The two most touristy people you will find...

THE HOT SCANIDES SQUAD - this is what we would call ourselves in school haha, super silly but it stuck for many years.

Drinks before dinner from one of the nights in Soho

Hi everyone,

Thought I would share some pictures from this weekend that I spent with my besties! We had such a fun weekend and it was great to see everyone and to finally be reunited. As I said before it is hard to find a weekend where everyone can meet but when we do find the time to meet up we always have a blast. So the next destination will be Stockholm as that is where both Amelia and Hedda are!

Now it is time to get back into a routine and get my life back on track, as this weekend we had a bit of a splurge but it was worth it :)

Hope you have a good start of the week!

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Just a few pictures from today when we went to visit TATE MODERN!

We started off by having some brunch in Battersea Park and Ingrid (Anna's sister) came to join us for the day. Was not too far for her as she studies in Brighton and was great to see her as well. So after brunch we went to Tate Modern to browse around the installations. They had some really cool pieces but also some stranger once which they always do I feel. Its always interesting to see what new pieces they have put on display.
Unfortunately, Anna was the first one to leave us today but it has been great having her here with all the rest of the girls.

Now, risotto making and MOVIE NIGHT! It has been a fun and hectic weekend so movie night is much needed !!



Jake & I

About last night 🥂

We started off by having some dinner which was really good, then we went on to making cocktails for our pres before heading out. Anna made strawberry daiquiris which were not bad and the others drank some gin and tonic, but I love daiquiris so I stuck with that for the night.
As the drinking games and singing went on we finally decided that it was time to head out to soho. We ended up in GEM bar again! It’s so fun to go to places that you’ve been to before and know it’s bound to be a good night. It was super fun to be out with the girls, just like old times!

I wore my new favourite piece from H&M that simply completes a perfect going out outfit. Most of the times I always go for a full black outfit as it’s easy but this blazer makes the outfit a bit more special and fun. So go out and get it while you still can because I am sure you’ll use it as much as I will.
Now we are getting ready to go to a comedy show so more about that tomorrow!



⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Anna & I ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Amelia & Anna

Hi everyone!!

So I finally finished all of my exams this week so I am going to come back to blogging everyday as I will have more time.
Last night two out of my three besties came to London for the weekend. We have been a group of 5 best friends for a ton of years from middle and high school and since graduating it has been quite hard to keep in contact as we are spread around all over the world. However, we manage super well and reunite as much as possible. So this time around London is the place!

Amelia, Anna and I strolled around some cute parts of London and the first stop was Covent Garden which has these super nice benches that we of course had to take pictures with. Then we continued on to have lunch with Julie during her lunch break to have some yummy avocado toasts. We later ended up looking around in Soho and finally picked up Hedda from Clapham Junction.

Now we are all sitting around planning our outfits and our night out! So we are soon going to get ready and start making some dinner and cocktails!

More about this weekend tomorrow, enjoy FRIYAY!



Jeans-&Other Stories // T-shirt-Brandy Melville // Jacket-Zara // Shoes- Stan Smiths // Bag- Louis Vuitton

Hi guys,

This has been the strangest day !! Started my day by having a Marketing class which was not too bad and then rushed to the gym to do a workout class. He pushed us extra hard this time, which is good but my muscles tomorrow won't be too happy.

When I came out the light and sky was super strange, all red and dark just like you can see in the pictures. Ellen looked up what had happened and apparently the red sand from the Sahara Desert has blown over to the skies here making it all red. It sounds crazy but there are some heavy winds coming down in London. Hopefully the hurricane from Ireland won't come to us!

Here is my super simple outfit that I wore today! The jacket has the coolest details on the back which really makes the whole outfit more special.



Thought I would share some photos from my weekend and tell you guys what I have been up to today!
Starting with an early morning to the gym while watching the sun go up behind the clouds. I was debating last night whether to go to the gym early or to use my time off to sleep in, but decided I would feel a lot better if I got the gym over with in the morning!

Stopped by Starbucks on my walk home to have some lunch, and that bagel was amazing. Salmon, spinach and cream cheese, so yummy! After a great worked out this morning I felt like I deserved some good food :)

Just a picture I took on my walk home of a beautiful building which happens to be a pub in Kensington. The rest of my day I cleaned our apartment spotless and am currently doing a ton of laundry that I have been putting off for some days now. I have a lot of school work at the moment which is my main priority so laundry was not really something I wanted to do.

I am going to call my sister (Isabella) soon who is in her first year of university in Lund (Sweden)! She is having the time of her life, so excited to hear what new exciting stuff has happened this week! We are trying to plan a weekend where we can go home to Luxembourg as we both need a weekend of pampering and relaxing. There is no better place to do that than home!

Now I am watching Suits and gonna have this delicious fruit salad that I made an hour ago. Like Isabella always says, "Fruits are like nature's candy" , and if you get the right mix like I have above, they sure are :)

Enjoy your Sunday!








Halloween is sooner than you think, so you better go out and get your costumes ready 👻 As it is Friday the 13th I thought it was the right day to discuss some inspo for Halloween costumes! Here are some easy costumes that you can make yourself instead of buying a whole new one at a store but also some cute once that you are full costumes. 

If you are like me and love to dress up and go all out then here are some inspo for different Halloween costumes. The girls and I have booked a party for Halloween here in London and I am in the middle of deciding of what I should be this year. I don't want to spoil my costume just yet, so you guys will just have to wait and see but I can hint that I am looking at one of the costumes above! It is always hard to find something that someone else has not done yet so that you stand out with a nice costume 🎃

What are your plans for Halloween??



Today has been one of those days which you know is going to be rough and you just want to sleep through. Which is why I chose to wear this cosy outfit to match my mood haha, I love these track pants from H&M! Sometimes you just need to throw on a comfy sweater and pants to make your day easier.

I woke up early to head to Richmond to do some studying before my two managerial accounting quizzes. I have been dreading this all week and just wanted to get these two over with and so I did. They went pretty well but I wish I had prepared more for them as always but now they are finally over! Now I am sitting in the library and working on some of my essays that I have due for next week. Soon I am heading to work to close and then I will finally be home in my bed. I cannot wait!

Finally the weekend is here as I don't have classes on Fridays - best thing about uni!!! So I am going to watch a movie and treat myself with some popcorn and hop in bed, my Thursday night is not looking anymore exciting than that!



Ginger shots, the best way to start your day!!
As I have come down with a cold these last days, I thought that I would go ahead and make my own ginger shots to have at home with my breakfast. The recipe I will be sharing with you today is super easy to do at home and just takes under 30 mins to make.

Step 1:

-Cut and peel the ginger

-Fill up a pot of water, depending on how much you want to make, I used 5dl for mine.
-Grate the ginger into the water and heat it up
- Let it sit for 20 mins while boiling
Step 2:

-After 20 mins filter out the grated ginger pieces by using a coffee filter
- Add some pressed lemon juice from 1 lemon

- Add two teaspoons of honey
Step 3:

- Get a tiny little bootle to bring with you to work or school in the morning


Super easy to make and keeps you healthy. So hopefully my cold will be over soon so that I can get back to training and feeling good again. Today my amazing boss at Equinox let me go home early as I was not feeling well at all and coughing non stop. So I have been resting all day and trying to get some studying in for exams next week. I already feel a lot better, but going to bed early tonight so that I beat this cold for good!

Hope you try making your own ginger shots and that you feel better than I do :)



Jacket-H&M // Pants-Zara // Shoes-Stan Smiths // Hat- H&M //Bag-Zara // Scarf-Hermès

Good Morning!

Woke up to a rainy London, FINALLY! This may be surprising but I love that it rains from time to time here in London, after living here for 3 years I can say that it really does not rain anymore or any less than Sweden or Luxembourg. I am mentioning Luxembourg as this is where I grew up and have lived there for 20 years. More about that in another post!

ANYWAY, this was my look yesterday for school! Now you can see some of my new pieces I got on Sunday when I went shopping with Julie. The hat, jacket and bag!! Love buying products that all match together. The hat and jacket are from H&M and I got 20% discount as they had some student discount going on that just ended so I was lucky enough to get it before the sale ended! Yes, I got another hat for this season, but I just love styling my outfits with a hat. The bag is also going one of my favourites this season, it is from Zara. I usually don't buy my bags from Zara as the quality is not that great but this one I thought was worth the "risk".

So after school Ellen and I went to Wholefoods to do some food shopping as they have really nice and fresh veggies and fruits. Then we headed home to cook some dinner and ate in front of the TV while watching Netflix, the best way to end a day.

Enjoy your day :)

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