for those of you who I'm a complete stranger, my name is Emma Linnea Rebecka Nilsson, but everyone refers to me as Linnea. I am 14 years old and I was born the 13th fabruary 2003 in a quite small city called Östersund(wich is in Sweden). I live with my family wich consist me of course, my mother, my father and my big brother, and our two cats Vixen and Grizzly. (aka the two pics, Grizzly is the darker one and Vixen is the more white gray-ish)

I am doing this blog for two causes, one of them is that I am going on a language trip this summer and I'm going to write about the trip, feelings before the trip, how the whole thing works so that people who want to go can be able to kind of know what they are getting into and that stuff, the other one is that I kind of like the thought of writing down what happens in my life and like feelings, and I just simply like the thocght of blogging.

Now that you maybe have a little knowledge of me as a person and the reasons I do this blog you maybe feel like following me or something, and I would really appreciate that, I will update this as much as I feel like I can do.

love, Linnea