I can't be the only one feeling anxious about Christmas gifts this time around. So, I have been looking around for quite a while and thought that I would share some perfect gifts to give you inspiration.


Dark Green Shirt: HERE Navy Blue Hoodie: HERE Watch Set: HERE


Gray Hoodie: HERE Cocktail Set: HERE Nyx#glittergoals: HERE


Scratch Map: HERE DIY Gift Baskets: HERE Monopoly Games: HERE


Cat Mug: HERE Student Cook Book: HERE Pug Slippers: HERE

Of course you can buy the things from the "girl" category to a boy and vice versa, but I choose to do it like this to get some structure in this post. You also might buy a gift from one family to another, so I figured I might add that category here too! And how cute weren't the cat mug and the pug slippers at the end?!😭

I hope at least someone got some inspiration from this list to get going with their Christmas shopping. I can't talk for everyone of course but personally I love everything from this list! (And if you haven't noticed, I also love Asos.)



I have noticed that blogging isn't really my thing hahaha but I will try to keep it up for my friends and family back in Sweden.
So, where have I been?
This weekend we were at Alexs dad and met his family. We went to a family dinner and just spent time with his family since we haven't seen them for a year.

Since i do not eat meat i just had som potatoes mostly haha but i don't mind since i love all carbs lmao:pp then we went to his grandpas cabin on sunday and unfortunately the weather wasn't the best but the view was still amazing!

We also got our own keys to the cabin so that we can go there whenever we want which is really nice. I do not have a problem at all living with his mom and his brothers but it would be really nice to spend some weekend alone out there.

Other than that life here is pretty much the same. I have gotten my icelandic ID-number now so I am going to start working anytime now!! And I have also started christmas shopping, and the only reasons why I'm excited for that is so I can finally wrap presents😭😍
My dad is going to send me my camera so I am going to be able to upload some good quality pictures soon and maybe some videos! Until next time x



Okay, so, not that every single night so far has been a night in hahha but right now we're at Alexs dads house just chilling on the couch. We were picked up around 1 and then we drove to Akranes where most of his family on his fathers side live. We drove straight to his wonderful grandparents house and sat there for a while, and later on his father and his wife picked us up. We drove to his aunts house, then we went to Kronan to buy food and ordered pizza again and drove home. BUT, this time we ordered from Galito haha so not from dominos. And the best part is that i found my favorite marabou that i haven't seen in Sweden for months.😭😭😭😍😍
soo, to sum this up haha this day has not been the most exciting and it has rained all day so I have no pictures except for this ATM picture.

HOWEVER!!!! THE MOST EXCITED THING TODAY!!! I just order the Morphe 3502 palette as an early birthday present from me to me.❤️❤️

I'm so fucking excited for it to arrive, I mean just look at it😍 it's got the perfect christmas and new years eve shades too!!

I have finished rambling now haha, and hopefully I can update with more pictures and something that's funnier to ready than this tomorrow. We are going to a family christmas dinner so that will probably be fun!

Take care



The clock is now three and Alex and I came home about an hour ago. We went to the school where we are going to work this morning and met everybody and talked about the job. The vice principal showed us around the school and we met the children too, and oh my how cute they were❤️ I feel like I am going to really like it there. We did not work anything today and left the school around 10 and we drove to Kringlan (a shopping mall) and had some lunch aka dominos again<3. w​e walked around in the stores for a w​hile, but neither of us bought anything since we are trying to save as much money as we can. 

Then we drove home and I forced Alex to take pictures along the way because the car ride from Reykjavik to Selfoss is sooo beautiful. The pictures doesn't even do the sight justice. Along the way we went to Bonus(which is my favorite super market here so far) and I bought some food and vegetarian sausages that I am really excisted to try!! Iceland has such great variety of vegetarian/vegan foods and I have so many things on my list that I want to try hahah. Unfortunately the supermarkets here are a little bit more expensive compared to the ones in Sweden haha, but the salary is way higher though.

When we came to Selfoss I saw this cute little sightseeing place, so I had to drive in and take some pictures.

We are going to pick up Alexs mom at her job in Reykjavik in about two hours, so until then we are probably just going to make something small to eat and take the dog out for a walk so I can buy some garlic salt for my left over pizza haha.




Hello again. So, my first full day here in Iceland done. Alex and I woke up at 10:15 this morning by Barri (their dog) who wanted to come into the room so it sounded like someone was breaking in hahah. Anyways, we layed in bed with Barri for 10 minutes or so before we decided to go up and get ready. Then we took Barri out for a walk and looked around for a bit, left the dog at home and went to the store (Kronan) to buy some breakfast with his little brother. When we came home we made breakfast and watched TV for a bit with a dog begging for food next to us(<3).

We pretty much just chilled for the rest of day until his mother came home from work at 19, so we met her up at Kronan (again) but to buy some food this time. When we came back home we had dinner and since then we have talked about tomorrow when Alex and I are going to start our new job!! To start with we are going to work at his mom's old job, which is a school for kids with special needs and I am actually pretty excited since there's apparently some kids our age who work there! And I feel that I am in need of some friends haha. But I will write more about that tomorrow. I recently got out of the shower so I am sitting in bed under my blanket and I am going to eat some tomteskum<3 that I got from my best friend Linnea and watch some youtube then go to bed.



Hellooo! SO. This is my first blogpost on this blog huh. One of my friends convinced me to start a blog now that I have moved to Iceland from Sweden to easily update. Me and my Icelandic boyfriend got here yesterday and has since just chilled and spent time with his mom and brothers, which is where we are going to live until we find our own apartment, hopefully in Reykjavik or a little bit outside.

The whole trip to get here started Sunday, when we took the bus from my old town to Arlanda Stockholms airport and when we got there we were picked up by a person from the hotel we would spend the night. Our flight were supposed to take off 11:20 that morning, so if we were not to spend the night at the hotel we would take the bus 3am, so my father kindly enough paid for a hotel night so we could take time and not stress anything(<3).

The day after we got up at 6am and got ready, then we went to get some breakfast. The hotel breakfast was okay but the variety of things were not the best but I had some sandwiches and watermelon lmao. (Unfortunately I only took one picture on the breakfast, but that was on Snapchat and I did not think to save the picture.)

A picture of me from the hotel toilet.

At 8:15 we took a minibus to the airport with all of our 6 bags, haha. we checked in and got everything done, and realised that we were at the other part of the airport were neither of us had been, so they only had like 3 shops and we got there in time so that we could look around haha. Not only that, then our flight was delayed so we had nothing to do for a couple of hours but we sat down and watched the serie Punisher on Netflix(RECOMMEND RECOMMEND!!) THEN, finally, we could board the plane and took off.

When we finally arrived in Iceland Alex's mother came and picked us up at the airport, and then I drove all the way from Keflavik to Selfoss through Reykjavik(!!!) and oh how different the driving is in Reykjavik compared to my small hometown😂 but i actually did pretty well if I can say so haha. It is much scarier to drive here, especially now that I am used to the roads in Sweden. Then we got to the house, and of course our first meal here in Iceland was Dominos(<3), and me and Alex who hadn't eaten anything (except for a jar of Pringles) since breakfast were pretty hungry considering we didn't come home until 6pm.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. A (little too long) post maybe but yeah, I just considered that I could tell the whole story. Right now I'm sitting in bed fixing the design on the blog and just taking it easy.

Hope you have a continued nice day.