

Breaking the rules of fashion is the perfect way to explore the more edgy realms like androgyny and club culture. Taking the blazer, the epitome of formality, and pairing it with an otherwise casual look can elevate the pieces and create a greater whole than the sum of the pieces on their own. This can be done through altering the silhouette, playing with some shimmer and texture, and bringing out some brighter colours.

Outfit #3: Light Summer

( Shoes - Zara / Shorts - Zara / Shirt - Massimo Dutti / Blazer - Theory )

This final look is a surefire occasion outfit. The summer months bring out the sun again and call for some toned down formality with a dash of light colours. A lightweight blazer in a versatile baby blue or off white is the perfect way to hold on to those smart vibes while still giving your legs some room to breath.



Outfit #1: Deconstructed School Uniform

( Tassel Loafers - Dr. Martens / Tailored Shorts - Noose & Monkey / Belt - JCrew / Polo Shirt - CDG Play )

Outfit #2: Experimental Silhouette

( Wedge Boot - Represent / Jeans - Brooklyn Supply Company / Collared T-Shirt - COS )

Outfit: Formal and Streetwear Fusion

( Trainers - adidas Originals / Trousers - COS / T-Shirt - Stussy )



Tip #1: Shopicks

Shopicks is by far my favourite online shopping assistant on the market. It's designed so that you can save any item from any store, anywhere online into an ultimate saved items page. You simply drag the photo of the item and a toolbar of all your created collections comes up. The fact that this service is compatible with every single online store is truly extraordinary as that is incomparable to any other service like it that I've ever heard of. This service is by far the most user friendly and is the perfect way to mentally organise the shopping list in your head when deciding on the next splurge.

Tip #2: Shoptagr

Shoptagr is a great tool to use for one main purpose, sales. What shoptagr lacks in compatibility with stores and user friendliness, it makes up for with the fact that it tracks and notifies you of any price change or change in stock down to the miniscule. Though it's honestly tedious to save items with two different services, it's worth it when you consider the immediate email and text notifications when the black friday deals have finally dropped or when something has just gotten back in stock. The only main difficulty is that it only works for major online retailers like ASOS, Farfetch, and Mr. Porter.

Tip #3: Honey

Using Honey will be the easiest decision you ever make. You simply add the service to your chrome toolbar and then at checkout, it does all the work for you. Honey is a user sourced database of discount codes that inputs an algorithm that tests and automatically applies the best code for your sale at the click of a button. Like Shoptagr, it's mostly just compatible with major online retailers, but given that that's where discount codes usually exists, it's far from a deal breaker. Though it doesn't happen often that it finds a code that actually works, given the ease, it's 100% worth it for those few times it does.



Outfit #1: Oversized and Boxy

( Wedge Boots - Represent / Jeans - DIY / Sweat Tee - Opening Ceremony / Top Jacket - Weekday )

Outfit #2: 80s Vibes

( Shoes - Acne Studios / Socks - Nike / Jeans - Vintage / Polo - Weekday / Blazer - Vintage Yves Saint Laurent )

Outfit #3: Sleek Semi Formalwear

( Derbies - Jeffery West / Jeans - Levi's / Polo - Comme Des Garçons Play / Duster Coat - Reclaimed Vintage )