09:00: Today we are going home - it's sad but still so nice to just come home to all my friends, to sleep in my own bed, to go on my own toilet.

The plans for today is - nothing.

Because we're going home today we will do nothing - the plane is leaving London 14:00 so we have to pack our things and seriously i'm worried to do that. I don't want to belive but i think it's reality that i maybe have been shoping to much and that it wont fit in the suitcase, but if it don't i maybe can do some flirting with Frida - so she maybe can take some of my shoping in her suitcase, but i don't know it maybe fits?

12:00 So i have good news - it did fit in my suitcase - feel my happiness!! Haha. But anyways we are going to leave our hotel now because if we want to be in the plane when it leaves we have to go nooow! But i'm writing when i have arrived in Swedeeen!!

17:24: omygoosh! We are frickin' home! The flight took about for an hour and thirty minutes totally to Umeå - and now we're in Lycksele! I actually dont want to write more now i just want to go and eat some swedish food and then spend some time with my family. But i promise - the haul is coming in at least two days.

I hope you found it interesting to read about my London trip - Love you all!

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today we are going home and I feel that I would like to stay here one more week, but I miss my family, my friends, my pet and my bed.

The plan is leaving London 14:00 and we have to be at the airport two hours before the plane is going home.

09:00 i wake up and starts to pack my stuffs and the same thing does Linnéa.

09:40 we are going to the hotel brakefast and it was not so much pepole there, I think most of the peoples are sleeping. after we had ate our breakfast I packed the last of my things.

between 10:30- 12:00 we made us ready for going to the airport.

and now i´m on the plane to Sweden.

hope you like my trip to london!

xoxo- frida



13:00 I’ve been so excited for this day – I and Frida are going to Somerset house. The first thing I planned for this London trip was Somerset house and this was the one of the few things that I thought was really important so I am overexcited for going to Somerset house – we are going to ice skate and we are going to rant ice skaters because we couldn’t drag any from Sweden to London – we didn’t have any place for them in our bags. But however is this plan for tonight because I’ve heard that it’s more beautiful and cozy at the evening.

But I thought that I would go and get the ice skaters soon because the rant company were going to close at 14:30 am and I don’t want to screw this up because if I do – I would start to cry (this is the only ice skater company that has good prices.) and it would end up with no ice skating, which I don’t want to happened.

And after getting the ice skaters I’m going to drag Frida with me so we can eat some lunch, because I’m already really hungry and craving for soup with noodles.

19:00 you should have seen me at the ice rink – I was like an ice princess in her castle. It was so freaking beautiful and I wish I could just replay that moment when we had bought a hot chocolate and were skating. Eight words – that is how life should be every day. The right description for the evening is totally “tumblr”. The ice was blue as the ocean in australia and the house around us reflexed the light of blueness.

Facts: n 2000 in December the ice rink was installed for the first time and for the moment it's one of the popularist ice rink in London. It´s just a temporary ice rink and it goes away and become some sort of fountain on the summer.

Sadly we are going home tomorrow – it has been an amazing week ans it sad to leave London, but as the same time I’m craving for my one bed, hihi.See you tomorrow again, Xoxo – Linnéa



okey, the last day in london, tomorrow we are going home to our cold Sweden. But today was the best day in london, we were ice skating.

Facts: in 2000 in December the ice rink was installed for the first time and for the moment it's one of the popularist ice rink in London. It´s just a temporary ice rink and it goes away and become some sort of fountain on the summer.

To be on the ice was one of the best experience.

It was sooooo beautiful there as Linnèa said "one feels like a ice-princess"

and after we had been ice skating we went to lunch and it had to be noodles, which were very good :)

and that was that, the "most important" that happend today.

now i have to sleep, sorry :(

xoxo- frida



We woke up at 8.00 am and when we had done our makeup and took on some clothes we went down to eat some breakfast. I ate a tumblr breakfast including smoothie bowl and toast with nutella. You could also do your own orangejuice so i did that because fresh-pressed orangejuice is heaven.

When we had eaten our breakfast we went up to our hotelroom where we brushed our tooths. Then we took the bus into the city, where we were going to shop some everything?! I promise you, a haul is coming guys!

As you can see in the picture - we went on primark - mac - topshop and many other stores and now i can tell you for real. My money that i could spend at shopping is almost over. But it was worth it, i have bought so many good things.

After a long trip in the city we went a little bit tired so we took the bus too the hotel, were we were crashing! We slept a few hours until we did go to the hotel resturante and i can tell you, the food was - AWSOME! btw - i ate a spagetti carbonara.

And now - we aren't doing anything - just chilling in front of netflix and a thought i just came up with:

We are leaving London in two days - then we have been in London for a week. It's amazing how the time can rush when you have fun. (a bit random but... i am going to be sad for leaving London)

Goodnight all the good and the bad peoples out there!




today we are going to a shopping center (primark) and we woke up 8:00 am and now we are doing our makeup and shower, later we are going to the hotel brakefast.

and after we had ate breakfast we were going (finally) to primark and after that top shop and at last but not at least MAC

with all those shoping bags we were going to the hotel and ate dinner there, it was a really good pasta.

ok, sorry for a short posts

xoxo- Frida



11:53: Iwent up from the bed for maybe two hours ago, now is the clock 12:00 and I amlistening to music meanwhile I am doing this post and doing my makeup. Today’splans are pretty simple – I am going to Shrek adventure and the tour is forabout 2 hours and starts 13:00 pm, in the beginning of the tour we are going toeat some sort of lunch. I have heard that this would be your lives experience,that it would be a magical and that it will make you stunning.

15:49: So the tour was over my expectations, I can promise you – it made me stunned. The whole place was so well built and the actors were really great. I wish that all of you could visit that place because – wow, you should.

Now I am going to search for a good restaurant where I can eat, then I actually think that I am going to meet up with Frida and that we will do something fun.

21:22: Everything went after my plans – I found a good restaurant where I ate and after I had eaten I meet up with Frida and we didn’t do anything special but we had fun and now I am soon to pass out because of tireless so I am better sleep.

Goodnight, see yah tomorrow.

Xoxo - Linnéa



hello! Today it has been a rather strange day. Linnèa was on shrek adventure but I was home on the hotell beacuse i felt sick.

the day started with that it knocked on the door i thought that it was Linnèa, I opened the door and outside the door was it a women with a children she explained that she was lost on the hotell and needed help to the Reception so i helped her.

It has been a very strange and short day today so that is why this post went really short.

Xoxo - frida.



I went up really early to visit madame tussaude, i took the bus to the place and when i came there i bought tickets and went in. I visited Donald trump, Hermione Granger, Miley Cyrus and Elisabeth II. It's was a really interesting visit. I couldn't take any selfies with them because i had no photograf and the pictures i took of my self with them became so ugly.

It's a wax museum in London, founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud. It displays waxworks of famous people.


Then I went to a lunch at City Caphe with a friend who is named Alva, i ate a salad with chicken. We had a really good chat, and after a few hours i went to the hotelroom. chilled at the hotelroom until i went out and ate some dinner and after that i went to a market to buy more candy.

Good night❣

Xoxo - Linnéa



hello! today i was with Jennifer almost the whole day and we had very fun.

we met at a shopping center and started on Hollister but on the way there we got a problem... jennifer HATE fotball and we met fotball fans and she shouted


and they started to look at us and they surely thought "what is their problem?"

we runned to a market and bought "cpnsolation chocolate" and yes, we left the brains back in Sweden.

later we did go and eat on some random restaurant

in the end of the day we said goodbye and seen in sweden.

xoxo - frida