There's no bashing a classic suit. It's the staple of men's fashion and the pinnacle of masculinity, no matter how you choose to define that. Although I've recently discovered an appreciation for such a piece, for years, the suit has represented nothing more than lazy, overdone, and overworked design that limited the vast majority of runway shows for the past century. But in recent years, with Gucci consistently challenging us with innovative suiting in the alchemist garden, I too have become tempted to give it another shot.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming to be the first to introduce the suit and trainer combo, that approach of styling was simply where I felt most intrigued. It's gained traction over the past 3 years as formal and sleek common projects began overtaking the classic oxford on many red carpets, and the runways followed in those footsteps shortly after. Done right, they can be just as formal, all while being twice as comfortable.

Busting out your favourite pair of sneaks is the perfect way to modernise a classically made suit. Furthermore, because of this fashion baptism the trainer has gone through, it opens up the door to more casual suiting. Some strategic colour blocking with a streamlined white trainer and a white t-shirt is an easy vehicle to elevate the casual components and soften the formal components so they mingle into an ideal balance of the two.

( Trainers - Acne Studios / Suit - Theory / T-shirt - Topman )



Sleek Supply Co. is a watch company like no other. The brand was started in the summer of 2016 when they designed the sleekest MF’n timepiece that the watch game has ever seen. They developed and created authentic video, soundtrack, web, and social media content in-house to showcase the class, versatility, and minimalism of their watch all while eliminating the need and cost for third-party creators.

Their central product is the all encompassing "El Clasico." The brand describes the watch as a "Sleek Supply original is an eye pleaser that will go with every item of clothing in your wardrobe. Let's face it, stylish guys have been dressing the same way forever and this timepiece is no exception. The stark white watch face contrasted with an Italian leather band makes for that classic polished look that goes with everything. Seriously, you could blindfold your mom, have her pick out three random articles of clothing from your closet, and we personally guarantee that you will still look like an absolute stud with this equipped to your wrist."

There is no denying that this is a staple of any man's wardrobe. This is the classic and essential elements boiled down into a sleek and minimalistic design. It's the kind of basic that's been done so many times that a sleek design like this has almost been lost in the constant strive for reinvention and is now a bit hard to come by. You can purchase the watch at and use my code linusberglundblog for 25% off!



With any blooming interest in fashion, there's comes a certain point where the money runs out but the need for continuous experimentation and innovation lives on. At that point, I've found the best place to turn to is to start working unconventionally to upcycle old pieces and create new ones. Whether this just means making a few cuts, a seam or two, or a complex bleaching process, the result is always fresh and unique. Not only are the pieces one of a kind, the pay off of gratitude you feel from creating an outfit that gains it's merit from your own creativity instead of your wallet is incomparable.

Tutorials for the DIY bleached jeans that started out pale grey in extreme skinny fit and the half dyed denim shirt have already been posted on this blog. The shoes however, were very last minute, but were such a quick and easy process I didn't feel it yielded a complete tutorial. All it took was simply cutting the original laces in half and then taking the laces from two other shoes that I don't use anymore and tying them over three loop holes each. This pair was clearly on its last legs and an update like this was exactly what they need to add a bit to their life span. The unconventional look they now have also helps because it means the wear and tear only furthers the effect.

( Trainers - DIY Originally From Zara / Jeans - DIY Originally From H&M / Denim Shirt / DIY Originally Vintage / Bleu De Travail - H&M )



I have to admit I'm by far the biggest proprietor of the fact that fashion is pain and that discomfort and impracticality are sometimes necessary sacrifices to convey something through an outfit in the most effective way possible. Despite this, that doesn't mean comfort isn't a plus when it does come around every now and then. In fact, I strive to build a closet that can prepare me to look my best regardless of the circumstances that are out of my control. There's nothing wrong with having an outfit ready when you're just in the mood to be comfortable.

As my closet has recently been redefined by wide leg denim and trousers, the comfort of my wardrobe has certainly gone up. I won't deny I used to be one to adore the tightest of denim I could possibly get my hands on, and my legs certainly didn't thank me for it. This outfit exemplifies that change with my staple pair of wide leg jeans from ASOS in a faded grey. Next, A thicker structured trainer is always what I jump to when I wanna be comfortable. A thick built shoe has the space for a much more padded interior so that nothing is digging into you're skin.

Finally, this jumper is one I recently picked up from Korean chain store Åland and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I've always liked oversized pieces but I think at a certain point, the droopy silhouette begins to take away from the unique effect. However, the faux fur texture of this piece is more than just an intriguing exterior as the stiffness of it helps to create less of a droopy silhouette and more of a boxy one. This is largely in thanks to the billowing sleeves as they uniquely maintain the same thickness throughout.

What often stops me from settling for a simpler and more comfortable outfit is that the look more often than not becomes pretty basic and uninspired. Therefore, you really have to look for pieces like this jumper that provide comfort without sacrificing an innovative silhouette and an experimental texture. Pieces like this elevate the basics that accompany it and add much more interest to the look as a whole.

( Trainers - New Balance / Wide Leg Jeans - ASOS / Faux Fur Jumper - ÅLAND )



The patchwork denim trend has really gained traction recently in its many different forms. Whether it be an eccentric patchwork denim jacket or a pair of two tone jeans, the trend is quite sought after. Therefore, when I saw this basic denim shirt in a second hand store, I thought of a way to take inspiration from the Vetements two tone jeans without having to actually use a sewing machine. Instead, a bottle of bleach and some duct tape does the trick in a much easier way.

Step 1: Cover the fabric in duct tape

The tape actually sticks really well to the fabric so there's not much working against you. Instead of wasting the time and energy to cover the entire half of the shirt in tape, I decided to just cover a few adjacent rows of it. Then, I rolled it inward concealing all the other exposed fabric and taped it shut. Make sure none of the fabric you don't want bleached is untaped.

Step #2: Spray the exposed denim with bleach

To make the process easier, it's a good idea to use a heavy blend of bleach and water. I used about two parts bleach and one part water. Mix it all up and put it in a spare spray bottle and you're good to go. Several coats aren't necessary but it's important to cover the whole exposed area. It's not as important as you might think to keep spraying evenly regardless of dark splotches that may appear at first. Just to be sure, I touched up of a few of the areas that appeared uneven with an extra spray.

Step #3: Neutralise the bleach in a salt bath

The answers vary on how long you should let the shirt sit after you've sprayed it with bleach. However, because of how strong the mix is, I'd recommend about 10 minutes. Or alternatively, let it sit until it appears to be a desirable colour. In order to effectively halt the bleaching process, a bucket of water and salt will neutralise the effects of the bleach. The measurements really don't matter as long as there's about a 1/2 cup or so of salt in the mixture. However, don't let it sit for too long because the water will start to weaken the tape.

Step #4: Wash and dry

A simple wash and dry once everything is done will clear the bleach and salt mixture from the fabric and finish off this unique piece.



Styling an outfit for the next day before I go to bed is really when I'm happiest. I'm fascinated by the idea that minuscule changes allow you to showcase so many different dimensions of the same objective. That's precisely why when I'm struggling to find something fresh and inventive in a closet that feels overworked, I love taking a totally different approach. Anyone with a hefty credit card can buy a bunch of amazing pieces and effortlessly style them together. However, what'll really challenge you is to create something that feels just as fresh as an outfit of brand new pieces, while only using timeless basics.

This approach really comes down to the tiniest of details. And because the smallest change makes the biggest difference, you really have to go through endless trial and error to end up with a worthy result. Which in turn, means you have to break the rules you always thought were set in stone. Wearing shorts with boots, creating asymmetry, layering pieces that shouldn't be layered, and working with fits that shouldn't go together are routine tricks I use when trying to achieve this effect.

In this outfit, a few key styling details complete this look. Firstly, and most noticeably, I wanted to work with creating asymmetry by tucking in only one side of the shirt. This works really well because the foundation of this look is very formal pieces styled very casually. The untucked side accentuates the oversized fit and furthers the casual vibe while the tucked in side retains a more clean-lined silhouette. Also, the fact that the left side of the shirt is visibly tucked in over the t-shirt is quite an innovative statement. Secondly, I wanted the trousers to extend further below the ankle so that they droop over the shoe as it really rounds out the bundled layering that almost serves as a theme for the look as a whole. Who knows, maybe its all in my head? But to me at least, the seemingly trivial details are like night and day. And more importantly, I'm endlessly prouder of a look like this one that gains its merit from my artistic point of view and my attention to detail than one than one that gets it purely from its price tag.

( Velcro Tennis Shoes - Acne Studios / Trousers - Theory / T-shirt - Topman / Shirt - Zara Womens)



Piece #1: Yoshiokubo Raincoat

A really sleek sporty raincoat is something I've been on the search for for a while now. I was a click away from buying the FW16 raincoat from Vetements but I'm forever grateful I saved a few hundred pounds by opting for this sick piece from Yoshiokubo. I spent about two hours in Tokyo's flagship Opening Ceremony location and was really intrigued by how many more local designers like Yoshiokubo were featured. I've been following the designer for a while and loved how he plays with proportion and femininity and I'm so glad I own one of his pieces. I'm obsessed with this loud orange and I love how it's simultaneously so bold yet the silhouette makes for such a light and effortless piece. I've always been one to ignore practicality and I'll surely wear this in more than just the rain.

( Trainers - adidas Originals / Jeans - DIY H&M / Patterned Mesh T-shirt - adidas Originals / Rain Coat - Yoshiokubo )

Piece #2: Opening Ceremony Oversized Zip Polo

The sale section at Opening Ceremony was absolutely to die for and I was struggling to narrow down what pieces I wanted from the stores own collection. This shirt immediately caught my eye because ever since I saw the zip polos in Fendi's FW17/18 show last month I've been dying to try it out while I'm waiting for the collection to hit stores. The piece is so simple and versatile not only because of the colour and simple structure but for the fact that it will serve as a great layering piece. That's not only because of the high neck but also because of the oversize zipper. The ribbon attached to the zipper hangs down more than a foot in a soft velvet and really brings the whole piece together. Another thing that drew me to it was that it can be worn both backwards, and two ways forwards. The tag is on the side so I'm gonna assume it was meant that way but I'm pleased whether it was the intention or not. The three different ways the shirt can be worn are also just that, different. They're each so unique and tailor made for different ways of styling that in my shopaholic eyes this piece is three shirts for the price of one.

( Wedge Boots - Represent Clothing / Tailored Short - Noose & Monkey / Zip Polo - Opening Ceremony )

Piece #3: Womb Clothing Half Turtleneck

For some odd reason, I've always shied away from turtlenecks. They're the ultimate way to optimise layering and a great way to keep warm but somehow I've waited 'till now to jump on the bandwagon. I can't argue with the fact that this piece is so incredibly simple but sometimes those simplest basics can be the hardest to get just right. What makes this shirt is really the details. The material drapes beautifully, the neck is the perfect height, the seam is off the shoulder, and the fit is still absolutely impeccable.

( Trainers - DIY Dyed Originally From adidas Originals / Cropped Jeans - Asos / Turtleneck - Womb Clothing )



( Trainers - New Balance / Jeans - Asos / T-Shirt - Cheap Monday c/o Capsule Collection )

The Cheap Monday C/O Capsule Collection sees Cheap Monday, owned by Swedish fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz, join the likes of its sister brands H&M, COS and & Stories, in becoming more sustainable and working to close the loop in fashion. It also marks the denim brand's first steps in becoming fully sustainable by Autumn/Winter 2018. Each item from the C/O collection has been made from old, unwanted second hand garments, which were taken apart, redesigned and then sewn back together by Cheap Monday's design team at its Stockholm Studio. This means that each item in limited edition, unisex collection is also one of a kind and unique in its material, shape and fit. The upcycled collection is said to mark the brand's growing awareness of the issues created by the fashion industry affecting the planet, which includes the growing number of apparel dumped into landfills each week. This piece is a t-shirt made out four different upcycled t-shirts sown together. Because of this unique design, the fit, construction, asymmetry, and pattern are unequivocally unique. As the shirt is already very unconventional, I'd like to think I can get away with wearing it both forwards and backwards.

( T-Shirt - Cheap Monday c/o Capsule Collection / Top Jacket - Weekday )

This collection also highlights a much broader issue in the fashion industry, that being ethics. The debate surrounding the ethics of the fashion industry is a debate that has gained more and more relevance in recent decades. As a result of the fashion industry continuing to grow into an ever expanding billion dollar industry, there has emerged an array of fast fashion labels like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21. These so called “fast fashion” brands are deemed such because of their unbelievably fast turn around time. A garment can go from being a sketch in a design studio to being mass produced and placed on the racks in thousands of stores across the world in the span of two weeks. In turn, a debate has emerged concerning these labels, mainly the level of accountability we should hold them to as an industry when it comes to working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, and the environment. These companies are putting underpaid workers in harmful conditions, often utilising child labor, avoiding responsibility when it comes to the ethics of their manufacturing process, and harming the environment in countless different ways throughout. These companies aren’t completely to blame for these circumstances. The nature of business is to maximise profits and minimise costs, and when a business is put in a position where they can sacrifice these fundamentals of ethics for more profit, they choose it every time. The question remains, is this a justified response to their circumstance, or is it an inhumane practice that is outdated for obvious reasons?

Regardless, Cheap Monday's capsule collection is one step in the right direction for sustainability. Textile waste is a major environmental issue and the fashion industry is only second to cattle when it comes to pollution. The resources that go into continuously producing more a more garments are extremely alarming. Fast fashion only furthers this problem because cheap, poorly made clothing lasts such a short time span that it only provokes an endless cycle of pollution. Buying second hand or up-cycled garments is the best way to do your part in closing the loop of the fashion industry which will hopefully one day exist as a circular economy.



( Trainers - adidas Originals / Trousers - Religion / Swim Shorts - Granadilla / Scarf - Hermès / Blue Striped Shirt - H&M Womens / Kimono Sleeve Shirt - Zara Womens )

( Trainers - adidas Originals / Palm Print Swim Shorts - Vilebrequin / Yellow Swim Shorts - Granadilla / T-shirt - COS )

( Trainers - Zara / Cropped Jeans - Vintage Levi's / Printed Shirt - Topman )



Sweden is continuing to grow as the juggernaut of the fast fashion industry with countless established brands like H&M, Weekday, and Cheap Monday, as well as up and coming brands like Monki and Wåven. Acne Studios is arguably the only Swedish fashion house that is on par with other european fashion houses when it comes to luxury. Growing from the ACNE collective in Stockholm during the 90s, Acne Studios has reached an acclaimed status worldwide showing Men's and Women's collections at Paris fashion week twice a year.

( Wedge Boots T-shirt - Represent / Velcro Tennis Shoes - Acne Studios / Cropped Trousers - Religion / T-shirt - Acne Studios / Pony Fur Overcoat - Field Trip )

Despite the luxury, Acne Studios remains only moderately expensive. If you avoid outerwear, you can find a wide selection of pieces all of which will retail for less than 500 pounds. The triple lo velcro tennis shoes I purchased this last summer might be my favourite piece in my whole closet. The sleek finish is completely timeless yet irrefutably unique. The strap detail is unlike anything I've seen before but it allows the piece to possess that perfect balance of adding interest and dimension to an outfit without being too overpowering that it loses versatility. The other piece I more recently got a hold of is the SS16 printed t-shirt. This piece is a perfect manifestation of Acne's incredible use of colour blocking. The colours are subtle and slightly muted, but always work together effortlessly. The colour schemes are never easy, they're always bold and daring yet justified and thought out.

( Velcro Tennis Shoes - Acne Studios / Socks - Nike )

I’ve always been so impressed with how Acne manages to create these complex, eccentric pieces yet style them in a way that they look so effortlessly subtle. The pieces on their own are always eccentric and fearless, especially when you boil it down to the raw elements that make it up. However, the Acne team never fails to style their piece in a way that looks relatable, fluid, and most importantly, timeless. This not only shows great ability, but it shows that Acne's collections are incomparably calculated from start to finish.